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  1. My highest balance was maybe around 24k sats at forum. I use to transfer balance whenever I can do it. I have also thought to not transfer balance from here. But I can't follow it.
  2. Well, you need huge patience to do that. I think it's better if you try to turn that small amount into big. If you lucky you will win a lot and obviously with enough wager.
  3. Try to manage good bankroll. If you have small amount like 50k sats then put base bet 100 sats and play auto 10× increase 12% on loss. Set stop if you mange to get 10-15k sats profit. But don't run it for long so often. Try different strategy between.
  4. Gentleman, great in personality. Does they do gambling? Maybe there are few of them around us. Few gamblers never complain and show there anger at any situation. They shows polite behavior and gives positive vibes. Have you ever meet anyone in gambling whom you can consider as a gentleman? If yes then why you think that?
  5. There are a lot of topics about this matter. Use search before creating new one. Yes you can exchange here with dinabot. And it also allow you to send coins from stake to primedice and vice versa. Check it out here.
  6. Patience is a key to do best in gambling. But we can hardly maintain it while play. Soon we become crazy and try to make a quick good run. The end doesn't good always. So whenever you want to play with patience how long you can have it?
  7. I like to play dice and want to win huge within short time by it. So I can say I drama about it but can't say will it come true or not. At some other games there are huge payout which will be better to make big win and rich instantly. Like crash, mines
  8. Sweet hit man! I'm getting too low reload this time. So I'm not claiming it anymore. Previous time I have rolled 100 two times within few roll gap while I was playing with reload. Though I wasn't hunting that big.
  9. I'm not happy anymore with this. Small amount of reload is waste of time. People have mixed reaction about this 10 minutes reload.
  10. Everything can happen in crypto market. But firstly the world economy need to back normal. Now it's going with tough situation for covid-19. So this year is also bad for crypto. Maybe we won't see good change in btc price.
  11. I never went to real casino. I play at online gambling sites. So during this lock down time I'm spending much time at online casino. When this situation will overcame and everything become normal I will enjoy outside sports event.
  12. Gambling gives mental pressure. Sleepless night sometimes. People says they get fun from it but finally it's full of depression. You said some ways of overcame that situation. But it's hard to stop gambling addiction.
  13. Just play your normal game and go for making profit. Wager will happen and profit too. But of you need huge wager without profit then there are a lot of strategy around. I try to play at 80-90% payout with an average base bet. If I get red I place higher bet to recover the loss. That gives me a lot of wager.
  14. Gambling shouldn't take as the way of livelihood. But many gambler took it like this. A lot of gamblers use to pay bills, buy food and needed commodities with gambling profit. Few gambler says that they can manage to make profit always. What you think about this?
  15. It depends on player activity. I have got only 100 sats reload at every 10 minutes lol. Though I'm bronze VIP. Maybe you have wagered good enough in last few weeks that's why higher reload.
  16. I got only 100 sats at every 10 minutes. Don't like it this time. It's small and would be waste of time. As it's free we have nothing to say about it.
  17. I'm spending much time then before at gambling site during this lock down situation. And I have busted a lot also with last few weeks. Lock down doesn't seems to be good for my game.
  18. Maybe we aren't going to see any game live on playground soon. Wait until the situation become good. Covid-19 is the biggest issue worldwide. So no country or cricket broad will take risk by arranging game now.
  19. Increasing 20% on loss at 10× is pretty risky. Though you have used low base bet but the increase on loss should be lowered. But you have successfully made good run with it. Congrats for it. Will try this but maybe with 12-15% increase on loss.
  20. Most of thing you described there. You have asked few peoples and learned their opinion about gambling. Many people do gambling being addicted. Few people says they do it as fun. But truly no one will have fun after losing. For me, I'm little bit addicted to gambling, actually it's become my habit, I get fun here too. Win and share happiness with other. That's all. I'm in gambling almost three and a half years.
  21. We become happy and excited when we win here. The reverse action happens when we loss and have nothing to play. People use to show anger after losing much or important money. We should keep gambling within a limit of fun so that we can take all others behavior normally.
  22. I have seen at some news and report about it. You can search and see at YouTube also that how the climate is changing for that quarantine. There are less vehicles in road and many big industries are closed now. So the pollution stopped, world nature getting more and more better in every spot.
  23. Don't know what they are going to do. But if they give it as a one time coupon many users just claim that, use it and then go away. While they give it as reload user use to come regularly and sometimes it keep them active at stake for long time. It's a business pattern for gambling site.
  24. That is not what I have asked! Haven't you bought anything with your gambling profit ever?
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