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  1. Ohh yeah it would be so much fun to play on Stake with Stakecoin.
  2. I'm on stake like 5hrs a day because of the community. And i only gamble when i can.
  3. okseo122 is my name! Happy birthday stake love u ❤️
  4. Happy Birthday Stake ❤️ I'm thanked that i can play on a good site like stake! Grind, grind & grind! <333333333
  5. First Q: England. 2nd Q: Max Verstappen 3rd Q: Man. Utd for sure Fourth one: Liverpool
  6. Ohhhh shiiiiiiiiiit you gooochiii booy. Nice hit! You deserve it firenine ❤️ spend it on good things! :))
  7. Hey i was wondering about If i could be anyone from stake's team who would i be for a day, and i then forum just got in my head so i figured out that i'll start a topic to discuss about this bcz its fun. So guys if u could be anyone(role) from stake's team | like mod, support, dev, owner, community manager etc. | who would you be? I think i'd be a community manager because i've always wanted to know how the life goes in the staff team.
  8. My highest profit from a single bet was like 0.6 ltc from chartbet with wager 0.015. It was like 3 before i bust so it pretty much saved me.
  9. Yes i do and i like it so much, i can easily start off my betting with some easy wins on wheel. Wheel is a good game just not many peeps are playing on it.
  10. I think its more fun to have constantly changing games & rules because than more peeps can win i think because they go to other game and everyone have the same chance in each sets of games,
  11. The reason is that i cant claim BTC faucet and there's balance in my vault that i cant see. Support member: Dusan, said me the command to remove balance from vault.
  12. Anyone any answers for my q?
  13. Hey Dan, i have a command to remove balance from my vault and i want to know where to paste it.