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  1. My favourite for gambling... Hope u will like it too!
  2. KENO: 11,042,806,853 placed by okseo122 on 04/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000250 Multiplier 81.5x Profit 0.00020125 idk if thats unique or not Stake username: okseo122 #stake
  3. Hey... Im here again.. I was playing Fifa20 last night... chh as always. So i was playing Fifa20 last night and i was onto play some pro clubs, but unfortunately i have no team rn. ( u dont need to get a team to play with in pro clubs just its better if u have one(online players)) So everyone who plays Fifa20 on PC drop your Origin username down below, but only if u interested in playin Pro Clubs..
  4. Wow. what a question.... my luck wasn't thaaat baaad but it could have been way better tho... all in all my largest balance this month was like 0.00415btc
  5. Happy Birthday Dinabot! My question is: Who used Dinabot most the times... and Who was the first to try it out from the community like when it released not when u were testing it?
  6. Good luck competitors
  7. Hey... I want to ask what your thoughts about they new layout/skin for halloween, personally i think its siick! Hope u guys like it too, stake did a good job on it!
  8. Good luck everyone who competes in this challenge :))))
  9. For me its ltc because its good to gamble with in my opinion, if i gamble i usually play with LTC, for example i hava 25k sats of btc i'd rather exchange to LTC than play more with btc cuz then i feel like its nothing and i can gamble with less pressure. Weekends: Bitcoin All the other days: LTC
  10. Hey, i was useing my tactic/strategy on limbo that random number allin between 1-2x but it seems like not to be working... And i would like to ask u guys to share ur tactics for any game with me that i could try... Ty in advance, okseo122.
  11. Wow so much mega races but no win in the tagging task or anything... why am i so unlucky?
  12. So much information that actually helped my play! Ty for the guide!