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  1. polor12

    Crash? Or Limbo?

    i go with crash.. because the chances hittig over 1.2 is higher then limbo.. to be honest crash seems to be a better game then limbo is every way you see it.. better graphics better odds.. everything limbo is what limbo define as.
  2. see its not meant to profit. is basically meant for the wagering aspects of the races.. and rakeback included.... wondering has anyone even tried it..with doge.. there is probably a way to improve it.. just looking at examples.. wont really make a person understand unless they try it for themselves.. on the last race i only had 100k of btc.. and i kept my base bet at 5k.. it lasted the whole race.. and i place in 44th.. so imagine if i had more and the base bet was higher.. the possibilities is endless
  3. we are already competitive against one another,,what happens if 1 player from one countries is the only person.. >/
  4. everyone usually dont save the rakeback.. it would be ideal but during the race challenges.. is hard to keep it on.. so eventually we use the rakeback.. even after busting the previous rakeback.. the rakeback will be used right away... saving it will help in the long run. probably will try this next week after the mega race. that is,,
  5. since they have given a week to go do it.. and the complication of the game.. i stopped doing it.. first the length of time in getting the reward usually takes a long time.. but is crazy when the daily too way lesser time. second the amount of coins that is loss for the just 1 challenge.. you lose way more for just a little reward.. not worth it wats so ever..
  6. it might not show in my stats but it took about 2-3 months in getting 4btc.. thats the most i have profited all together.. sold that off got a good profit usd with some change.. right now im sitting on it.. not even depositing it..because why should i return the money i won from the owner,,
  7. i love roulette in every way possible.. but the thing is the lag i have been getting from the site. can't predict where the ball might land.. i usually play one number. but with the lag i had to step up to 4 to 5 numbers which cuts the multiplier and adds on the bets... so i have to be careful which number i choose to have play in a long run game.. it helps to start off to see where i can start a base bet and which numbers to go tfor..
  8. i like to listen to music while gambling online or in real life casinos.. Mainly listen to music on the poker tables.. helps me relax and helps me not to be read so easily against other players. and stake if they had a open radio.. where they play all types of music instead of listening to the sound of the game would make it more comfortable. listening to the game sounds getting annoying at some point.,
  9. no it doesnt. it helps when you dont want to just sit there and and wait. it speed up the process of any games.. it helps out in challenges and helps out in roll hunts challenges.. it will help out if you hunting high multiplier..so no it doesnt take the fun out of the games at all
  10. if you talking about in one session. biggest profit was at .2 in one day..but i set a goal.. a goal took a long time to get and a lot of will power..just few weeks ago its been reached.. and made a very decent profit.. so from the time i started til now my biggest profit i made from here is 4btc.. which took 2-3 months in achieving it,,
  11. i really do think this topic has already been on before.. but too lazy to find the topic.. but yea no this is not the only site that i play in,.. i play in 5 different sites.. stake is missing a few more components before ill stick with it... if that happens that i wouldnt go to any other places.. other then that. i will be playing where stake is missing on,,
  12. thats all.. you plan to recover. can't say anything about recovering.. but if you tried to recover but didnt.. doesnt mean the casino is a scam.. instead of thinking in recovering.. think to build up the currency you have..never play recover.. because the only thing you going to be doing is recovering the whole time you play..
  13. actually that would be the smartest to thing to do.. save up one of the coins from rain.. i dunno if wagering is required,,so far i just see people telling other people is just to chat.. then you good to get rained on.... but yea i would be a good ideal to save up all the rain you get.. even though the rain can only provide what it can provide.. meaning the amount is less then 5k for each coin.. in which in a rarity it comes to nearly 100k like it use to, missed those days..
  14. what are you talking about..you hit 18x.. need to show proof that it went to 420 but the end result 18x. thats need to be shown,, Take a screen shot where the ball landed and see if the end result is different
  15. i get laggy while people spam tips in chat.. the way to avoid that is to close the chat box while its going on.. it really do helps.. because to many people will chatting in the same time all at once... will cause the lag.. so yea close the chat box when someone is spamming tips...