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  1. Mahdirakib87

    Which OS you are using?

    I'm using android OS. And my phone is 2 years 6 months old still giving good service lol. I don't use computer or other phone. So it's the only OS I used and using. But I used symbian OS long time ago.
  2. Mahdirakib87

    Go on after big losses or take break?

    After losing big it's time to take rest for a sort time. Cause at this time we can't play good game as our mind will always remain existed to recover all quickly. But that's really leads to loss more. Sometimes big loss means you loss whatever you all have. Then there is nothing to do without taking rest. Cause there is no way to play more as you have nothing left. That's happened to me few days ago. And now I'm hopping for miracle. Hopping that I would get something and I can recover my losses slowly. We shouldn't gamble with our whole balance. We should play with a little fixed amount what we can afford to loss and after loss we can recover it by remain balance slowly.
  3. Mahdirakib87

    Do you trust the random tile picker?

    As your playing there trusting it's provably fair game why you won't trust the random tile picker? But it won't give you satisfaction if you loss by random picker. I will also prefer to play by own self. Win or loss it would be my mistake not others decision.
  4. Mahdirakib87

    Did you busted your forum sats or withdrawn from it?

    I haven't reached big from forum satoshi ever. Once I have reached 0.0002 btc from 0.00002 btc of forum. It's fun to play with forum balance as it's not from my pocket. But I dream to withdraw from faucet at least once!
  5. Mahdirakib87

    What is your favorite crypto for your rolls?

    I always love to play with btc. As it's the king of crypto! I also like to play with bch, eth, ltc and doge. But btc is my first choice. Sometimes I converted other coins to btc and play. It makes me comfortable to play. I can't guess the value of other coins while playing with other coin. And it makes me uncomfortable I bet wrong amount unplanned games and bust. So I love btc.
  6. Mahdirakib87

    Do you profit from hunting challenges?

    I have never completed any of those challenge. Once I tried to complete one of the weekly challenge. But I can't. Actually I fulfilled the half requirement. And I couldn't give the final touch to finish the challenge. Though I like those challenge. And dream to win those challenge.
  7. Mahdirakib87

    What do you guys think about the rollhunt?

    It would be great. I'm agree with your thought. It will bring some fun on chat and if the prize will good some big real player may come in chat. Not only spammer/beggar. If they run it with bot it can easily detect the right user while mod may fail sometimes for a faster chat. Hope there would be some game like that.
  8. I haven't also introduced myself here. You are introducing yourself now but you are too old user here lol. However I don't think we need to introduce ourselves for getting known by all. Your work will make you to remember by everyone. Be success.
  9. Mahdirakib87

    What did your first day on Stake look like?

    When ptimedice was down for several days they told all player to play at stake until PD fixed. And I joined at stake that time. After joining stake I found some different game without dice. And after trying few faucet I made a deposit got little profit but finally busted. Then again made another deposit and bust it also. After that I left stake for long time. 1 month ago I again made deposits and started playing. Now I'm a little bit regular player here. It's a great place.
  10. I don't think anyone do that. All use increase on lose. I never used increase on win. I don't know what's the benefit of this. If I win why I need to increase my bet. And if I loss then I will get much negative balance lol. Why gambling site have this function! Anyone can tell what's the actual use of this and how can it would be much profitable while I'm increasing increase on win.
  11. Mahdirakib87

    Games you hate ?

    I love to play dice much. I like to play all game. I hate the game when I loss all Lol. Otherwise I play all game. Though I'm not much exparte at blakjack. Dice is my favourite in various payout various method I can play there.
  12. Mahdirakib87


    Damm bro. I know how it feels. But the same thing could be happen on other game also. Like dice. We just need to go with patient. Every game is same as it's probably fair. Hope you recover it
  13. Mahdirakib87

    My learning from gambling

    Actually I'm losing more few dollars Eveready again now. Today alos busted some dollars at PD. Really unlucky day going with me. I should stop gambling for not losing more and more. But I can't do that. I always set my mind to recover all. That's the bad decision. And I'm still staying on it. Busting everyday every single day!
  14. As the way it is going down it will again come back soon. Pump and dump is the nature of cryptocurrency. If you are a trader then you should stay awake always about price. But if you holding your coin my suggestion will be not to sell it. I actually try to buy little when downward happens after pump up. But I try to buy when I think it hit the lowest for now. Cause it will up within short time. And if we think about long term we will see just huge prize huge profit.
  15. Mahdirakib87

    What's the biggest multiplier you got on mines?

    I haven't played mines a lot. But I like it. And recently seeing some big unexpected win by user at mines. That's really encourage me to play it. My highest multiplayer was maybe 7.xx× I can't remember it clearly. It's not a big win. But win is always good. At lest it better then bust. Xd