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  1. Gisele

    Uno Game

    I love to play Uno ! It's a nice game and it's verye easy to learn
  2. Welcome here Lucas ! It's amazing see Brazilian's here hehe I'm Brazilian too
  3. Gisele


    Hey people ! Do you like a lot of kinds of music? What's your favorite ? Let's discuss it here I think we have a lot of Michael Jackson's fãs here ! I love him and this song represents me .
  4. I'd rather not watched this hahaha but it's a good information
  5. LOOOOOOVE <3 Whst's the sense of having a lot of money and be sad inside of you? love is what our world needs hehe But money is always welcome too hahaha
  6. The Simpsons is Amazing, I love it. The best cartoon
  7. I'm needing luck man kkk thank you very much
  8. The Werewolf Diet Originating in Latin America, the Werewolf Diet has you eating in sync with the lunar cycle. It boasts making you lose 6 pounds in one day, and even celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna have tried it! The logic is that your body has about 60 percent water, and the moon’s influence on gravity affects you like it affects the tides. There are two versions of the diet: basic and extended. The basic diet has you on a fluid detox, drinking only healthy natural liquids (like water, juice, and birch water), on the day of a full moon. The full moon’s strong gravitational pull supposedly boosts the detox’s toxin-eliminating effects.
  9. I also have heard that tips are priority for the day ...let's see
  10. I also guess that was any problem haha but it's all perfect
  11. I would like know too because it happens a bug with me too
  12. Gisele

    What's the best age ?

    Women over 40 are having the sex of their lives, according to a survey by Good Housekeeping. With fewer demands on their time from children and more experience and confidence, many said they found sex more spontaneous, exciting and pleasurable than ever before. But can it be true that sex gets better with age? We asked five women, each in a different decade of their lives, how they feel about sex. What do you think about it guys? Is there a "righ age" ?
  13. Wooow How Is it possible? I'vee been trying and nothing