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  1. i dont know about you guys, but the new plinko speed is awesome. If you keep clicking, it will drop as many balls as your able to drop (including from wins) until you bust. Gonna save me so much time. i can bust and move on now.
  2. Did i just miss the one for september? Anybody get that one?
  3. I am enjoying it so far. Some things I don't like though. Even with animations off and instant bet, the bet speed is still pretty slow. I would like to see an option to pause spinning on auto if you catch free spins. I would like a good seed so i can win on it lol.
  4. Seems to me that slots is going to be the new game to bust on. Whist it has some high multipliers, like plinko, it has long red streaks as well. I don't know about you, but i think i'll be busting on slots for a little while. Ill always go back to plinko though. What do you think?
  5. How many lines do you choose to spin on? I prefer 5-9, but roll 20 sometimes too. By betting on lower lines, i can wager more each line, and the hits are a lot bigger. What about you? What do you prefer?
  6. Those are some pretty sweet spins. I haven't played slots yet myself, but look forward to playing it very soon. Ill update you after i get some spins in!
  7. Fantastic hit! Pretty big wager there though. that kinda wager can bust you pretty quick!
  8. Good question. I checked and my two longest gaps were 40 days and 46 days. I had deposited and wagered 3.341 ltc .0018 btc .35 eth, for the first gap. 1.849 ltc .00456 btc .128 eth during the longer of the two. On another site, its been since may 11th of this year.
  9. Welcome back! We haven't met, but I'm mike! Hope you have a good return!
  10. People.. exploit the reward??? What?? How on earth would they do this? I hope not by making the same topics over and over.
  11. This idea is already covered by rakeback and the boost. It isn't set to one game, but both increase depending on your weekly wagers.
  12. I often use live stats when I play. I enjoy watching the bar rocket downwards. I wish it didnt update when I changed currency.
  13. Coinbase explicitly forbids using their service for gambling. Eventually their transaction scanners will link it to one of these gambling sites, at which time they will freeze your account, tell you to withdraw funds immediately, and then close your account. With that being said, all I use to buy and sell is coinbase. I just transfer to an external wallet before sending it where I'm going to send it. Same for cashing out. Once my transaction is confirmed on coinbase, cashout is instantaneous. I sell it and withdraw to my PayPal.
  14. My first bet would be for the Atlanta Falcons.