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  1. out of those i would stick xrp.. easy pick..because the value is much higher.. and especially new airdrops are sending a good amount out eah time. plus i jave bezt of luck when i play with xrp..
  2. if btc goes down to 2k.. that is a must buy.. then the demands will surely go upagain..in a quidkness.. ill buy at 2k and just sit on it.. not even gamble it.. just wait and watch tue price goes up to where i know the amount where it be easy to sell with a good margin of profit.. i never wll sell at cureent prices.. usually go few hundred short from actual price value.. its easy and quick to find buyers for a good amount.. sold 4 biits for 8k piece when the value at that time was 10.. sold it in the same day.. now im hoping it dopz to 2k..
  3. i do 4 tiles high risk.. and i like to place them far apart one another.. theres a better chance toget a hit that way then just keeping it together.. that pattern they dont hit as much often people thinks.. mixing the combinations really helps the chances or ratio higher then some people tjhought before.. where they say the pattern will hit eventually if just having it in one spot.. to ke thats just waste rolls i hitting 10x at least.. thiz the strategy thT worked for me. to just keep moving them ecerythime even jist one spot over..
  4. recently i started playi g keno..i use to just srick with roulette but since keno can help increase your bankroll quicker.. i have been play ing that as of late..hardly play roulet te.. be cause keno got me a good amoun in less then a few mins of plYing. but like other games where you habe a good wining streak going then suddenly start seeing reds.. voing through that red phase as i type in this topic.. cant to seem to vet the right combinations..probably gp nack to roullette sooner then later..
  5. addiction means you have a prob!em.. people keep saying gambling is an addiction.. to me is a form of entertainment recreational in other words.. i enjoy it and it does have its dark side and good side.. as long the individual enjoys it and not rui his entire life.. then let it be.. is like a drug some can handle it others dont.. some might need it to function right some wont even care for it.. but its up to the individual.. is there choice.. any actions they do was up to them..dont blame the gambling b!ame the person.. especially financially.. the perso gotta learn when to stop and practice e self control..
  6. actually if you try to increase your balance before the race.. there is a high chance you would rip before mins of the race. ofc is angood plan to increase your balance for the race.. the way i do it through out the week every tme i hit 100k i pjt 50k tl tje vault and play with the othe 50 to try to hit another 100.. sometimes i skip the hundred and try to get 200 and so forth..so in other words set a limit and keep doing that process so when it comes time to race you would have a good amount to start ofr and even last the whole race.. just stick with a good amount that you wont lose a big amount i. one bet.. e race is all about wagering.. betting 1k can get you to the top 50 if you know whqt game to play..
  7. been there and through it like no other.. it also depends on tje amount you depo..if it was a nice piece of change then busting qould be a difficult to gst through.. usually depo a small amount where you wont be stress out in losing would be the way to go.. but all depo isnt always bust.. what ever profit made small or big iz still profit.. just learning to withdraw is the toughest one to do.. thats when u end up busting..
  8. being relaxed and clear minded is always a good thing. that lets you know your decision making is rational..but if your stress and not focus then comes the stupid bets and rage betting comes after.. thats when you would bust instantly.. being calm and not let a couple losses get to you.. will get to the profit that you leqst expected..
  9. well damn cant imagine how many rolls and attempts you guys to het that high multis.. shoot 2020 ill make sure ill flex something good enough to post up.. hopefully..
  10. pretty much all the major coins that has more value then the others are already present at stake.. trx was a surprise thought eth classic would be a good choice.. but anything with eth is kinda a downer since they are issues with the depo and withdraws.. we have to wait and see what stake decides probably dash?
  11. it has been said already 12 games will be added 1 game per month.. that qill include the monthly coupon.. eddie spoke about this the day when slots came out of beta.. tbh i think i would be impossible to keep that.. because of numerous bugs that will have come with it.. well if they do have a game come out this month.. the we might be having 12 games by the end of this year.. but the sportsbook is the main attraction so far getting new players..
  12. are speaking about the rainbot in general? the way it is right now if its random or not it stay at 5k sats.. and given to 1 player.. and the way it is people dont like it.. because the amount of user getting it mre then others.. probably it would stop the chat thinking is unfair.. watching the same person getting it more then others.. even though that person really chatting..
  13. i think this topic has already been done plenty of times..but oh well. setting goals or setting a specific achievement wont really be helpful for someone unless they learn how to set their mind in stopping after reaching a certain amount.. do that first then a person can create a goal to shoot for.. for their enjoyment..
  14. i wasnt actually.. was in vegas.. didnt want to look stupid playing online casino in a hotel casino.. but from online to real life casino there is no difference besides booze and no rainbot.. provable fair can be question in some games and the floor men are just like mods.. there were a couple of them that certain way act like the mods we know or live support.. dont want to mention names.. but yea..
  15. thought this was going ot happen for 2 or 3 mins each day.. thats a big stress remover.. its a good a ideal.. but hopefully that would happen again need to blow off steam..
  16. with the sports book betting is place now.. there is now other place i would go to play. it was only that i have been waiting for.. so stake is the only place i will gamble.. so im actually transfering the funds from the casinos that have balance on to stake.. hopefully more games would be installed or i just stck with sports book
  17. Mines is the game.. bet 1 sat you can come out with .05 with the setting 12 13.. 12 diamonds and 13 bombs.. 5mx multiplier but it will take you a long time to get it .. but you eventually will get it.. betting 1 sat will take a few or even days.. just make sure you have the funds for it..
  18. the biggest bet that i won in roulette is about .11..the bet was about 2 mil because i have bet on more one number the multiplier was at 3.4x.. cant really do that again havent gone that high with btc as of late.. but with bch i hit a 1.3 by betting .23 bet more then 1 number also. i will make that bet next time with btc when i get that much again.. 1 try to win it big.. LOL
  19. client seed is just titling your seed nothing will affect the way it is.. the client seed is the recorder for each game bets you do.. so i think changing or renaming the seed would affect the outcome of the game.. still havent seen proof or given a explanation of an other function of changing the seeds other then recording your bets/
  20. best way to get in top 50 is making sure you balance is high enough to last the 2 hours.... and bet 1.2x multi.. 10 or even 5k base bet would be enough to keep you in top 50.. just have a big enough balance to go through it... .03 or .04 would be enough. and that is all.. so if you have that balance then you be at the top 50 unless you are bold and risk it early.. is up to you.
  21. Im not that bad.. depending on the game.. that is. in slots you dont need skills on 21 you have to actually strategy to have,. remember everyone against the house.. and in poker i can say i pretty good because i have spent and spend money and time for a long time..so with that experience i have entered tourneys but only placed top 5 a couple never won the full tourney.
  22. yes.. knowing who they facing yes i would and will bet against them.. this is to make money not loose t it.. ill cheer for them yea i would.. but when it comes to money i would bet against them..if they play other teams around the area they are at.. then i choose by the players and last season win and loss ratio.. but yea this is making money not losing.. if money isnt involved ill cheer them on..
  23. Luck is an ability a person suppose to have. to gain the advantage or have the best things happen for an individual. i dont believe in luck and luck in gambling do not exist.. if it happens to go your way then that is good if not.. then it isnt your day... i always see people say he won that hand by luck or what not. to me is basically if its your day is your day. and gambling always have a strategy