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  1. Okseo122

    Favorite movie of all time?

    Grown ups 2 is my favourite, but if u want to watch it you have to watch Grown ups before it.
  2. Thats a good question, i have more deposits than withdrawal as i think everyone of you do Confirmed 11/19/2018 0.00200000btc
  3. Okseo122

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    These are good profits fam! Keep the good work up!
  4. Okseo122

    [Giveaway] How much profit?

    i'm gonna say 3.69 bch
  5. Okseo122

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    Weew! We want such a good payouts! Keno4bigwins
  6. ohhh.... Tysm for these fast replys anyways i hope you guys won't get another ddos!
  7. Why is my forum just crashing from minutes to minutes... It appeared to me rn. But idk what the problem so far, if i click on a new topic it crashes and it not let me go on it i have to refresh it like 8-9 times... But it appeared only now.
  8. Okseo122

    Dutch chatroom

    Hun chat :)) But dutch sound good too.
  9. Okseo122

    [Closed] Elite Staker Prediction Giveaway

    blueprints#0488 coeghacked#9342 Eugene265#6215 irawk0#7609 DarkBlood069#8072
  10. Okseo122

    Discord Giveaways

  11. Okseo122

    Free Prize Giveaway + Revised Rules

    Rip ga
  12. Okseo122

    Hungarian chat

    I know... i know! But 1 rainbot not the end of the world i think. And 1-2 mods arent the hardest thing to get in hungarian language because i think there are like 75-125 ppl from Hungary on site soo and like the half of em cant speak English.
  13. Okseo122

    Hungarian chat

    Hello. I was wondering about there could be a HUN chat on site for the hungarians because i see so many hungarians on site and some of them can really speak English because they havent study English or they are just not that experienced in it. So i hope there will be bcz its hard for them to understand anyone if for example they ask support and they dont even understand it so 1-2 Hungarian support would be good too.
  14. Okseo122

    Bad Luck everyday?

    I had luck like 1.5 months ago but since that i havent even hit a good bet or something every big bets gone and the "low" bets have won thats sad. And like yeah every deposit that i made gone in like 7-8 bets