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  1. polor12

    Is bitcoin being taxed in your country?

    Honestly government in any country...doesn't see bitcoin as valuable currency...why should they tax in what they cannot control....that's one thing about btc that we all are happy about...is not taxed...all those sites that has high transaction fee for withdrawing is the only way for them to earn their share...so before making any kind of trade..look up their cost...each site is different..best bet having an external wallet is best..if you trade and uses one of those platforms but has high fees.. just store the minimal to have your offer open...in your description just say if want more have separate payments because coins stored in a different wallet..and give them the reason..works best with paypal...it worked great with me...
  2. polor12

    Where is this 5000x?

    They took it out..probably seeing the outcome of 6btc and 7btc being won...on the same day...and with the slowly rising btc ahead...or probably just a sneek preview of whats to come 2.0..
  3. polor12

    what do you think about stake 2.0? Fopm

    it will have the 5k plinko option...possible slots...hopefully new games....wishing a better poker layout then DP... where a full house or 4 or 5 of a kind has a high multiple payout at least a jackpot...i dont believe a pair should have a higher payout then a full house..multi-hand black jack...feature should be added...chartbet returns...btw...this topic was made already..
  4. polor12

    Obsessive Compulsions

    watching all high bets and seeing the possible payouts...distracts taking it slow and build up..for all in for the HR status...sigh...never works..
  5. polor12

    Chasing x1m plus!

    is possible to get that in mines...but expect a long time watching it flashing..and missing it by 1 or two boxes..which eventually gets you mad...and want to destroy anything in sight..or thats just me...Hilo is next best thing to go for it...7 aces i heard is the record but is not that mil..it actually can go beyond 5mx... guessing it right...the higher the price...
  6. polor12

    Playing Stake in Ghost Mode

    Ghost mode have their advantage and disadvantages...advantage you can hide from the people you owe...wining big without the person knowing..also to those who would beg constantly..if they see you hit...game over... disadvantages people would post your id bet and claims as theirs...and if you hit you'll be under HR... without u noticing..once you chat and people see that fire..done deal...lol... ghost mode won't count if planing to do challenges or roll hunts...
  7. polor12

    What is your story?

    from my post i didnt mention i wont stop coming to stake..i had to stay away from chat for awhile...i had to catch myself..meaning to be one of those to depend on rain or a persons generosity..for me to keep playing..i was slipping...i even caught my self thanking rain...i had to mute myself...but when i decided to come i gain fire and profit...on the day for lovers..lol...
  8. polor12

    Where is this 5000x?

    No i havent been able to get that..wasted deposits rains and tips on plinko... i have better chance in drowning fishes then getting 5k..
  9. polor12

    Real Life Pictures

    let me flex real quick..lol..
  10. to me personally.. Litecoins to deposit...More because the amount you get from trading to usd to litecoin...5 bucks will get you .15 ltc...the benefits of using ltc you get more for what u bought...more time to play...the only downside about it..it would take time to build up to make a full 1 ltc...once that goal is reached..ill exchange to btc..and c if i can profit more from there...
  11. polor12

    What is your biggest multiplier on HiLo?

    highest earliest was today 215x thought it was btc but doge was betted...wasn't that proud once i looked closer..><
  12. polor12

    Have you ever hit for 1btc or more?

    yes..but not at stake... but another online btc casino..with just slots and live dealers... just hit a free spin bonus which led to more spins..adding to 75 spins... with full column wilds... hitting 20x 10x multipliers... from a .00025 bet ending up to 1.75... if i can find the screen shot or the site might have the copy i sent them.. ill post it... this was may 2018... bought cool stuff sold almost half the rest played it..
  13. polor12

    Favorite movie of all time?

    for adults only Poke A maM...jp... it has to be cult vampire classic Lost Boys..have every thing you want.. violence, hot chick.. the character that wants to fit in.. but instead joins a unruly group of teenage vampires...then goes against them...the same plot for every 80's movie...
  14. polor12

    Use as advantage.

    in a way...there are numbers that comes out more then others..if you do it in a pattern the number u dont bet will hit more the numbers you have...might sound weird but as much time in roulette i played i know 4 bet number pattern works depending if lags gets involved..
  15. polor12

    Chasing "A"n elusive "K"ing

    to have the kind of draw...changing the first card to an Ace or King...and hope the cards go that way...3 in a row is the best chance to come out then 5 or 6...low bets if planning to roll hunt burgercheese have proven that more then once..