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    you the seed is basically the recording of your bets.. thats all. changing seed wont change the outcome since all the games are pre-determined.. so the chances hitting s major multiplier is low.. the only games that can bring fairness is the live casino games.. with a dealer or host ..
  2. addiction means you have a prob!em.. people keep saying gambling is an addiction.. to me is a form of entertainment recreational in other words.. i enjoy it and it does have its dark side and good side.. as long the individual enjoys it and not rui his entire life.. then let it be.. is like a drug some can handle it others dont.. some might need it to function right some wont even care for it.. but its up to the individual.. is there choice.. any actions they do was up to them..dont blame the gambling b!ame the person.. especially financially.. the perso gotta learn when to stop and practice e self control..
  3. yea rainbot was taken off.. most like is because of sports betting. meaning the raiinbot will have to rain to those who are betting in sports book. knowing it might be less then expected or probably due to the other chat room which is separated form the reg casino.. and the amount will differ for each player.. so there would be some re program most likely,.
  4. actually i love that rain bot is in hiatus.. to be honest.. what can other players do. i mean.. this probably the first time since they got into chat to deposit. to start playing.. instead of just chat and hopefully get rained on.. i wonder how players would stay around as long rainbot is gone.. this can separate the loyal players and the scavengers.. sorry to use that term.. but it describes those players to the the t..
  5. weed weed and more weed.. and sometimes ice.. but weed is preferable,, cant play while being sober..
  6. a ledger aka external wallet.. is the best wallet to get for btc.. because you alone will have access to it.. you alone will be able to take it anywhere.. and it would be in a place where the chances getting hacked will be high.. but wit the external it wont be in the internet.. so its a carry on in other words.. in a usb,. that is the safest and less for a person to worry about getting it hacked..
  7. polor12


    counterstrike is the number 1 game.. really think,, that was the game that started the genre pvp arena. it brought all the games that we played today call of duty battlefront etc.. all shooting games.. it started with counterstrike..
  8. dice mines and keno.. those games would be a good choice to "recover" after a bust. but is better to build up on what you have lost and more. because of the multiplier that you can get constantly in a good run. especially on dice.. to place low bets and just watch it grow but hoping it doesnt hit th houe edge.. is the only problem that you will have to worry about
  9. everyone will have their days that is not going to their way.. it sucks.. just being patience with it.. and your day will come sooner then you think.. everyone will go through it so your not the only one.. i going through it this very moment hopefully this will change in my favor
  10. ill go to two games.. which will be hilo because the multiplier can go high as it can go .. and then mines..which you know the multiplier by heart.. and small bets can get you up to 1m or even 5m when you have the right pattern that is..
  11. agreed with you totally.. well said. it will affect the players input or in other words participation in forum discussion.. the rewards lured many players. there was some that took advantage of and some actually put some time and thought in a discussion.. hopefully it changes.
  12. ill play mines since is easy to make a multiplier to take a good advantage in building up your bankroll.. and roulette but hasnt been going well with me on it.. but those two are the ones that think is the best games to play,
  13. loaning money or getting a loan.. there is a big difference. you taking somebody word for it for repayment. and they taking your word for payment made.. so for both ways.. is all based on your words..is up to you guys to believe it or not. trust is complicated to have in this community,,
  14. marvel over dc.. easily.. people think that superman cannot be defeated by any marvel hero.. here is one mutant that can.. Rogue.. she can easily trick superman in ahem touching her... once she gets his power done over.. he would be too weak.. and get how you say the sh&(8) kicked out of him by his own powers.
  15. we should be able to keep our stats hidden and when we hit HR we should have the option to have the fire on or off.. so none of those un-necessary tags and FR would be able to notice.. that is the only way to put you on the spot light in which some might not want that because of the people that is literally watching HR.. ad getting ready to Pm bomb anyone thats is in there.
  16. Wait what.. hold up.. 21 is the easiest game to follow.. on the time you want to it is always 10 9 8 or if you showing a 11.. if you showing a 12 and dealer is showing a 9 or ten if you hit there's a good chance you hit under 20 and dealer has a higher chance in busting.. but your playing against a computer and not knowing how many decks are being played so all the possibilities can change big time. Your not counting cards and plus counting isn't against the rules.. but knowing the fact it can be more then the usual 4 decks.. all the out come can go to the favor of the dealer..
  17. You want to base on your rep In Forum or in the casino. How much do you feel rep is important to you should be question.. personally IDGAF about rep.. this isn't high school where the popular people sticks together while the outsiders fell left out.. of you still worried about how you rep your self online.. then you don't go out much.. online you can be anyone.. anyone can be you..don't mix in your reg life to online.. sooner or later you forget who you are..
  18. You mean prizes when there are giveaways besides coins.. but what the cost of making those products and the shipping fees who stake be paying it or the winner.. those are some stuff that would cost money . But I thought had a merch store or was it an ideal that Steve brought up awhile back.. but to answer your question it all depends on them..
  19. All ff series to the kingdom hearts and any first shooter from call of duty to battlefields.. metal gear solid series and especially the resident evil series all games have been completed ps1 to ps4.. I'm gamer for real.. can't wait for the new ones to come out in the next few years don't care how old I am I will be still playing games..
  20. Created a new one for the races only. Because instead of losing ammo on every bet i can get ammo on return for each loss. So o won't be worried about rakebacks till later on.. because the way I bet on a losing roll o get .71 payout over 70 percent of money hack.. so my mom won't go anywhere for a good minute.. and it helps build up the wages quickly also
  21. To be honest the rate is going rite now is very hard to tell.. whether the demand isn't there or there is another coin movin up the ranks. Or countries are actually disowning them before it becomes a major problem in the future.
  22. no wheel is not a main game. is a game when challenges have no other choices to pick but wheel.. i dunno why wheel ha a bad rep but it does.. like diamond poker.. i think they need to make more upgrades on wheel.. that would be nice.. have a higher payout then 49.5. that would be cool,
  23. is not good luck or bad luck. is just isnt your time..meaning by that is like you will know when it will come.. is just a feeling you will have.. in your guts.. nothing else.. cant feel negative around .. that is when you know is time for you to win,, be patience is the key for all rewards, .
  24. call of duty series and battlefield.. including the Monster Hunter. Cod for the multiplayer mode and Monster Hunter for the co-op and design.. also the final fantasy series also.. im just a big fan of RPG games.. so basically any strategy games shooting games and rpg.. role playing games.. any of those ill play on my playstation.. got a problem..
  25. to really think it through.. begging or being passive beggar is very funny.. is pretty impressive how passive they can be and how at times you dont if they are being passive but most of the time you can tell right away.. actually without them stake would be kinda boring right...plus is pretty much the players fault.. because they want to show how much they are tipping.. i usually private tip.. and the only time people know im tipping if i rain.. but when i do rain it pours.. that is no lie the reason for that.. i know how much frustrating some people rains will last.. i give where enough is enough to play with and make it last for those who doesnt..oh well.. but i dont get pms saying i bust all may i have another.
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