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  1. try7dlyk

    Wins vs loses

    my wagger in eth is big but may profit is - . sad
  2. try7dlyk

    All-in Nightmare

    Playing keno and lose 5 times and i wanna recovery my lose i bet triple and lose again 3times that was a very bad day for me.
  3. try7dlyk

    Anyone try to hit 9x in Keno ?

    Im wondering if anyone already hit 9x in keno ? i cant even hit 8x.
  4. try7dlyk

    Hit my first 18x when i went all in

    hahaha i always lose when i all in hahah... good for you. you are so lucky.
  5. I just want to play games in stake in my free time only... keno is the best game for me ang flinko . hehehe
  6. try7dlyk

    How to rain

    thanks a lot. how about how to reply on the challenge in the mines challenge sorry im new here. i already done with the challenge but i dont see any reply or submit reply bottom their. thanks a lot i already know how to rain.
  7. how to rain in the chat box thanks.
  8. try7dlyk

    Blackjack Strategy

    how about hi lo do you have any strategy ?
  9. try7dlyk

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    Greediness and emotion ... even i loses because of it. hahaha but its natural because if you win you deserve it.
  10. try7dlyk

    Blackjack Strategy

    wanna to try this strategy thanks for the information.