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  1. DICE: 7,486,327,692 placed by Mikehoncho on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000500 Multiplier 220x Profit 0.00109500 DICE: 7,486,288,346 placed by Mikehoncho on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000500 Multiplier 220x Profit 0.00109500
  2. This is implying the system is rigged against you, and I just don't believe it is. While it seems like it a lot of the time, I believe it is just the randomization of the rolls changing naturally. I don't think the system catches on to your play style, and then changes to trip you up. I can't believe that if I'm going to continue depositing on this or any site for that matter. In fact, there are other sites I play on that I won't deposit on anymore because I believe the system ai is against your plays. Those sites just offer another way to win without me spending my money. Remember it's only rigged when you lose.
  3. Awesome idea and job. Can you make take the region restrictions off though?
  4. You know what really grinds my gears about plinko? When the ball launches down the 1000x chute and then two pegs before 1000x it bounces all the way to the damn center. Or on the rare occasion the ball goes out of the pyramid and it does the exact same thing. Ya feel me?
  5. Maybe I should just Google it, but maybe you won't mind explaining for some forum points. At a fist casino you have x number of decks. The dealer let's one of the players cut the decks after they're shuffled. How do you count the cards, not knowing for sure what's in the stack of cards that is chosen for play? I.e. if four of the aces are cut out at the start, how do you compensate?
  6. To an extent. At times my old lady can get aggravated by me being online so much. I don't think it is the money I am wagering as much as it is the chatting I do. She feels like I pay more attention to what you guys have to say than her.
  7. Doesn't make much of a difference if you're not placing in the race. Also doesn't make much difference when the top person is betting 20 plus btc or 100k xrp in the first ten minutes. I would like to see more ltc races.
  8. Because the multitude of other free ways to get money on stake isn't enough right? Because you can cash out that tiny faucet yeah?
  9. As more platforms are added support for others falls off. Discord was awesome at first. Now its lackluster. Honestly i am surprised they still do tele challenge after races were added. Quality over quantity.
  10. I believe @Etude is correct. I figure if you just posnormall and don' worry about he reward you will be better off.
  11. I'm a bartender. I love the work. I hate my job.
  12. 10-20 bch. Was around $6000. I withdrew $90 and busted the rest. On stake i figure 1000x on plinko winning 2.3 ltc. I also busted this.
  13. I don't really understand the point of using the bonzo command to be perfectly honest, Why do people use it?