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  1. For the birthday itself, I imagine stake will follow the same trend it has the last few years. Probably a full week of challenges with extra rewards for those who complete each days challenge. A contest or two involving your creativity in making something for stake. On the day of, more rains in the chat. Going into the future, I hope to see some lag issues fixed. I'd also like to see the custom autobet settings released for the other originals. A new original would be nice. Happy Birthday Stake. Here's to another four years of Stake.com.🍻
  2. If you read his comments, he lacks self control. He knows you can lose every deposit as he's lost his life savings. Another deposit or another bet won't help his situation, even if he wins. It isn't about fun anymore. It's an addiction.
  3. This isn't the correct response. He has clear cut signs of a gaming problem. You should encourage him to find help, not wish him luck on his next bet.
  4. Depression doesn't cause addiction. It can lead to it, but your compulsive betting is another issue. Take your advice. Seek professional help.
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