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  1. I only play dice nowadays. And it gives me pleasure and frustration too. When I win good I get pleasure. And all will get fun if they win. And while I lose much with unexpected reds unnatural games I feel frustrated.
  2. I gamble for profit. There is wagering contest almost at every site. I never played to stay in top on race/wager contest. Wager happens automatically. You can say by playing for wager I can get profit from contest. But there is no surety I can make huge wager always from low base as I don't play with high balance.
  3. Now there is no option/way to see it. There are both side in gambling win and lose. Maybe after seeing their low luck percentage they will bet much and will win a lot. Who knows!! We shouldn't think in negative way.
  4. We all know and seen the btc price history in 2017. It was a great fun that time. Btc price went up to $20,000 from around $1000. It was unexpected price up. Though after that bull run btc price dropped down again but it's still in good position now. And we all thinking about a price up soon. But it's not happening. Btc price remaining at same position. What do you think, btc will go to the moon again very soon? Or it will stay in this up down circle?
  5. Yeah it shouldn't be a business. But many people take it on this way. Yep many people take it as earning way. They makes a plan to stay profit slowly all time. Though people can hardly make profit always. Hope you both will have good plan for gambling to stay positive.
  6. That would be good. But if we have big bankroll we will not happy with small bets and little profit like 5-10$ a day. Although it will be good amount together in a month if we can follow it. But greed will kill us between that time. We will play for big shortly and lose all. Different people with different test in gambling. Some try to make profit few plays other way (:
  7. It's really worst game there for you. Sod to hear it. Hope you recover this in future. Play with patient. Most of us do like this 😛 Hunting all in same same 😉 if there is no green then no fun of winning.
  8. Dice is the oldest game in crypto gambling. We all have experience of playing dice and we still play it. But different people try it in different way. Many people always hunt while they play. And other people just play on low average payout. What you do while playing dice? Hunting big payout or small/average payout? Some people do both together also.
  9. Welcome to the family. Wish you will have great time and experience here.
  10. Overall I'm in lose. And it's nearly like 1.5 btc. In long term game I have never recovered. Just continued my game with lose. Sometimes I won back little but then lose it back again. And got scammed few times while I was buying crypto at online from other people. So it's a lose circle.
  11. I'm not playing big at stake. I'm not going to be hr here. So I don't want to play in incognito/hidden. But if I try to be hr and play big I will try jt. Cause many people pm and disturb to hr. They click hr name and send friend request/message. It cause lose concentration in game.
  12. Lol it's funny both dice are same. Just little different look out. Pd have only the dice game. And it's oldest dice site ever. People like to play dice there. But stake have a lot of game. People come here to play other game much. And beside those they play dice too. I also play at both site.
  13. I don't focus on session much. I always try to make a decent profit at every session and not to stay in negative. I have much lose in gambling. I try to recover my loses little by little.
  14. Hey welcome to the community. Yes if you can earn satoshi here you can transfer it to your stake account. And your need to play it. Farming forum balance is against rules