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  1. I use it sometimes. In auto setup on any payout game there will be always a long red streak in long run. So if you run auto and left your game then do other work you should try this. Set a win balance limit that will make your goal. So if you reach there the game will stop and you won't bust in long run.
  2. I was trying free crypto faucet three years ago. And slowly I learned about crypto gambling site from bitcointalk. Then I give it a try for making profit. Now I'm doing it so long and little addicted to gambling. It's fun and win can give extra earning.
  3. I don't think there is any connection between update and seed change. Stake team/dev updating their sites that means they are improving it for better user experience. It has no effect on seed.
  4. Obviously stake support is the best of all. I have also experienced it. They always reply quickly and give the proper solution. My account wah hacked once and I got the best support from stake team to recover back my account.
  5. All in isn't a good way. But sometimes I do it too in dice game low payout. I play limbo and crash too. If you playing it by observing you can do all in on low payout. But risk always there.
  6. VIP challenges are little tough then the normal challenge. All can participate in normal challenge and people are doing it science long. So it's much active. The prize is high but people don't want to take much risk game. They(VIP) already losing their hope seeing the challenge.
  7. Don't know what mistake/wrong you did in your reviews. I can't see anything unnatural in it. But it's clearly said there you have violated trustpilot guidelines. So read the guidelines and discover your mistake
  8. The mathematics of gambling are a collection of probability applications encountered in games of chance and can be included in game theory (Wikipedia). So our gambling depends on probability. We calculate the odds sometime but it's not the exact result. Cause we get unexpected, early win and unnatural much reds too. Before playing on any payout and game do you calculate the odds? Probability means the odd isn't fully right all of the time. You will see much or less win/loss then you will check on odd.
  9. Bch is still there. Though I don't use the exchanger here but sometimes I see those by clicking on cashier.
  10. Rainbot is removed for maintenance stake team already said it. And there was another topic about that same thing. If you read that topic you don't need to make this topic and ask again. Anyway without rain bot chat have no spammer.
  11. If you are asking for bet amount in different games and payout, then it's depends on you. You need to select your bet size for being safe a little. Always check the odd and see the longer red streak you expect on that game. Then decide/size the bet amount so that you can cover your expected red streak with green hit. Bigger red streak will ruin your balance and it will come in the long run.
  12. 98% is better to do much eager. But a reds can destroy yourself. Cause you will bet big on low payout. So try 90% chance and try to make profit. You will make wager and bust will be little far away.
  13. You are obviously wrong. If you are facing lag refresh the page. If it still lag then close the browser and clear cache. Then visit stake again and roll. Refresh doesn't give you much reds. It's about seed.
  14. Yep I have seen it too. But remember you will get long red streak on low payout at crash games too. Maybe it will take long time to come. But always be careful with. In dice and limbo I also face much reds on that payout.
  15. Yeah everyone have the same chance of winning. It's not random cause all don't win same way. It's about luck.