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  1. No doubt 10k is on the horizon. Question in my mind, how low is it gonna drop before it does? I don't think we will hit 10 before dropping below 9 one more time.
  2. If we were on Bitcointalk, i would merit this so hard. Awesome, awesome analogy sir.
  3. What? I feel like you replied to the wrong topic. Gambler's fallacy is an ugly thing. This is the most profound response on this thread. Consider for a minute, if you will, I don't chase the dollar. Setting a number goal is pointless. No number will suffice. I need the money, but i don't stop. I chase the high. Win or lose, I seek that moment the roll is decided. If I win, I certainly need to withdraw, but I can't. My addiction is too strong. I've sat and cussed myself, my hand, my urge, begging me to calm the fuck down, to stop, but my hand wouldn't stop. In ten minutes I started with nothing, and wagered $60k, peaking at a bank of $6000, only to lose it all chasing that excitement. I do not blame the sites then, but this is when i hate them. To bring me up, only to be with self loathing when i am a loser.
  4. You're mostly right. Problem is, how much damage does it do to the current community before it does? I see it going this way myself. It will bring more users, but again, at the cost of current traders, hodlers, and degens who are against kyc already. Where'd i put my tinfoil hat?
  5. Novak Djokovic Serena Williams India USA
  6. Mikehoncho

    Plinko 1000x

    I finally caught it. won 2 ltc and seemed like it took months. Now for a second one.
  7. did i miss a coupon? I need to check my email!n *Scurries off haphazardly* Really though i bust every single one.
  8. I would also like to know the requirements for each tier.