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  1. coupons are always great to get during any major events.. or any special occasion that the staff or eddie decides to do.. players appreciation day or something like that. is great in a once in awhile thing.. but on a monthly basis thats a little too much.. if it do come to that the coupon would be less then what usually get in a coupon.. plus not all players will get one.. that going to bring some jealousy right..
  2. I really dont know how you guys get close to even pass a thousand.. seeing people hit 50,000 30,000 is like my 92x was hard enough for me to get.. if anybody has a strategy message me or pm me @ casino
  3. isn't the mines the same from v1.. only diff is the graphics?
  4. I wonder about that also.. also wonder how a person or how the admins qualify a player to receive one.. what are the requirements, what would disqualify you, things like that would be great to know.. like when a coupon was emailed out that i didn't get for some odd reason why.. i deposit almost every single day.. not whining about it.. but i saw a couple players that clearly got 1 but rarely deposit or wagered by the looks of their stats.. but i didn't complain it is what it is.. and thats how i see it now with coupons if i get one ill get one if not oh well. But having the knowledge in how to get in the future would make it easier for the players what to do.. and probably takes the rules more seriously if its one of the reason in not getting one..
  5. that option they give u the option to stop on loss while using auto bet... lol.. you won't pass three bets with auto on.. stop when u want to..your chose no one else..
  6. is this site being black listed or there's bugs that still have to be found...luckily this site..full info of someone..
  7. Yes.. it will take time to build up.. but u can profit from all coupons..
  8. wow great gift for u on my birthday..
  9. polor12

    Plinko 5000x

    Well everyone have the right to change their mind anytime they want.. 5000x should return but only for challenges purposes..
  10. Plinko has one of the highest house edge beside limbo... so yea watch how you bet when u play that game..
  11. Haha im muted.. so there is no way to tip players..also no way to get tips..there are pro's and cons.. it was cool tipping people and i had no problems..but some expect more because in how much u won.. some are never appreciated whats given to them..but some do to tip because they want to.. but some do it for the attention..or get the chat room to spam... and they know who they are.. because it use to be to auto for tips to be made public.. now u have to click if u want to make it public..to see a player to tip a high amount to another and see Hi o/ blahblah....is funny af..
  12. The heart that is shown in stake chat are the spammers of forum.. rep just activity in forum..
  13. On a serious note..players should be creative in making trivia.. if a question is made say 1+1= most likely answer is 2..but ends up 69...the person that made the trivia should explain how 69 is the answer...