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  1. this would basically talk about the animation and instant bet features.. each game has their different animation... roulette wheel spins.. hilo card flips so does poker.. and instant bet is straight to the point.. i was wondering does it really affect the your game play if you have both on or off.. for instant i usually have animation off and instant off on roulette which helps me to decide where numbers it lands on most,, by the ball launch and how it enters the bowl.. and with animation off and instant on for slots ,, which seems to me i get the bonus spins more often then when i have animation on.. which games do you mess around with the instant and animation features..and is it effective???
  2. there is no way to strategy to wager. wagering is basically betting what you have your bankroll.. with the highest bankroll and the amount you can profit for the time being will help out in wagering.. is really not that hard.. the quickest way to get up to vip bet high with the multiple of 1x or even 0x where you dont lose or gain profit but will count as a wager,
  3. unless your a high roller. no.. is that you have a bigger bankroll to start with.. who ever has a bigger bankroll or enough can be in the top 10 or even win.. race is not a race unless everyone are in the same lvl..no one is higher or lower. everyone starts at a certain amount and go on from there..is just a race for players to go against one another. we wanted a pvp game well the race it is..
  4. umm..airdrop for that amount is more likely a scam.. a very obvious one.. all air drops is all scams.. they you want you to give up your info for a price that you are expecting to get ... in which nothing can use or easily obtain.. in which you already provided your info already and they can do with it anything thats anything.. never trusted any air drop.and for you to promote that shows what kind of individual you are..
  5. the main reason that the rewards has lessen is because many players has taken advantage of it.. spamming topics that is really not really not worth discussing.. that i can understand..but the withdraw limit is kinda high isnt it.. the amount you can get max is 1000 sats right.. and some topics that people make or replied to gets about to me 300 sats.. should the withdraw amount also be lessen or the way it is???..
  6. pretty muc us the same thing isnt it.. because the outcome will be the same unless you hit a full house in which you get 1.5.. which to me it doesnt make any sense at all.. but oh well. the only diff i can see is the pace of it.. nothing else.. what ever rocks your boat i guess.
  7. do i tip when i win.. usually if i won a good amount i like to share the wealth around..but only those that shared with me... before.. but i rain that means i won a good amount where i dont need to ninja anyone.. and also means already sent the individual tips before hand.. do i expect something back from people.. no i dont.. do i expected to get helped if i asked.. no i dont. but do i get help when i ask yes i do... i also help out others when they ask because i rather have some1 straight forward then a passive one..btw the ones that ask arent passive.. but they know if i have it i would .. if not they be cool with it.. and so am i.. but this time im muted so no more ninjing and rains from me.. =(
  8. wow this the first time hearing this.. at least i know Ph are doing there best in a economic wise.. and seeking new ways to build its economy up.. minor steps im guessing.. at least they know when an opportunity comes it should be taken.. but i hoping they wont go the route other countries are by banning and punish those who are up for btc.. i wonder if i purchase from the ph would it differ if i purchase from the US.. because the exchange rate of currency differs.. will the value of the btc different from one country to another by the purchase i mean..
  9. great job.. hopefully you withdraw it,,, you know some people usually keep going until it is all gone.,btw what was your strategy and games did you play to reach that.. was it btc or another coin if i may ask..guessing you were betting pretty high then.. to get that amount in a certain time.. usually with starting off 4 dollars that is about 40k of btc.. i would be bettng low to make it last longer or i hit a big multiplier... im curious how it went for you though. you said you did it but not give any detail how. .. it helps to know how to accomplish that and see if another person can try the way you tried it.. i even went steps by step how i got 2k and made it to 2mil.. saying which games and what multipliers were good to look out for..and which game to switch etc... detailed.. not just saying i made this into this.. and for a stake discussion this topic belongs in general discussion.. this what they dont want to have. a nonsense spam for just the rewards.. smh..
  10. ever since it was talked about., and the rumors being said is almost done or what not..is really getting old.. if they soon but not give an actual date.. then it wont be soon.. tired of it already. if it comes it comes.. was excited but now is just another update,.. thats all .
  11. it was generally the rewards they were giving out.. buy since the amount has lessen i have not been around as of late.. and plus the amount required to transfer is quite high also... which will take a whole lot more time and typing in getting the amount that i am able to transfer out.. no matter how long or how many words that are typed.. seems to be under the mark. or my head is just playing games.oh well is better then getting 10 sats from the faucet back then.
  12. polor12

    Dead or Alive?

    wait is this the reason why btc has been going down.. wow first it thought that the founder was already dead.. oh well.. is lower then it has been for a long time.. at the rate it is should go few more hundred.. ill say buy at 5.. if not 6.. most likely it would go to 6500 for the lowest and will pick back up.. or can this be the end of btc???
  13. as the time goes and staking growing in a great pace.. there are new features.. that many people starts being obsessive in a way.. one of the obsession is reaching the highest tier in stake,, which is plat 2.. each tier consist of boost rakeback and certain perks.. which people dont have a star on their name gets none of those.. but i have seen and some of you guys also is how some players.. moan cry and i do say Bch.. about how much boost they get.. and how quickly is gone...would there be any amount that would satisfy the players.. wondering what would happen if boost was taken off.. ?? in my view nothing would change.. only people will cry and moan and bch for the next coupon....
  14. keno and mines are the games that wont get so easily bored from... still trying to reach that 5 mil mark to hit from mines.. so many patterns to do so. but yet so little funds to try to hunt for it.. and keno no one has fully hit 1k from keno yet.. so thats another thing im trying to get.. to be the first or one of the people that will actually get all 10 tiles.. a stoopid goal to reach for.. but it makes the games so more interesting to play. all games should be that way i think.. so it wont get so boring.. like wheel and diamond poker.. dont know why those games has not been replaced yet...
  15. to be honest for those just started on stake.. is a lot easier to get to the highest tier.. for some that has been longer hasnt even reach that high.. since the the value btc value is differ from back then.. really it doesnt really matter want tier is a person is. because of the perks...i played without it before there was any.. so that really doesnt make me more in wanting to become high tier,. probably the bonus a person gets from racing.. mega boost they call it.. still doesnt want me to wager that much.. still say a race is where everyone is evenly amount.. so ill take my time.. the tiers wont be gong anywhere, .