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  1. Well in roulette you need to have luck that’s all, nothing else.
  2. I used to play SAMP(Gta San Andreas Multiplayer) in my past where I’ve played the roleplay mode, teamdeathmatch mode and the deathmatch one. I was a scripter/programmer in that game too where I had my own servers in MySQL systems and other ones. I’ve played CSGO and CS 1.6 too, I used to play zombie mode, deathrun(most of the time) and the normal one(public).
  3. My nickname came from games I used this nickname to play my favorite games in the past and that’s where it came from.
  4. It stays online everytime on my browser in my iPhone that’s why I shouldn’t login l everytime I wanna check something or play in Stake... You understand me now haha?
  5. About 60-70 times a day maybe Haha I’m addicted asf, I don’t know why but everytime I bust Stake pushes me more to play and stay active 😝 That’s so fcking weird.
  6. Starting with BlackJack it’s a game that you need so much luck at it or know how to play, continuing with Baccarat which is a bit annoying game, 3rd is Chartbet where I never won something high there and I don’t even play it anymore, 4th is Wheel and the last one is Roulette( I play it but not very often ). About the other games I play most of the time Dice, Keno, Mines and Hilo.
  7. I don’t think so but I will check if it is or get a link where you can watch it and send it here, hope you like it.
  8. Yeah The Hobbit is such a good movie I’ve seen it many times too 😂 Will see in Netflix about teen wolf good series on netflix I haven’t seen it and never knew about that hope I like it and enjoy it, thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Yeah I like that serial, I didn’t watch any season but I’ve seen some fragments of Games of Thrones. But in this situation I’m speaking for a movie where the actors play blackjack and it’s about gambling, casinos. That’s why I shared this movie with you guys.
  10. I don’t know about that If it is in Netflix or no, check maybe is. Search on google you can find it on many movie pages.
  11. There’s a movie named 21, which is dedicated to BlackJack and a student. He needs some quick cash to pay his tuition bills. He joins a group of students who, under the leadership of unorthodox professor Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey), use their math skills to win big in Las Vegas. Seduced by a beautiful teammate (Kate Bosworth) and loads of money, Ben learns that the stakes are higher than he ever imagined when he crosses paths with casino enforcer Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne). I saw it, it’s a bit old I think but awesome. GriffinReynolds.
  12. No they don’t, they don’t even know what bitcoin is
  13. Looks nice, thanks for sharing this with us. As I see it’s a legit and guaranteed website I think.
  14. I don’t have my favorite porn websites but I often watch porn at beeg.com, brazzers.com, xvideos.com, pornoalb.com and some other websites.
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