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  1. Novak Djokovic Serena Williams USA India
  2. madam ung opm novelty song yan palit na hahaahahha
  3. i won in discord once when it was started after that i didnt win anymore..
  4. this is great ... i hope i woul be in this 6m bet i hope i wish haha mhela10
  5. https://web.facebook.com/mela4004/videos/681091262313004/ kayo na bahala dito
  6. maybe its the greed of the player... if they win surely they widraw but after the day they expecting that they were lucky so all off their winnings they will deposit and they will go bust cause the greediness of their mind that they will win..
  7. yes but .. theres no always winning in gambling... may be you gain today but not tomorrow ..its not easy to choose when it comes in you win or you loose
  8. i just tell them im playing to pay my electric bills.. hahaha then they ask me how so then ill give to them my refferal link in stake hahaha...have a nice day
  9. no i dont felt guilty when someone i reffered got to be bust.. its her/him choice to do betting ..its her/him choice to stop or go on when he is loosing so much money.. but then after i reffer to them stake i always tell them one thing dont be so greedy and play safe as they can..
  10. my game is so safe when i used to bet in btc.. i always said to my mind i used have may base pay out of multiplier so i wont get bust ..
  11. in a week i have 1 day that im lucky and the 6 days in a week were bad days of mine...
  12. im a fan of mines game but i got hi the big multiplier may 2 times after a year in stake its to hard to get big multiplier ... with a huge of counts of bombs..
  13. 33rd mins - end of a halftime