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  1. I never got anything big in coupon that I can withdraw without playing. Actually whatever I get bonus in mail coupon it less then mini wd. So I need to play with it. If I reach mini wd I request withdrawal. Though after that I redepo it and try to make more. Sometimes I have good profit otherwise ends with bust.
  2. You bring some good point. But I don't think people will follow this for gambling. All just know to roll. If I have balance in my account I will start rolling and try to win. No one takes preparation for gambling I think. But patient will work there.
  3. Take your own decision. Don't look at other and follow them always. If I can make a good run from small depo I will withdraw it. Cause luck doesn't continues for so long in gambling. Gambling is about odds. If I get good run with over luck percentage then next it would surely be a red sea. So we should careful. All high rollers doesn't make profit. You can found that some people losing big. So you should stop. Other people winning that doesn't means you will win too (
  4. Agreed with you. Yeah I have lost many times after getting up to good amount from my depo. I can't say it as bad luck. Cause it is my fault to not cash out in correct time. Many people says it. I have seen at gambling sites chat. And some people says they never win. And haven't made withdraw in a week or month. But I found they win too. Get up over mini withdrawal. But they don't wd it. Wants more put all in at low payout finally bust.
  5. Whenever I make depo I will say myself a committed gambler. Cause I think to make small or targeted profit and run away. But when I start to make profit I become addicted. And lose in end. So I will address myself as an addicted gambler. Though gambling is for fun too
  6. I haven't tried any strategy to last for so long time. I always try to get a quick result. Whenever I make depo I play quicker to get up or end with bust. Sometimes I try to play 3× with 60% increase on lose and run it for nearly 1 hour not so long. BTW if you play with 1.01% payout with lowest base bet it will run for so long.
  7. I think so it may drop in it's value. Though not sure. Depends on investor choice and mind. On the other hand ltc got much up in resent months. But after that it's price doesn't drop down. Still climbing up. So maybe eth going to hang up there too with pump.
  8. In many days a lot of alt coin get pump like this. Like one day ltc getting up another day eth or bch. And that time btc not going up. That doesn't mean those coin price up causing btc price down. You may see on other day only btc going up much. Maybe there is some reason behind BitcoinSV price up. If the reason isn't good a dump will happen soon. Let's wait and see what will happen.
  9. 31st min - End of the first half
  10. It depends on time. I don't have any fixed amount what I want to wd always. Sometimes happy with mini wd and sometimes want more big. Whenever I found it's though to win now and hardly reached mini wd from low balance I decide to wd. When I feel comfortable and lucky I continue to play until I get good amount like 0.08-0.01+ btc. Then wd.
  11. Cricket is my favourite sports. And football is on my 2nd choice. Actually cricket is much famous in our nation and area.
  12. It's long time I haven't made any deposit at stake. Actually not play much here. I use to play stake occasionally. Withdraw from pd and depo here. But made a lot of depo at stake before. I like to play dice only and I do it on pd much.
  13. Username: Mahdirakib87 Good luck all
  14. Nothing is safe in gambling. I have seen 7 reds in a row at 90% win chance. So in sometimes you might get a long red streak at 77% win chance for sure. It will drain all balance. Though there is low chance to get long streak of red on those payout. But who knows when the red streak will come. It may happen within your first few roll and lose all.
  15. Without risk you can't win anything big. Gambler take risk cause mostly they want to win big. If you fear to play you will take wrong step and lose. If you can take the risk without any fear once you will success with big result for sure. No one like to go slow. Whenever someone start winning winning they become greedy and think that they will win more and more. Sometimes for that reason gambler take risk but result isn't good every time. So take risk if you can with patient mind.