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  1. polor12


    is that a general question or a personal opinion, the best is hitting all ten to be honest hitting 1000x is always good., but next time if you gonna make a topic about a game make sure is not confusing.. like would it be better to hit 5 tiles then 4.. or what kind of pattern would you do to hit 5 tiles.. what are the chances to hit 5 tiles then 10.. or even what lvl to try to hit the 5 tiles.. what kind of strategy..
  2. i like that ideal. instead of one hour.. i like it.. let it happen.. maybe this would make a person think twice in doing bonzo.. to those who like to get rained on or to chat.. either way i would bonzo no matter how long is the mute.. helps me out me out.. like my mom always said if you got nothing good to say, say nothing at all.. and damn im not the type to keep silent if there is something i think should be said even it might be harsh..
  3. that multiple games was actually fun... is better to stick with one game,, there would be a good chance for a player to a play game they actually like.. having varies games with set of rules will get the players on their toes.. because we all seen players disagree on a game or rule set.. etc.. having a change of pace is actually kinda nice isn't it>>
  4. i dont see any ufc fights... ufc is the ultimate sport to bet on since is year round., and epic matches are being made.. major upsets can come just like that.,, many fights from different countries. UFC Bellator K1 many different organization in play.. drooling just thinking about this. plus since football and i mean american football and basketball is off season right now... more into the combat sports.. up coming fights.. Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos ,. omg. sport betting come sooner.. damnit
  5. the day i made about .4 btc and 6.3ltc.. best part about it was my b-day. what i did with it.. i wd most of it and rain the rest of it, and bought a flat screen and an alienware laptop. that was one of favorite days in the beginning of the year.. hoping to see that glory day again. and it only started off as a tip from someone.. if i can only remember who it was.. i know i tipped back 10 folds..
  6. wait new york based.. is that the state that don t even acknowledge bitcoin as currency or a thing at all. oh well guess they change their mind thats awesome.. that good for traveling /.. especially for myself.. gotta check more details about this rewards..
  7. really does not suck,, is limited because there will be some players in abusing the reward system,, is not abusing is basically over use of the resource that is provided for us.. is like using the faucet.. now i think i know why i might suck, because some people usually go for the entire limit which is 10 or 15,, so i will come and go just like that and wait 24 hours before you can do another one, well if you knew how to manage the usage of it., it can go on for many hours. i conserve mines,, use here and there,, and make it count,,
  8. i make mine shape like a 5 and and is all diamonds with 3 bombs but 6 spaces open.. which equals to 110x.. i call it 5 on it.. hit a few times.. but havent for a while now since i stop playing on mines.. only on plinko as of late.. the next one i shape into a a guy that looks like he is running.... called it the running man.. with all diamond 3 bombs and six open spaces also.. this are my hitters.,..it might take a few rolls but it does hit.. when it needs too,
  9. yes.. i started playing it not to long ago.. found out is good way to build up the bank roll even faster then the rest of the games... and its great for race... if you dont mind for it taking a good chunk of the bankroll or what ever base bet you set for self.. this game is very good in races when you you wanna bet high risk bets,.instead of 1.0 you have better multipliers to hit and they are all together.. might not look safe to risk a good amount.. but really is like a weapon to use without no one knowing the full potential.. this type of a game people dont bother or even take a glance at it. usually is just dice or limbo. ill show it one day in the next race.. how easy and quickly a person gets up to the top ..
  10. here is one way.. of your playing on mobile.. tilt to the angle you want to ball to fall into.. it might take awhile to get the ball to the 1000x but it will eventually get there.. if you on pc just tilt your screen a slightly, to the angle you going for,, just like mobile it will take awhile but eventually it will hit tit.. but btw make sure you have enough in your bank roll to cover the rolls.. to watever base bet you decided to run with..
  11. welcome nice to have you.. 1 thing dont post stupid links to another site or free cash etc... gets annoying really quick and you will get banned.. other then that have fun,,, and good luck to your fortunes..
  12. there should be an option to hide the person name that does the rain.. so it can look like a regular rainbot... that would decrease the pms if someone doesnt want to get pm. unless they want to show their name is up to them.. but people shouldnt complain about the pm.. if they dont want to get it they should do it privately.. use your effing heads.. dumb asses..
  13. it sux balls on laptop,, with the lag and the continuous frustrations.. but i got a little handle on it. depending on what games you can simply get the payouts you want. so it wasnt that bad with the lag.. but as of late.. the lag has gotten worse.. so yea it suxx ass right now..
  14. the way is going as of now.. it can only climb., how high,, it all depends on the demand and the trades that are occurring right now..im very surprise since this is just the beginning of the summer break.. will it keep rising or will it have that sudden drop like last time when it rising around this time of the year.. hopefully it stay stable after the new years that would be a wonderful delight..
  15. i really dont like the star rankings., it really dont mean anything,,, is just show who wager the most.. that's kinda funny isn't.. its showing who gambles or spend money more then any other players... that also shows the target for the beggars to look at., for possible tips. instead of stalking the HR like most beggars do.. or watching how much you are wagering for each bet. if i cant hide my stats i wont be able to catch rain. which i thought stake has changed. but i guess they went back to it. the only ones should matter is the M and SS.. to see who are the moderators and Support Staff.. those should be the only one that matters..