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  1. I'm also less active nowadays. Cause if I create any new topic I won't get much reply/response from other users. So it makes me unhappy & disappointed. Cause I think I have made a useless topic. There was a lot of active user during the double prize time. And people made good response to every new topics then.
  2. We shouldn't play for so long in a single session. Cause if we play for so long the unexpected big red streak has much chance to come up depending on odds. We also loss concentration and become addicted & greedy while we play for so long.
  3. 31 reds at 49.5% oh!! That's really worst luck. But anything can happen in gambling. You can also get huge multiplayer at limbo within few rolls, and that payout may come after a lot of bets as the calculation of odds. I haven't seen that much reds like you.
  4. Hey welcome to stake and it's community. Funny way to introduce. We all are poor gambler and trying to be rich by winning huge in gambling. Don't worry about your position 😛
  5. Everything is fine there. People put wrong bet at chat won't get it. You can only get the prize by completing the challenge as said. So I notice on telegram channel and make bet so if it's completed already I try the next challenge. I want to see little change in tele challenge. They should make it little easy sometimes. Cause it's becoming more harder.
  6. Do medium amount bet on dice at 1.0102× if you loss the bet change the payout and play manually on other payout to recover that amount. Then again run the auto at 98% win chance.
  7. I think casino and sportsbook can't consider as same way of gambling. You need to learn about the sports properly and if you do that you can make good profit in sportsbook. But in casino game you can't imagine what going to come on next roll.
  8. The coupon is based on your wager always. It would be funny if they give you much amount in coupon for depositing much. Cause stake doesn't makes profit from your deposit. If you make wager that will help them to get profit. Cause there is house edge in game what depends on wager.
  9. That would be really a nice feature. But it needs a lot of change. Multiple account isn't allowed here. They will ban them. They do it carefully as far as I know. People still can do the spam for getting rewards. But stake forum have limitation for it's user. And people who tries to abuse forum and break rules get banned from forum. Just forum support team need to be more active to kick spammer out if they do reward system like this.
  10. I play on mobile. So when I do chat I can't play and when I play I can't do chat. Cause I don't want to do both together. Loss of concentration.
  11. Looks like same but only in one game & tiebreaker prediction slightly changed. Though can't say if he really copied it or not. Maybe both of you have same thought running in your head 😁. That's why it matched.
  12. Firstly all people love the rewards here. I do it too. But I like to learn and share my knowledge. Have a long experience with gambling and have experience in other forum where is no earning way. So it's not only for earning rewards in my case.
  13. That's why I didn't post my username there yet. I haven't seen the post earlier. When I come back to forum I have seen the post and there was already 170+ replay.. Ahh I missed that. Cause stake won't give the prize to more the 100 user. But still people hoping.
  14. I don't think they need to change it. It's user own choice. You can't force them to play as unhidden. Cause many user faced problems by some stupid user when they become HR and stay at top of wager. So they want to play as hidden. And many other user don't want to reveal themselves as publicly.
  15. You are doing so good. Stay with what you have made already. My target was not to loss much in this month & recover my losses. Though I have lost nearly $100 till now. So I'm not doing what I thought.