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  1. Here is my entry for stake brithday contest. Couldn't make a better song within short time as I noticed it lately.
  2. I like to play on mobile. Stake have developed their site well for mobile and I feel comfortable while playing on my phone. But actually there is no difference in game in both place. It depends on your choice.
  3. I have tried some survey before but never got payment for doing it. Maybe they don't give payment to all countries people. They wants first world countries people to do their survey and gives them payment.
  4. It's normal to get long red streak on hunt like that. But one day you will get crazy infinity luck with some close hit. You need to bet much on that time to recover all your losses. Stay on your way. All strategy gives result same way.
  5. I like to play manually with my reloads. As I have got small amount I tried hunt to make it up. And if I hit something good I can run my normal game process to make it bigger. Placing bet on sports with tiny amount isn't good. You have to wait long to get the result.
  6. I have never won any giveaway from Eddie stream. I tried but was unlucky there. It's good amount to get without any work. I like that. Isn't it great that an admin of casino makes giveaway at live stream!
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