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  1. My most memorable moment on stake when i got on fire for the first time and won 1 bch on my dice hunt.. 🍰
  2. GoodLuck everyone...( @Louellalang )
  3. Luhhhhh hilig ko english songs... pero disneyyyy... halaaaaa... Try ko OPM naman... balana hahahaha Ay waittttt... novelty pala... ayawwww.. di ko forte hahaha FInal Answer Disney Songs na lang...😂
  4. Wow this is great! Happy 6 Billion Stake
  5. Asan na mga entries ng ibaaaaa.... bah malapit nang deadlineeeee....😅😅😅 Pampagulooooooo...😅😅😅😅😅 Kukonti sumaliiiiii.. madaya ung ibaaaaa...😂😂😂
  6. Pano ba yan...😅😅😅
  7. Unang kong laro ang dice.. pero nakahiligan ko ang plinko gawa ng ginogoal kong makuha ang 1000x hahaha... Sa ngaun nakahihiligan ko ang maghunt sa dice 100x up ang multiplier... 😂😅 Goodluck sa lahat.. laro laro langgggg...💞
  8. Higher incentives to those who deposits more
  9. I just buy btc (cryptos) when i need to invest or depo here on stake hahaha
  10. Louellalang Invited by a stake player friend of mine..💞
  11. 1st: Team O'ez 2nd: BLA 3rd: Stake Star 4th: Bright Falcon 5th: White Walkers 1st: Team O'ez 2nd: BLA 3rd: Stake Star 4th: Bright Falcon 5th: White Walkers
  12. From Philippines here... so far BTC currency is not banned here.. that's why a lot of filipino is playing at Stake Casino..😂 GoodLuck all guys.. just enjoy playing...
  13. I don't do it often.... but sometimes thinking about how lucky is ur day today playing casino.. i take the high risk thinking i could profit high as well... hahaha..