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  1. Haha
    polor12 got a reaction from sababalat in Submit your giveaway ideas!   
    i dunno if this can be called a giveaway more like a challenge.. Royal flush Blackjack.. basically hit 21  with 3 top cards KQA same suit or three 7s.. Here's theme giveaway Secret Santa.. pretty much same as entering any giveaway.. but the total of amount of btc will be unknown.. top 10 or 20 even top 5 will get to split the amount in how many participant enters..min enter can be .0001 and 25 post..
  2. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Kuttan in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
  3. Haha
    polor12 got a reaction from cess23 in What encourages you to keep on playing?   
    is not encouraging is more like nothing else to do but something to do without leaving the comfort of your home.. Is basically pass time for me.. if everything i had to do is done and nothing else is in my plan why not try and play and see if i can win a little or win big,.. as long i have  something in my bankroll.. why not play.. if there was no funds..  i wouldn't be playing.. since there is ways to make bank roll like forum rewards.. why not.. right??... if that wasn't a tool to get coins.. then i wouldn't be online.. but as of now im slowly cutting down playing on stake.. im in a way to conserve my time to other things.. time wont be wasted being one place the way i see it.. 
  4. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from cryptofly in player vs player   
    i know they wouldn't make a pvp game like texas hold'em anytime soon.. but what i was thinking a open player vs player challenge.. where any player can challenge another player., in which minimum of 2 max of 10 players put the amount that is agreed on into a pot.. in which any support or moderator if willing to help out.,, will hold the pot. for the winner.. it can range up to 100k to .01.. every player will start off 50k..is almost like the races,. but the only difference is not wagered but who can build up that 50k  within the given time.. like 20 30 mins.. the only thing is allowed is rain and rakeback.. for adding to the bankroll.. nothing else.. when that time limit is done.. who ever have the highest takes the pot. and the way we can find out if someone is  cheating they have to post the recent transaction rain received bonus and tips received etc.. i wanna see who actually can play smart... and not just bet 1.2x on dice or limbo.. any takers???
  5. Sad
    polor12 got a reaction from williamshennie9 in 🌧Rain Dilema   
    are speaking about the rainbot in general? the way it is right now if its random or not it stay at 5k sats.. and given to 1 player.. and the way it is people dont like it.. because the amount of user getting it mre then others.. probably it would stop the chat thinking is unfair.. watching the same person getting it more then others.. even though that person really chatting.. 
  6. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from TIPPER in Add games or Add another crypto?   
    it has been said already 12 games will be added 1 game per month.. that qill include the monthly coupon.. eddie spoke about this the day when slots came out of beta.. tbh i think i would be impossible to keep that.. because of numerous bugs that will have come with it.. well if they do have a game come out this month.. the  we might be having 12  games by the end of this year.. but the sportsbook is the main attraction so far getting new players..
  7. Bitcoin
    polor12 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Do you stuck with stake?   
    with the sports book betting is place now.. there is now other place i would go to play. it was only that i  have been waiting for.. so stake is the only place i will gamble.. so im actually transfering the funds from the casinos that  have balance on to stake.. hopefully more games would be installed or i just stck with sports book
  8. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Your experience with beggar?   
    ignore..plain and simple.i never rat them out or even give them a second chance.. if i rain.. i rain a good amount to people.. and when i get tag during chat i add them to the list.. to those who repeatedly doing it..
  9. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from htetaungxx in Client seed or sever seeed which one will you change to win?   
    changing seed do not matter// what is there a chance that person fond a seed where the win ratio will be more then the loss ratio.. no.. is there a seed where you hit all high multiples.. no.. is there a seed where you will have more green then reds no. the seeds only purpose is to record your betts..nothing else.. 
  10. Love
    polor12 got a reaction from seanwattson in Was rainbot removed?   
    actually i love that rain bot is in hiatus.. to be honest.. what can other players do. i mean.. this probably the first time since they got into chat to deposit. to start playing.. instead of just chat and hopefully get rained on.. i wonder how players would stay around as long rainbot is gone.. this can separate the loyal players and the scavengers.. sorry to use that term.. but it describes those players to the the t..
  11. Haha
    polor12 got a reaction from SamyGo3sHIGH in Drug test   
    drink a shot of apple cider vinegar..a shot.. chase it with water..let it set for a couple hours then you piss out the dirty one.. and another one might help dont do drugs!
  12. Bitcoin
    polor12 got a reaction from lupandina in [FINISHED] 🎂​​​​​​​ Happy Birthday, Dinabot!!!   
    the coins that you guys currently have... will you guys drop or replace one  if the value of it drops to a certain point??
  13. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Joni in 0.01 BTC AirDrop for first 1000 users   
    umm..airdrop for that amount is more likely a scam.. a very obvious one.. all air drops is all scams.. they you want you to give up your info for a price that you are expecting to get ... in which nothing can use or easily obtain.. in which you already provided your info already and they can do with it anything thats anything.. never trusted any air drop.and for you to promote that shows what kind of individual you are.. 
  14. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Bojana in Dead or Alive?   
    wait is this the reason why btc has been going down.. wow first it thought that the founder was already dead.. oh well.. is lower then it has been for a long time.. at the rate it is should go few more hundred.. ill say buy at 5.. if not 6.. most likely it would go to 6500 for the lowest and will pick back up.. or can this be the end of btc???
  15. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Diablo1 in Do you think people with star(Vips,support etc) more chance of rain?   
    it suppose to be the more active players are chatting in chat. have the greatest chance in getting it.. but it determined by how they have rain bot in distributing it,.. it can vary.. but if you chat more then others in chat then more likely you will get the rain before any of the stars does.. 
  16. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Babagucci in Players to beware of that borrow & don't pay back?   
    it cant say to the ones that borrow but  to the ones that loans it.. its all depends on the loaner.. its difficult because there is no sign agreement or punishment if no payment is made... loan at yiour own risk.. just saying.. online is a very strange place.. and having trust is the strangest thing to have online.. 
  17. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from Thepug in Live casino on stake   
    this topic is already been made.. if they have live dealers i think you meant to say,, like for 21 or poker. they will have probably half of the staff dealing meaning more hours.. or have to hire more people for dealing it self.. they will have to get an office and check the laws in having a casino on the property for online usage..it will have a lot of paper work and money to get that going.. but there will be still complaints about the game being rigg.. because it isnt going their way blah,,, if they have it one day .. im sure ill be playing.
  18. Thanks
    polor12 got a reaction from htetaungxx in Should we preroll before betting?   
    in away might sound like a good ideal, but you gotta think of the what if.. meaning what if you hit one major multiplier.. knowing the percent for it to hit again is very very low. i been through that and will never pre roll again..just wont take that chance.. but what ever helps you then got for it.. just for my experience i wont do it again..
  19. Bitcoin
    polor12 reacted to davinmark in Crash? Or Limbo?   
    i think i prefer to play Limbo, because it almost the same way but the different was we can stop the PO where ever we want on Crash. but i u wanna to take a fast profit and rolls i think limbo is better
  20. Bitcoin
    polor12 reacted to skywallkee in Crash? Or Limbo?   
    I'd go for Crash more. It brings up memories of old CS:GO betting sites and it is also nice enough. You can sort of compete with others and see who can last longer on Crash without crashing or things like that. It can be really nice if you have someone to laugh with and also adds some peace in your mind when you're thinking that even if you lost, others lost too, so it can't be unfair in any way. If someone in a round won and you didn't, then surely you aren't the one aimed by the "unfairness".
    When it comes to Limbo, it might be better if you want something faster. When Crash was for single player, the biggest issue was that rounds could take a few good seconds, like over 10 seconds with ease. Now you can play Crash that is slower indeed, but at least it is multiplayer and you can have that "tension" but there's also Limbo if you want something faster.
  21. Haha
    polor12 got a reaction from Babagucci in Real Life Pictures   
    let me flex real quick..lol..

  22. Bitcoin
    polor12 got a reaction from 1700 in Who remembers there first ever legal age bet on anything?   
    to gamble legally in california was 18. to buy scratchers and  play near to the local casinos.. and 21 to the casinos that sold alcohol.  i went to the casino when i turned 19.. when i turned 18 my first place was to go to the strip club..lol.
  23. Lame
    polor12 got a reaction from maverick528 in Accident tip happened   
    well this what happens when people picks a username that almost the same as a bot.. but you got that user name before the bot was made. that was a mistake.. so expect to get mistaken by people,, to be honest and i am saying in very honest way possible,, if a person sent me a certain amount and i find this person a douche,, ill keep if he is not then send back.. but this only personal.
  24. Love
    polor12 got a reaction from tartaunknow in Are you ready for the Mega Race?   
    We are a few hours away for the Mega Race of the year.. are there any preparations that you are currently doing to get ready for it. building up every coin.. or just building up 1 certain coin.. did you save up rake back for just this race. are sending coins from your alts to your main.. or you also building up the bankroll for you alts.. so many ways to prepare for this.. so many options.. are you aiming for top prizes or just top 100.. lmk
  25. Haha
    polor12 got a reaction from Babagucci in Old Stake or Stake 2.0?   
    lol..before i ask ill answer the topic question... i like the new stake,, with its colorful design. and the features that comes with it and the added one during it. but i prefer the old way of roulette.. the features of it.. they had an option to take out a bet without clearing the entire board... that would be it. now whose alt are you bro.. because from the other topics you have written about new players this new players that. and you said your a new player.. so how come you know about old stake,,
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