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  1. griffinreynolds

    Istapay A New ICO Concept With Good ROI

    Wow, I will try this maybe we get from here something and it’s not a lie like some other websites etc Thanks Kate, for the other alternative you gave to us too. ( Whatsaround ) Hope I win anything from here..
  2. griffinreynolds

    Can someone tell me good strategies

    Hello everyone, GriffinReynolds here! Can someone tell me good payouts in Mines? For example: 1mil X payout, 300k X payout or anything like this where I can bet with 1 satoshi or anything like that. I wanted to know about a table that I’ve seen once it describes you every payout every information? It’s a table and there you read for example: 3 mines 5 diamonds gives = 2x payout something like this but in a table? I’ve seen it in a stream... Thanks everyone who helps me with this and please feel free to ask..
  3. griffinreynolds

    Suggestion: Stake prizes for active players

    I’ve seen players stay active 24/7 on Stake don’t say that 🤣
  4. griffinreynolds

    Rain bot

    So many posts like this one, I don’t know why but Stake should stop these kind of things spamming these posts, It’s been a while that I’m active in Forum and I’ve seen many posts like rainbot, same things everyday or they change only some fragments. Don’t be like others, think a bit and suggest or make a topic that is valueable to post and meaningful. About the rainbot you should wager and you will get rained nothing else that’s what everyone says and the others said before me, but there’s a bit chance I think where you are picked randomly I’m not sure about this but I’ve been active in Stake and sometimes without wagering I get some rainbots.
  5. griffinreynolds

    Suggestion: Stake prizes for active players

    Well there are many options to stop abusing, if you have good experience in Stake you know that for those players who are active play and have wagered I don’t know how much but I think there’s a minimum when there are promotions where you claim from your email 500 doges or eth btc etc etc and which are claimable only once. That’s how can br stopped. Or maybe like you said 300 posts to be eligible etc etc, there are many methods to stop abusing from players.
  6. Good Luck everyone!
  7. Didn’t knew this, that’s what I thought first anyway, he can buy or find good proxies, or use for example RDPs, VPNs for good connections.
  8. griffinreynolds

    Are You A Gambling Addict, How Do You Fight Against Gambling?

    Well 80% of the people who play Stake are addicted from Stake. I’m addicted too I don’t deny it. But it’s a mistake I think every person who gambles has some addict problems.
  9. How can you play? - Easy just deposit some BTC, ETH, Doge, BCH or Litecoin and then start wagering playing games or you can play with faucet( but it sucks nowadays has a very low value maybe Stake increases it soon ). When you stay active and play you get tipped by rainbots sometimes, you get some free money from there etc etc. I don’t know if my answer is correct about your question because I didn’t understand you so well can you explain me what you wanted to ask in this topic?
  10. griffinreynolds

    Suggestion: Stake prizes for active players

    That’s a bit different so he only does wager only once in that hour and then stays online 5 other hours, so you think that’s it to win the prize? I’m speaking for someone who stays online 6 hours and wagers most of the time he stays online so it’s a bit different. The wager should have for example a minimum bet amount that would change everything...
  11. griffinreynolds

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    Yes, I’ve made many good friends but in the same time I’ve made twice fake friends which keep you for their interest(you know what I mean, beg you, get loans don’t pay them or only want tips from you). I have many friends in Stake which are from my country or have my nationality, those are the guys which I speak everyday when I join Stake, or even speak with them in Telegram, Facebook and other social networks... Some of them I know IRL too
  12. griffinreynolds

    Suggestion: Stake prizes for active players

    Well It’s something else when you play 1 hour everyday wager a bit(lose or win money) and when you play 6 hours everyday and wager until you reach 7 days in a row, then you get the prize for you’ve been playing for 7 days in a row everyday 6+ hours so it’s different I think, hope you guys understand me...
  13. griffinreynolds

    Uno Game

    As the others said this PvP game requires good internet connection. I know it’s such a good game, about the internet connection what if Stake for example if someone disconnects from the internet which has problems and then Stake pays back again to all players and the game ends? Hope this game will be added in the future and has no problems.
  14. Well If I had the chance to stream and do it, I would stream every Friday and Saturday, only those days I’m free and can play more. About the games I would pick Hi-Lo, Mines, Keno, Plinko, Dice. But I could ask the viewers too what kind of game they love and want me to play in the stream so I could play many games and I would try every game in Stake no problem.
  15. Well when I started playing Stake, I played with my deposits and when I was busting every time I deposited I didn’t play anymore Stake and then came here after I think 1 year later and deposited again (3-4 months before) I saw many updates and new things in Stake, I got little profits and thought about to deposit much more and play more in Stake, I played everyday (upto 5-6 hours a day). I haven’t deposited from then and I play everyday about 5-6 hours on weekdays and 10-12 hours on weekends.