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  1. Okseo122


    #OkseoForMod? Guys make it possible! But actually #ChipitoForMod too so let it be. Ty Steve! Ezez glgl
  2. Okseo122


    Ezez #ChipitoForMod!!! But #OkseoForMod too :))
  3. Ohh hell yeah!! Stake 2.0 will be lit i think so! But i want the 5kx plinko multiplier back Happy to hear that Stake2.0 will release tomorrow
  4. Grown ups 2 is my favourite, but if u want to watch it you have to watch Grown ups before it.
  5. Thats a good question, i have more deposits than withdrawal as i think everyone of you do Confirmed 11/19/2018 0.00200000btc
  6. These are good profits fam! Keep the good work up!
  7. Weew! We want such a good payouts! Keno4bigwins
  8. ohhh.... Tysm for these fast replys anyways i hope you guys won't get another ddos!
  9. Why is my forum just crashing from minutes to minutes... It appeared to me rn. But idk what the problem so far, if i click on a new topic it crashes and it not let me go on it i have to refresh it like 8-9 times... But it appeared only now.
  10. Hun chat :)) But dutch sound good too.