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  1. Well in roulette you need to have luck that’s all, nothing else.
  2. Well as many other players I don’t play outside (maybe sometimes I check the forum but I don’t play), If I have free time and am outside of my house I maybe play but not in Public. I play most of the time on my Mobile I keep the account logged in always in my browser. About the others no one knows that I gamble money in Stake here and play I kept it hidden and only some friends know that already.
  3. Not at all 😛 Stake teached me many new things and I love it. It gives you opportunities like participating on challenges, competitions, giveaways and many things where you can get profits from them and recover your money etc etc.
  4. Well at first Stake as a casino for its job is perfect with their support team, moderators team and other members. Stake has many competitions, giveaways, challenges, and many many other things that are helpful for the players and itself. Of course every casino has a house edge percent where it gets profits from there but it allows you too to make your own profit if you know how to play. If you play safe and smart you can get good profits aswell but most of the people are addicted at first either I and we play risky most of the time so we get busted and we think that Stake has cheated on us, but nope that’s not true. As you see Stake has some sesional challenges, competitions too. Like for halloween, christmas which Stake is allowing us nowadays for 25 days to complete daily challenges and get paid from them, there is a Bonus 500k sats too at the end if you have completed all 25 challenges too that’s helpful and generous from the Stake, etc etc etc.
  5. Well there are many reasons that can be for not taking the prize, at first maybe you didn’t do the challenge as requested, maybe you didn’t have the minimum post count, you’ve forgotten something in the challenges etc etc so in a word you haven’t fulfilled the requirements. It’s not at the screenshot part or any other reason. To get the reason why you didn’t get the prize you can contact with the support team they will tell you what you did wrong or anything else. There are many players that don’t fulfill the requirements they maybe do the challenge but they don’t have the requirements to join a giveaway, challenge.. Please next time you’re gonna do a challenge read all the requirements, all what you need to do and you need to complete the challenge and get the prize. Hope you understood me, good luck in your future and feel free to ask for anything you want.
  6. How is the X pattern? Can someone show me some photos? Ps: I used to play with these numbers I don’t know the name of this pattern..
  7. Well most of the time when I play Mines I stop the sounds and play because I can’t play with those sounds it’s boring for me. It doesn’t change anything for me but the sounds actually are good in my opinion for all the games. Comparing with the other gambling websites I think Stake has the best sounds and the best systems, games at the moment in the world. If there would be some changes in Stake 2.0 no problem everyone should make changes in their life, everything needs to be updated sometimes. Even if they do it worse than it is I would say that is okay we will be taught with time.
  8. WHEEL: 1,772,803,506 placed by griffinreynolds on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00000680 WHEEL: 1,772,803,864 placed by griffinreynolds on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00000680
  9. PLINKO: 1,761,228,516 placed by griffinreynolds on 03/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 420x Profit 0.00041900
  10. I like your idea, I always wanted this thing to be added and make a feature to exchange the money from Stake online not going to any other website then exchanging them with bots, or any other user that could scam you or do you something you wouldn’t expect. Anyway this topic has been discussed earlier and Stake didn’t do that, hope they do it soon because there are many players that want this features to be added in Stake and Forum. About the Public/Private tips I think it would be better to withdraw those money public because those public tips push the players to join the Forum and they are interested more about the Forum and the Pay per post system, it’s kinda good as it is.
  11. Well logging in everyday in Stake most of the time, wagering and playing so much I can’t count them... and about the addiction part hmm no words about 80% of the players here in Stake are addicted asf, there are players that spend so much time in Stake. Nowadays I’ve changed my sleeping schedule, I stay late at nights and play until sometimes I’m busted... and then starting the next day with some money making big profits and then losing them again that’s the addiction. Well the Christmas are here are near and there are the challenges 25 days in a row too, there are many giveaways too nowadays, those things inspire me and the other players to wager more and play for those bonuses and prizes. I wish we get out of our addiction, maybe play with a schedule but not that much.
  12. MINES: 1,740,129,183 placed by griffinreynolds on 02/12/2018 Wagered 0.00003600 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 0.00994777
  13. Nice hit, Congratz Mistake! Hope you win more like this one and you get rishh! I never hit 420x on Plinko lol it sucks for me
  14. Well in my opinion its a bit hard to make it, anyway thanks for sharing these kind of things with us here hope someone else tries and decrypts this puzzle wins something because Im not gonna even try it 🤣.