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  1. LOOOOOOVE <3 Whst's the sense of having a lot of money and be sad inside of you? love is what our world needs hehe But money is always welcome too hahaha
  2. The Simpsons is Amazing, I love it. The best cartoon
  3. Gisele

    What's the best age ?

    Women over 40 are having the sex of their lives, according to a survey by Good Housekeeping. With fewer demands on their time from children and more experience and confidence, many said they found sex more spontaneous, exciting and pleasurable than ever before. But can it be true that sex gets better with age? We asked five women, each in a different decade of their lives, how they feel about sex. What do you think about it guys? Is there a "righ age" ?
  4. Congrats (: I hope to ge it one day! haha
  5. What is Operation Car Wash? Operation Car Wash began in March 2014 as an investigation into allegations that Brazil's biggest construction firms overcharged state-oil company Petrobras for building contracts. Investigators accused directors at the firm - named the world's most ethical oil and gas company in 2008 - of skimming the extra money off the top as a bribe for awarding the contract.
  6. Watching videos on youtube it's so nice too !
  7. I didn't see this post before ! Thank you very much
  8. I'm from Brazil and the things is very difficult here when the subject is Impeachment!
  9. I wish he change his mind about many things, if it doesn't happen, USA will be in a hard situation
  10. And what do you think about religion and education? Religion must be teaching in all schools ?
  11. Running in the fresh it's a good idea, In the summer it's perfect, I'll try
  12. Thanks. Great informations that will help a lot of users
  13. It's really hard to understand but I'm geting
  14. Thank's I tryed to play but I did'nt get, who nkows I get now
  15. What do you think about Religion? Is a thing that can help our country and World? Do you believe in God? Tell us. I'm Umbandista .