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  1. LIMBO: 4,303,069,966 placed by Mikehoncho on 07/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000128 Multiplier 33x Profit 0.00004096
  2. For some reason it isn't transferring my forum rewards. Rather, it transfers them and the refunds them saying unavailable issue even though the banner says transaction complete. Help?
  3. Seems that way doesn't it. Honestly though a guy turned me on to a strat like this. You start low and catch the rythem of the rolls, increasing your bet until you are betting half your stack decreasing when needed. The longer you have played dice the more you notice, not patterns exactly, but trends. Balance jumps quickly. Two days ago I took 0.2 ltc to 8 on the ten minutes it took me to smoke a cigarette at work.
  4. I keep missing the giveaways. I would call that a rather dry streak though. It does happen though. Better luck next time.
  5. wrong forum. Not gamblin site, but, I love Allcoins.pw. Earned a lot from there.
  6. I am not participating in these events. Thank you for the PSA though. Kind of you.
  7. Have they sent you the email for xlm? Been signed up a few months now. Been waiting on blockchain 4 days now after they said up to 5 business days.
  8. It seems to me, this could only increase the value of BCHABC. Considering the dev will be able to focus on it solely. Only time will tell. btw, LTC is my favorite.
  9. More people. Fairest in my opinion.
  10. i still depo my money and bust it on plinko. I like video poker, but haven' played much limbo.
  11. it is a scam site. They change domains every few days. that is why you can't find anything on google. The link I followed original said to tell customer support I wanted to withdraw without depo, at which point I was instructed to download a chrome extension that had 7 other downloads. I would receive payment only after activating their extension. Also, the chat is from some csgo site and can't see your replies. Only one person in the chat will answer and that is scammer. I would keep just keep it moving. @williamshennie9
  12. Nope. Lost betting 10k balls on plinko. didn't even get a x2.
  13. So i just lost 29 bch 30 mins ago. I won't say I got cheated by anyone, but myself. Even though I was screaming at myself to stop spinning, my hand refused and continued. I need to know why I do this and how I can stop myself from doing it again, if I ever win again that is. Please help.
  14. Don't be offended guy, it was an honest question. I wasn't trying to offend you.
  15. Does this mean I didn't win? A giveaway such as first to pm is only fair for the people who have time to view the messages. I missed your earlier pm giveaway because I was at work. I wouldn't mind posting my telegram name for verification.