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  1. Done hope I will win it. Thanks
  2. Mahdirakib87


    Wow that's interesting child ask his mother to join in crypto gambling and community. Best of luck for both of you.
  3. Yeah I have noticed that the color have changed for admin and moderators. But I wish to see a night mode option in forum too. It will be interesting.
  4. I have started gambling at 2016 and that time btc price was around 400-500$. Though Though not connected with stake from my beginning. Between this time btc price has huge pump up and dump too. I always play with the amount what I bought. I buy coin as dollar basis. And make profit with dollar basis not seeing the btc price and how with much I'm playing. If I lose it then nothing to do there. If btc price went down more I will continue my gambling, and if it's went to moon I will continue gambling too. Cause as it's price is lower then before I always made target to get good amount of btc profit. When it will up I will stay happy with small amount of btc win the value will be same. When btc was 20,000$ each 0.002 btc was equal to 40$. And now 0.011 btc equal to 40$. Profit always depends on the value with how much balance I started my game. I love the community of gambling like to chat with people. When btc price will be again high like before we will fear to take much risk with 0.002 btc as it will be much valuable. But now as it's price less we want to roll that 0.002 btc without any fear and try to make it bigger.
  5. Welcome to the stake forum community. Hope you having a good game. Best of luck. Yeah it's the place where you can learn many things. About better gambling way and many other things without gambling. Hope you enjoy here.
  6. Wow that's sweet win buddy. I wish I can hit some big green like this. I have a lot of lose in every coin. Once I have won 9900× at dice though I was playing with low base bet like 20 sats. BTW congrats on your win hope you can hit some more like this. Best of luck.
  7. It's actually depends on our mentality. When we have big balance we don't pay much attention on game while placing low amount for bet. After losing few rolls we become crazy and play like mad end with bust. When we have huge balance we took those 1k-10k sats as dust. On the other hand when we have nothing and get small balance like 1k-10k sats we take it seriously. Play with proper concentration and try our best to make it big. That's how it works. Mostly we make big run from small balance. And bust all big balance depo for dreaming big without proper concentration on game. All in doesn't make you winner.
  8. @KiXxnTRiXx hey, mostly I play dice game. Few often play mines, plinko, blackjack. I don't play big bet in others game without Dice. I used to play 82.5% winning chance, 3× payout auto roll, 2× martingale way. Few often hunt for 100× or 9900× Mostly I have profit with 1.2× payout and I lose all in the same way.
  9. Only 500 doge withdrawal limit is pretty sweet. It's very user friendly. We can easily get there by small depo. And doge tx conform quicker then other coin like btc, bch or ltc. Lower doge wd limit will attract many small gambler for sure. I busted many time from small depo reaching 2000-3400 doge while wd limit was 4000 doge. But it's comfortable now. BTW didn't noticed it was 15000 wd limit yesterday.
  10. I change seed more often when I feel that the game isn't going on right way a lot of greens or a lot of reds within short roll. @wryI need to recover I will play slowly. Maybe it will take longer time to come back at a good position. It's just my last 16 days lose. Overall gambling lose is bigger.
  11. I have learn about crypto at the start of 2016 and started gambling with crypto in the middle of 2016. I have mostly played with btc. Played almost all famous trusted gambling site. But I'm always running with lose. Every time I made profit but end with bust. In last 3 days I have lost around 230$ and within this year, the 16 days of January, I have lost around 600$+ in some site. Now I'm totally disappointed with my gambling. What should I do now? Can't play slowly. Always play quickly for recovery. I buy crypto deposit to gambling site. Sometimes I bust quicker. Other times make a good run with decent profit. But finally I lose it too. I can't think what should I do now. Can't leave it, can't continue it. Gambling is a bad thing but sometimes profitable..
  12. Price won't effect in my gambling. It might be not effect for anyone. Actually we all want to increase our balance. And we buy btc as dollar basis and play with it. How much worth 1 btc isn't important. Are we getting profit or not is the important thing in gambling for most of us. Though price is effect for us. Cause many of us hold crypto. So we all want to see the price increasing.
  13. My wish that I can win huge and huge. Though my main new year resolution is to do gambling less. It's a bad habit for me. I'm too much addicted now. Hope I can do gamble less and get much profit. But I know I can't leave gambling. It's hard to leave and gambling is fun too.
  14. I'm Happy to see that doge withdrawal limit changed. It's 2k now from 4k. I busted many times at reaching 2200-3100 doge I remember lol. Thanks for the information.