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  1. *31st min - End of the first half:* $160
  2. that question is answered quickly. and lemme tell you somethin.. theres only one correct answer here ! favourite pornstar is me... lol J/k.. but whatever right after me theres Cytheria! i love that squirt when immmmmmmm in a nasty mood
  3. Krype89

    Never Pee Before Sex

    yes i agree and then i start fuckin and just want to bust inside. hell yea i love it but whatever if that chicks pregnant i always have some stairs with me... wooops lol
  4. Krype89

    2x betting formula

    sounds like a plan for me lol... i never heard of it or think about it that way... but really interesting thought.. i will give it a try now because im just playing dice anyway thanks for sharing. lets see how it turns out for me --- wont be dissappointed if it doesnt do it right now as i know it can just be bad luck for that moment ... so going to figure out how its doin on several sessions..
  5. Krype89

    Goodbye 5000x

    so what lol.... i mean yes i liked the new design from plinko when it have had that update... but.. i never hit x1000 so probably would even alllllot less likely ever hit that x5000 lol... ok to be fair .. i played quite some games on plinko but not that much ... so if i had a reaaaaaal attempt taken on it i probably had hit it by now... is really mixed feelings for my view about plinko... can be pretty good paying i agree... can also be a pain in the ass tho... i havent played it much on here.. but on different place with very well success... on stake plinko just doesnt kick in for me so i dont play that very often tbh
  6. same from me. im in europe. germany. and i have been able to join the waiting list... just saw that on my own like 3 days ago though... probably have to wait days/weeks for the final invitation to earn i guess
  7. funny and i thought im gonna be richy rich today
  8. lol really smart idea posting that on the forums and use your ref link aswell i already saw that on my own and told people about it ... but nevertheless... still cool share for others...
  9. im using freebitco.in freedoge.co.in and for other gambling sites DD is quite nice depending on how much foot ur acc got
  10. hey there darkblood... finally working on my forum account and so im able to participate in one of your giveaways for the first time lol thanks for that btw good luck everyone
  11. joined telegram group btc address: 3Dxo4V1mKUgPnUhGEuEPi8Twb9FVMobxfe telegram username @Krype
  12. dunno but maybe you catch just a bad seed or overall bad session. yes quite hard to 6 hit but honestly dont feel like it was any easier pre. update. just figured that goin auto on a certain pattern isnt as effective anymore :p weird... but if i constantly change few numbers i will more likely 6hit finish a game then sitting on a certain few fields
  13. yup lol... always been too lazy for the forums though lol... finally changed :p thanks every1 for the friendly welcome :p
  14. honestly havent had such big hits in a single game... biggest on btc was like 35k satoshi .. dice i hit 0.16eth once... poor me lol