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  1. Not all money. Actually I don't have my own money so nothing to loss 😛 I play with my pocket money but don't spent all my pocket money in gambling. I try to stay in limit of my loss. And want to make my gambling range in fun.
  2. It will depend on bet amount. I won't bet much on my first few bets. I will try to observe the game and want to avoid reds firstly with low bets. So I will continue my game. And after getting reds I will bet much to make profit and win.
  3. Yeah stake support and admin team is best of all. They are too active, give quicker response and solution. I play at other site too. I don't found other sites support active always. And admins are hardly available.
  4. Twitch: Mahdirakib Stake: Mahdirakib87 Good luck for you.
  5. Yes stake support is best all user will say it. I have experienced it too. And it's great thing that Eddie shows up at chat and makes rain at chat for users. Most other site admin shows that they are busy in their life with other work. But here the admin and deve are different.
  6. My favourite game is cricket too. But I like football game also. Football is popular all over the world. So mostly people will place bet on football game. Some individual games are played much in different area of the world.
  7. I have faced nearly 750 reds in a row on 100× then I got a hit. After that another 200 reds in a row. But later I got some close hit. It was all in same seed. You were lucky that you haven't faced this type red streak before. I have seen few many times. Changing seed gives hit sometimes.
  8. Player vs player is a good way but it's not so easy while you play it online. You need to find out or get the opponent player to start the game. Bet amount is also matter here. When you play against casino you can choose any bet amount as you want. But in player vs player both need to consider same bet amount. Crash chatroom and live game play is good idea.
  9. I'm agree that mostly gamblers are average economic background. My family economic statistics also same like average. But I don't do gamble with much money. I do it as fun with my pocket money. Though I know it's better to help the poor without spending money in gambling. Cause we loss always in the end.
  10. Can't say exactly. It's depends on my mind and it doesn't remain same always. But most of the time I play less with big balance. And want to make quick profit run with big balance. While I have small amount I take time to make it up slowly. But I don't come very often.
  11. Stake team sometimes post high roller bet on stake social page (Facebook, Twitter). And every week before mega race they also post giveaway for top people in race. But I'm talking about those giveaways, like and share to win $. Do you guys participate on those? I have participated always but I think stake team only choose the winner from Twitter post not from Facebook post. Have you ever won those social giveaways?
  12. I'm using a android phone. It's a local brand of our country. It's pretty good looking phone and it's performance is average. But it's medium average now as I'm using it science so long. I have another BlackBerry phone. I bought it as my favourite phone not for normal use.
  13. Mostly I don't listen to song during rolling. But when I win good I start to listen music. There is one of my playlist song I listen while I'm lucky. When I loss I listen to this In the End by Linkin Park
  14. I play on low payout. I try to avoid reds with low bet. Then when I feel little safe and expect the green I put 50% of my balance to bet. That's my game plan. But if I get reds on it I play little rage all in few rolls to recover losses.
  15. Stake give us free coins by different way always. We all love to get coins from coupon, boost, rainbot, challenge or giveaway. But if stake strike and stop giving all free coins, delay in wd what you will do then? You can only play with your depo money. Will you love stake same way?
  16. Don't you see the pattern while playing on same seeds or different?
  17. Sometimes we make depo to get huge or a good targeted profit. You need that money for something special as urgent, like for paying bill/loan back, buying important thing, And many people become success by making depo and make their must needed money by gambling. Did it ever happen with you? How you feel then?
  18. That's the most saddest thing. I feel it too as I have faced it.
  19. Device: Mobile phone Operating System: Android (5.1 lollipop) Browser: Chrome Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2. But I get problem sometime on stake two while I visit stake, the page doesn't load properly. Sometimes I can't see all icon, like VIP tag, friendship tag, settings.. cashier.. support.. chat those words symbol don't show sometimes. Yesterday faced it too. But later it fixed automatically. Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: No issue with any game. Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: I'm currently playing on stake 2. I want to follow the update of stake and enjoy it.
  20. You need to play carefully with patience. 13 red isn't highest. There could be more reds at 2× in a row. But that rarely happens. After unnatural reds you will get much green. It's your choice to choose the game method. Cause big red streak may come in any payout. Hunting is full with fun. You should try it sometime.
  21. Don't know anything about it. No user can know it until stake team announce anything. Stake always gives coupon in new game release or maybe a boost. So we need to wait until it release.
  22. I use it sometimes. In auto setup on any payout game there will be always a long red streak in long run. So if you run auto and left your game then do other work you should try this. Set a win balance limit that will make your goal. So if you reach there the game will stop and you won't bust in long run.
  23. I was trying free crypto faucet three years ago. And slowly I learned about crypto gambling site from bitcointalk. Then I give it a try for making profit. Now I'm doing it so long and little addicted to gambling. It's fun and win can give extra earning.
  24. I don't think there is any connection between update and seed change. Stake team/dev updating their sites that means they are improving it for better user experience. It has no effect on seed.
  25. Obviously stake support is the best of all. I have also experienced it. They always reply quickly and give the proper solution. My account wah hacked once and I got the best support from stake team to recover back my account.