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  1. mhela10 (wish i have this luck)
  2. Novak Djokovic Serena Williams USA India
  3. madam ung opm novelty song yan palit na hahaahahha
  4. i won in discord once when it was started after that i didnt win anymore..
  5. this is great ... i hope i woul be in this 6m bet i hope i wish haha mhela10
  6. https://web.facebook.com/mela4004/videos/681091262313004/ kayo na bahala dito
  7. i just tell them im playing to pay my electric bills.. hahaha then they ask me how so then ill give to them my refferal link in stake hahaha...have a nice day
  8. my game is so safe when i used to bet in btc.. i always said to my mind i used have may base pay out of multiplier so i wont get bust ..
  9. in a week i have 1 day that im lucky and the 6 days in a week were bad days of mine...
  10. im a fan of mines game but i got hi the big multiplier may 2 times after a year in stake its to hard to get big multiplier ... with a huge of counts of bombs..
  11. 33rd mins - end of a halftime