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  1. Depends on whether or not i am up during the challenge. Also, what i may be doing at the time. The challenge doesnt hold the same appeal as the 2 eth ones did. Although I do love some of the creativity dose has shown for some of the games.
  2. The only time I use instant betting is when the challenge is on. Otherwise I enjoy the animations and prolong the eventual bust.
  3. I don't think it makes a difference. The bet speed seems to be the same for me either way. I think its all in your head.
  4. While i do believe the vast majority of comments on this forum now are annoying, pointless, redundant, and or irrelevant, I don't know why you think there are people targeting specific posters comments. Sounds like something you would do to be honest.
  5. There is no built in exchanger on stake. You can use the exchange option with coinswitch, but that is hardly built in.
  6. I couldnt tell you. I dont really expect much out of the bonus though. It is usually small, and i bust it really quick. Perhaps they will send it out tomorrow. Perhaps the last day of november. Doesnt make a difference.
  7. I managed to get one for 270k sats one week, The following week was 140k. I wagered a lot those two weeks. I suspect this week ill get a big fat 8k. I think someone told me look at it like this, you get 100kis for 1 btc wagered. The math sorta works for those two big ones i got.
  8. I don't think it matters the number of lines you choose when it comes to scatters. Think of it like this. Say there are 15 symbols on each reel. The way these slots work is each reel is a 15 sided die and when you roll it uses the provably fair algorithm to roll each die. The outcome isn't affected by the number of lines played. Just the amount the multiplier is if you managed to hit on one of those lines. tldr: slots suck.
  9. Addiction. Seriously though, stake offers a lot of incentive to play here. From challenges to giveaways to vip bonuses like rakeback and the coupons. I also find myself winning on stake from time to time. The support is awesome. The chat is mostly good. Stake a fun place to gamble. For real though, Addiction.
  10. I try not to play with no wager. I don't even want to think of how upset i would be to see a large hit when im not actually betting. I only do it on the telegram challenge though.
  11. Who wouldmt want the best benefits stake has to offer? Considering what we know stake offers platinum users now, I could only guess what these could even be. The price tag Eddie put on it, at $25,000,000 is extraordinarily high though. I do not think many stake players will reach it anytime soon. With a tag that high, what could stake offer these blue whales that would be significant considering they have a wealth of funds.