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  1. No ma'am. You're perfectly entitled the feel any way you want. With some more context to your relationship, I understand why you would feel the way you do. The first half of my post wasn't directed at you, but the community as a whole. What I was getting at was the tips you received could have potentially fed you and yours, so to place blame for going hungry on him wasn't right. I know you didn't speak on it i the post, but you added the link to the post on his wall. While I don't like the topic at all, adding in the link you have since removed was my main grievance with it specifically. I hope everything works out in the end and that there are no hard feelings between the two of you, or the two of us. Congratulations on the IBM call by the way.
  2. I was going through the topics and noticed the previous one was locked. I assume that is because the Discord was closed before. If not, sorry for opening a touchy topic mods. As you may or may not know, the Stake Discord has opened up again. With it comes an hourly chance to win $5 in crypto added to your account. That and a variety of rooms with multiple lanuages. What I want to know is, Have you won it yet? Have you won more than once? How many do you think you have entered or how often do you think you enter? Personally, I enter 3-6 times a day and have never won one of them. That is with the new discord and the old. How about you? Have you gotten lucky yet?
  3. PLINKO: 1,928,555,104 placed by Mikehoncho on 14/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000800 Multiplier 120x Profit 0.00095200
  4. I have actually been pondering this for a few weeks now. It isn't because of chat spam. For me it is the same threads reworded rehashed incessantly. Then, it seems like only a few people actually read the other posts in the thread, because again, the same response comes up multiple times in the same thread. I'm not saying that people can't have the same opinion, but case in point, these four posts are literally all the exact same. They're all explaining why the tips are public. Also notice the posters repeated their post TWICE in the same thread. The posts follow the exact same train of thought. No longer thinking, both people suddenly remember that Dan has given the reason before. If this doesn't demonstrate the definition of spam, I don't know what does. While my post may not be as eloquently composed as Nuuuitsjdragon's, they are absolutely correct. The fact that I have to re-read your post more than once is a problem. Topics should be clear to the reader so that when they decide to post, they can do so without misunderstanding the topics original point completely. I think the number of withdraws should be limited to once a day. On top of that, I believe the rewards should be held for a set amount of time before the user is even able to withdraw. Alternatively, instead of the time limit, the team could promote certain Active and Responsible users to be the janitors of the forum. They would review the topic and see if it is worthy of a reward based on originality and context. That way, the post could still be posted, but the spammers would be wasting their time posting it. That's all I have to say about that.
  5. Mikehoncho

    Do you keep up with your own topics?

    It honestly depends on the topic itself. Posts with questions or issues i tend to check as soon as i get a notification about it. Some of my other topics on the other hand, like the one about the discord giveaways, i might not check back on for a few days so i can see more than one persons response. I can't say I have a topic that I never looked back at. Using the notification system is a good way. You can edit it at the top of the before you post. Also, on individual player's pages at the top on the right side, there is a button to see all of their activity. Here is the link to yours. https://forum.stake.com/profile/236-bigmann23/content/
  6. Mikehoncho

    Too late for advent challenge day 1

    Right there with you! I had to work for 16 days straight and literally never had time to look at my computer much less stake. Missed a few giveaways because of it sadly.
  7. Don't really care either way about the argument, and i wasn't going to say anything at all after i read this post the first time, but i came back across it. This isn't the first dispute like this i have seen today either. Firstly, this is why the loan section was removed. This kind of petty drama is toxic for the entire community. It causes division among people when they take sides. The fact is, if you decide to TIP someone, you shouldn't expect anything back. While there are players who regularly tip back and forth, it shouldn't be construed as one of them owing the other. If you decided to LOAN something to someone, it is a risk you decided to take and you should keep it out of the community. You shouldn't have loaned anyway. Secondly, if your finances are so rocky that he "is taking food out of your sons stomach" perhaps you should reconsider your priorities. Why you would have money on this site to gamble when you need to buy food for all the people you have to feed is beyond me. Regardless of the situation, him paying you back isn't making your debts grow larger. Frequenting this site is. While I am not defending 1000x, I have seen the tips given to you from l2g and most of them have been more than enough to buy food for yourself and your son. People may dislike me for my opinion, but I am entitled to it. I can live with a few more haters. Before you say tell me its none of my business, you made it mine and everyone else's when you decided to post this post.
  8. Mikehoncho

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    We are now on round #540! Ifi was to guess, I would say I have entered at least 100-150 of them. My grand total so far is a HUGE 0. I agree with the people who say its annoying that same people win every time, if not back to back. I have a theory though. It isn't just with stakes giveaway bot, but all the bots on discord that do giveaways. They seem to favor a select few names. One server I am on, a guy goes by Bot_Roger. He wins 75% of the giveaways he enters. I switched my nickname to include Bot, and noticed an increase in the amount of wins for myself. Who knows though. Congrats to the winners and Good luck guys!
  9. Mikehoncho

    The "Ignore user" function in Stake chat

    I actually found out earlier, when i needed to unignore an accidental ignore, that i had no one on my list. I'm not saying i don't use it. I just clean it every few weeks. I believe the most people I have had on my list at one time was around 6 or 7.
  10. Mikehoncho

    Auto Lock Topics

    I'm not against the idea. I think there could be some limitations to it though. If a thread reached a certain threshold of reply's or unique users replying it doesn't lock. I say this because there are a few nuggets of gold that deserve to be revived for the new users to see, and the old users to reflect on. One example that comes to mind is the Stake-isms thread I found a few weeks back. That was worthy of a revive I think and it was at least 6 months old.
  11. I am currently unable to get on the site itself. The page says its loaded, but its just a white screen. The few times I have managed to get it to load, the lag is unbearable and it white screens after clicking anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. let me know when you have original proof
  13. post a withdraw and ill join with your link
  14. Mikehoncho

    Stake won't load

    Sorry sorry sorry. Problem is fixed for me. Should have updated sooner!! Thanks everyone for your help!!
  15. Mikehoncho

    Stake won't load

    Thanks, but no dice. Same problem.
  16. Mikehoncho

    MrJoker777 Stream Live Now. 0.005 LTC Giveaways!

    Good luck bro! Mikehoncho
  17. Mikehoncho

    How far does Chartbet going?

    Is this still running? If is it, I'd like to guess, 1.08x.
  18. Mikehoncho

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

  19. Mikehoncho

    Free b0ins! :D

    Thanks Neich. Good luck everyone!
  20. Mikehoncho

    Share Of Prize Pool Giveaway 3

    Thanks Dark for an awesome giveaway! Come on! Lets get everybody in here!!!
  21. Mikehoncho

    [Giveaway] [Code Prize] [Prize Pool] Merry Christmas!

    Happy holidays Stakers! Thanks Dark for giving us the chance to win something! Such a generous guy.
  22. Mikehoncho

    Mobile Interface

    Can we get a begin roll button on the screen with the wheel itself? It is a hassle and sometimes freezes the game when you have to click view board to spin again.
  23. Mikehoncho

    [Prize Every Hour]

    Never mind. Thanks DB. @DarkBlood069 I also had three wins. You just didn't update mine.
  24. Mikehoncho

    Who you calling a noob??

    Not me. Thats right. This is post 100. I'm excited to be here and I have a few people I would like to thank! Thank you Stake Team for the 10 post minimum on challenges, without which, i never would have started posting in the first place. I also want to thank the team for the Pay to Post incentive that we all enjoy! @maverick528Thanks for the laughs you give me when you tell it like it is. Thanks @DarkBlood069 for your ever increasing post requirements on your giveaways! I want to thank my mama and God. I never would have made it hear with out either of them! Lastly, Goodbye 10 post limit! Here's to the next 100 posts! Edit:Thanks for moving it to the correct forum mods.