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  1. hey there on the forums then.. my story is exactly the same... not new to stake but to the forums.. good luck with your games and hopefully you'll have alot fun too
  2. Hey there, my name is Denny, im 30 years male from north Germany even though i am not new to Stake i finally want to say hello to everyone here on the Forums.. i set up my Account finally and will be going to use the Forum regularly now because i really have to raise my Status... noob sounds so ugly see you in the chat! good luck and have fun with your games
  3. i voted for 50$ to 10 people. why not have plenty winners a chance to win a little free extra instead of a few people winning cool giveaway btw..even tho i joined the channel already
  4. Krype89

    I finally hit it!

    wow impressing hit. i didnt even know it would ever go this high! congratulations for the hit!
  5. thank you for this lovely generous giveaway. good luck everyone
  6. just read about it.. that theres a telegram channel too joined aswell.. would join even if thhere wasnt a giveaway :p cuz most often be the first one get to know any infos&updates on those ones like telegram r discord... well.. have a nice day everyone <3
  7. hell yeah.. that truely is one of a kind...noble car... and turns any yobbish into a boss as soon as u get in :p homestly... that escelade is a nice ride
  8. yo, might want to leave a like ... woulda been greatly appreciated :p twitch.tv/kiillahpg have a nice day and g00d luck with ur rolls today
  9. lol i do write much too sometimes but no1 compared to that guy
  10. i see a friend.. he always tryin all-in while havin maasssive busts.. every once in a while he hits big but i think the better one is to go smooth until you fit for the right big hits
  11. Ferrari F50 - if i be richy rich and more common but love it... BMW GPOWER another one of my top 3 fav. BMW Z3 Coupe
  12. also ich nutze hauptsächlich Exodus und oder Jaxx... bei letzterem hauptsächlich dann- wenn/weil man mit dem Desktop Wallet gleich Shapeshift integriert ist. Nützlich wenn man mal schnell die Währung wechseln will....und Exo bietet kein Doge an...sonst ist Exodus ohne Frage the one to choose :p Hab jedoch auch ein verifiziertes Blockchain Konto und das auch ne Zeitlang aktiv als Main-Wallet genutzt. Ebenso Coinbase. Die nutze ich zwar jetzt nicht mehr zum traden aber ich weiß als Backup das ich die noch hab^^