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  1. I don't focus on price while playing. Actually I focus on my bankroll in btc. And make a target to reach there with my best try. Then finally I wd and check my profit in usd.
  2. I don't play all games. Most of the time I play dice here. But when I feel bored and unlucky in dice I move to other game. Occasionally I play mines, crash, limbo here.
  3. The virus issue affected crypto price lately. It will be up again in future. But crypto market isn't realizable ATM. So can't say what's going to happen soon. But if you want to hold it for long then just keep it. This topic doesn't belongs to stake discussion. It should be at crypto discussion.
  4. Both are good in different way. I like that reload system but as I get small amount each day it's not good way to play nicely with that. If I get it with a single coupon I can play better. So I think a single coupon is better.
  5. If you are VIP you will get weekly bonus and monthly bonus coupon. That's a common thing, we get weekly coupon on Saturday, and monthly coupon in the end of the month. And occasionally stake gives bonus to celebrate special festivals.
  6. I think you got your answer already as a lot of people have answered above. An user can't delete his post. Only forum moderators and support team can do it. If you post something unnatural then it will be deleted & your rewards for that post will be taken away. If you post on wrong thread then mod will just move it to right section without deleting it. And if you break the forum rules continuously and make wrong post always you will get warning point, then few restriction will be added in your account, it may lead to ban.
  7. Most of the people want to see at stake as a stable coin. Though people don't play much with this type coins at other sites where it's available. Btc ltc eth is most famous between gambler. But all crypto price flows up and down. A stable coin would be interesting to play here.
  8. There is relation between those two, not directly but indirectly, a lot. World economy damaged for corona virus tragedy. And crypto depends on world economy. That's all. Might be not ATM, wait until the world economy become stable. It won't be back up until the effect of corona stopped. Cause most of the country shutting down their cities when it getting affected by the virus. And it's very bad for economic system. Finally crypto depends on it.
  9. Stake gives all coupon depending on user wager. If you wager much you will get higher amount in giveaway coupons. Cause stake is a casino and it gets profit from user wager depending on house edge. Stake isn't a free money pot. So nothing unfair here.
  10. Welcome to stake and it's community. Good luck for you!
  11. COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is the biggest issue at current world. The virus has affected more then 100 countries around the world and it's spreading rapidly. World economy hampered a lot for this. Bitcoin price reached over $10k one month ago at February 9. Now it's staying around $9k(currently under). As world economy get hampered for the COVID-19, do you think it has affected little in crypto price too? Are we going to see huge fall down in BTC and altcoin price soon?
  12. Currently it's better then before. People will love to place in top 100 more now. People placed at 100 or in last position doesn't get big prize from race. So many people stop playing when they found they can't do better in the end. But now people will try more for getting the extra 10$.
  13. Most of the gambling sites don't have nick name change option. Stake don't have the option also. If they have it I will obviously change it and make my nick smaller. I think my current nick is big to read.