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    There is a option for ‘All Sport Bets’ and ‘High Roller Sport Bets’ view in mobile bets view system. But it's showing me my casino bets while I'm clicking on ‘All Sport Bets’ & casino high rollers bets while I'm clicking on ‘High Roller Sport Bets’. All other bets view and races option working perfectly.

  2. I have tried some survey before but never got payment for doing it. Maybe they don't give payment to all countries people. They wants first world countries people to do their survey and gives them payment. 

  3. I like to play manually with my reloads. As I have got small amount I tried hunt to make it up. And if I hit something good I can run my normal game process to make it bigger. Placing bet on sports with tiny amount isn't good. You have to wait long to get the result. 

  4. None of my family members in gambling. And I do it as fun. Always try to stay in limit though I'm addicted. But if you can't control your funds for gambling then it's too bad. Haven't seen anyone like this around me. But heard news that people lost all in gambling.

  5. We need both. You can't just play with luck. A good strategy will be better to get the best result of your luck. I have placed maxbet a lot of time. But haven't succeeded always. So play with strategy.

  6. We can't do good always in our game. And sometimes we fall down from the point where we reached with hard effort. And it makes most of us angry. When it happens with me I use to place rage bet to recover my balance. Rarely I become success.

    Do you place rage bet too? Or try to gain back your losses slowly?

  7. Oh, whenever I get long red streak I feel uncomfortable to play. After getting unnatural red streak I change the seed most often. While I hunt 100× I have faced more than 700 reds without any hit a lot of times. So when I get more then 300 reds on that payout I change my seed. Then start newly in a hope that the I will get early hit, good green streak. 

  8. There are already a lot of game. So you won't get bored at stake. But many people wants change and new game. Maybe a coin flip game would be better to add. Something different and interesting game. 

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