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  1. Why can't i comment on threads specially on Unofficial Threads.
  2. Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a really great idea for crypto currency that can be used widely around the world. when i first heard/read and saw an article about bitcoin i understand that 1 bitcoin is really worth a lot, i think its 2015 or 2016 when i read that 1 bitcoin is a fortune. but right now its currently dropping i hope it would get stable 3k$ for 1btc because bitcoin idea is really great for buying things and stuff thru the internet. its like a virtual money. Even until now bitcoin is really great but its not same as before. but Bitcoin is way faster and better than real money when using thru online stuffs i still recommend bitcoin :) Stake: I LOVE STAKE ever since i tried it, i love the games that they put in, The forum very active the support is very active you're problem will be solved in just a minute. This site is really is like a casino, no doubt that this isn't legit. THIS SITE IS 100% LEGIT. I Love everything in this community and every effort they gave to "STAKE.COM" The games is super balanced you wont say anything bad to this site, except if your bad on gambling LOL its not their fault XD. if you're not yet convince that this site is legit you can check the hashes that they use every game you play to say its legit :) This site is the best way to earn more Bitcoin or play your bitcoin here because this site is the best. I LOVE STAKE THIS IS THE BEST CASINO/GAMBLING SITE I'VE EVER PLAYED. thats all i can say this site is THE BEST. if i can give this site a star i will give this site 99999999999999999999 stars. :) #ILOVESTAKE.COM
  3. When i was a child i really want to have a helicopter toy that could really fly but, my family cant really afford it. Would still love to have it even im 22 yrs old and i hope i wont lose anymore bets on stake because im broke AF right now
  4. Oh okey thanks i was kinda busy these couple days i didnt saw the post and i thought it would be redirectly to my account on stake since they ask for my username like old days
  5. I did that. One of the staff says i should messege Sir steve on forum
  6. Hi anyone can help me to get my price on #1 Instagram Giveaway. It says coupon expired. Heres the link https://forum.stake.com/topic/14003-instagram-giveaway-results-10418/ I already messege sir steve no response 24hrs ago. Stake username: rsanez
  7. Sir steve please check my messege.