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  1. Fulham 0-4 Arsenal Crystal Palace 1-2 Southampton West Ham 1-1 Newcastle Liverpool 4-1 Leeds West Brom 2-2 Leicester Tottenham 0-0 Everton Brighton 1-3 Chelsea Sheffield United 1-2 Wolves
  2. yes you need to post your answer ing dc and screenshot then post here
  3. It doesnt affect me that much in depositing .. Cause i have my hold cryptos but it affect the price or value of the cryptos ..price of crytos go down thats so annoying then u bust a half of it hahahaha
  4. It would be a nice idea so students will have and idea about crypto .. Much better for us to be more educated ..
  5. i think it was our greed to get high pay out but then if you try if so just 1 time then it goes by same ..you would feel you were so lucky ... i felt that feeling so many times because of my greediness. good luck to all
  6. its hard to play when you didnt have a goal or what we call hit the min amout you wanted to get by winning..after loosing lot of coins i discovered not to risk a high multiplier that gives only 100x in a row of betting instead go atleast the the risk that will give the amount of what you wanted to get with your goal..
  7. yes... i have been always unlucky in hi lo .... when im in the game 4cards open the the 5th card is Q i go lo and goamn the next card is K.. so sad
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