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  1. Are you insinuating that $1000 and the sense of accomplishment wouldn't have been enough?
  2. Mikehoncho

    Sites other than Stake

    The total wagered was 25m. The highest amount I had at one time was 3m or so. I lost it all eventually falling prey to that damned gamblers fallacy. I don't think there is a difference, I just like their interface.
  3. In addition to these, welcome bonuses of 5000-55000 SATs, sites with a play currency that with a high enough amount, won through wagering them, can be converted in to real coins. Those programs vary widely with conversion rates. One site has promotional events randomly throughout the week, usually 4-5 days a week, that are only announced in the chat, where there are chat games, roll hunts, random tips, and more often than not I hefty amount added to the regular rain, increasing the amount it drops until the bonus is depleted. Rain is chosen based on chat quality. This is also one of the sites with convertible play coins, which is what the rain drops, and the conversion depends on the number of play coins you convert at once, with the best being 1m coins for 1m SATs. They have a 40 a day full faucet system with the amount scaling to your level, and unlimited diminished faucets of about 90 play coins. The faucet also has a chance of hitting a tiered jackpot ranging from 1200 play coins to 17,500,000 pcoins, also scaling with your level. Holiday events are generous. Some other incentives are also available. Honestly that is the only site that is near generous as Stake. With ppp forums, discord, and other giveaways like on btctalk, I believe stake is the most generous sites to play on.
  4. Mikehoncho

    Insufficient funds

    This made my cheeks hurt. As for the topic, no, I don't smile. I don't rage either. It's usually a well that sucks. Every now and again I may get angry and mouthy. That almost never happens.
  5. Mikehoncho

    Sites other than Stake

    I've tried the majority of sites you can find on the btctalk gambling board. I've only deposited at a handful though. Stake, bitvest, freebitcoin, and crypto games are the ones I frequent regularly. Allcoins just added a provably fair dice game that I'm really liking. I started with 40k SATs and after thirty minutes of playing I had gambled a total of 25m.
  6. Mikehoncho

    Plinko Probability Tester

    Thanks for the share. This is a cool tool. Any chance you could explain some of the options in lab mode? One really. What does the binary options control do? Anyone?
  7. Mikehoncho

    Do you like this method?

    I love it. A lengthy, well typed message that people will read, just because of the fact it never makes much sense when you consider the title, to gain the highest number of SATs you can from the forum. Bravo, Sir. Bravo.
  8. Mikehoncho

    What if stake went from virtual to physical games?

    Has no one here seen the price is right?? Plinko is already in existence. Don't play the games at carnivals. They're rigged in the houses favor. It's possible to win, but highly unlikely. ---Former carnie.
  9. Mikehoncho

    My win strategy

    Whilst I appreciate you sharing, you lost me at not betting on 0. That's the house edge. I always bet on zero. I do like the idea of betting on your last x number of spins. I don't know about 17 though. I tend to add chips to numbers that repeat, as from my experience, they will continue to do so. Good luck.
  10. Mikehoncho

    Wyoming making moves to define crypto

    https://cointelegraph.com/news/wyoming-introduces-a-bill-aiming-to-define-virtual-currencies-as-money Wyoming has added a few bills in the last week or so to make an open space for crypto to exists. With this bill, it is going to spilt the currency into three categories, Digital consumer assets, digitial securities, and virtual currencies, which would a be intangible properties. It also let's Banks manage the currencies in the same way they do Fiat money. I see this as a very good glimpse of the future. Legalization of marijuana all started with California passing their bill to set a precedent, and the bills in Wyoming could do the same for crypto.
  11. Mikehoncho

    A Share Of My Profits 2 [Giveaway]

    Hope you win big for all of us dark. Thanks for another awesome giveaway.
  12. Mikehoncho

    Hi/Lo Challenge [Giveaway]

    Explain this bet to me. How did you win a prize without a bet??
  13. ticket 1 - 16, 0, 15, 7, 6 Ticket 2 - 31, 11, 34, 28, 5 Thanks for the giveaway, one question though. Can the same number be used twice? @amarcrypto
  14. Mikehoncho

    Claim Free BCH Code [Giveaway]

    Thanks a bunch Dark. I love the post count requirements.