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  1. As I'm staying always at my house I'm spending much time then before in gambling. I have nothing to do most of the time. It's a lockdown situation at home. So I enjoy the leisure time on online site.
  2. In past I wasn't paying much attention at stake. I rarely played here. But when I reached VIP I discovered a lot of new features and stake gives many bonuses in different occasion for it's users. That make me to stay at stake always. And I love it so much.
  3. Gambling is a circle of winning and losing. Sometimes we win big from small start and the smart thing is to do withdraw on right time. Then cash out it to real money. Though I'm in loss at my overall gambling career. But once I have bought one of my favourite mobile phone with my profit. It was my desire to have the phone. So what about you? What is your memorable thing with your winning or profit?
  4. I always share with my friends and to some random people at chat while I win good amount. But I don't tip to get back. No one should insult other at chat and people shouldn't beg also. It's gambling. Anyone can make miracle here with luck. So don't disrespect those gamblers who plays with their own money. No matter it's big or small amount.
  5. Sweet win there. Well done man. Though it was accidental but was cute win. Haven't hunt anything big like this. But I have played big bets on 2× long ago. Also hit highest payout at dice but with low bet amount.
  6. I have nothing to do now. Most of the time I'm sitting alon and I have nothing to do, so I'm doing much gambling then before. It's like I'm spending my leisure time here. But I'm trying to not loss much.
  7. Real casino in locality will suffer much. Cause in all country government saying it's people to not go out and stay at home. Online casino will suffer little too. Some people can't buy crypto for the lockdown. But most other will do much gambling when they are sitting alone in home.
  8. A stable coin would be better. USDT is a stable coin and it's price remains almost same always. Many user discussed about it before. It's a crypto gambling site. But playing with the coins which price remains same always will be interesting.
  9. I don't focus on price while playing. Actually I focus on my bankroll in btc. And make a target to reach there with my best try. Then finally I wd and check my profit in usd.
  10. The virus issue affected crypto price lately. It will be up again in future. But crypto market isn't realizable ATM. So can't say what's going to happen soon. But if you want to hold it for long then just keep it. This topic doesn't belongs to stake discussion. It should be at crypto discussion.
  11. Most of the people want to see at stake as a stable coin. Though people don't play much with this type coins at other sites where it's available. Btc ltc eth is most famous between gambler. But all crypto price flows up and down. A stable coin would be interesting to play here.
  12. Stake gives all coupon depending on user wager. If you wager much you will get higher amount in giveaway coupons. Cause stake is a casino and it gets profit from user wager depending on house edge. Stake isn't a free money pot. So nothing unfair here.
  13. Do gambling for so long and make the habit of losing. You will feel comfort then. Lol that's happened with me. Now I can relax and feel comfortable after losing too. But when I'm in big trouble I try to forget the loss by doing other activities in real life. Keep yourself busy away from gambling.
  14. Don't want much. Try to make 5% as profit from your total bankroll. If it's big then the small 5% is enough profit. But never be greedy and stop in time when you will reach your target.
  15. We shouldn't play for so long in a single session. Cause if we play for so long the unexpected big red streak has much chance to come up depending on odds. We also loss concentration and become addicted & greedy while we play for so long.
  16. There are a lot of strategy like this. And I have found good result with those. But when the unexpected big red streak comes I loss most of my balance. Thanks for sharing your strategy.
  17. You should bet on the game that you know best. And you said that too. As you know about cricket much you bet on it. If you bet on a game without knowing about it and each team there is less possibility of winning.
  18. Yeah you are right. Now I have done it a bit by making myself busy with other work. Umm good suggestion. I like to play games in filed. Haven't played since so long. I will go for it soon to reduce my gambling habit more. That's an important thing. And I think it will help me best. I need to control my money. I will try to spend less in gambling. And I need to save my money at somewhere else. Cause when I get extra money I do gambling with it. That's the bad habit I have much.
  19. Losing isn't unpleasant in gambling always. If I make good amount with small start I become happy. But if I bust it later I don't feel upset. Cause it has to happen and that's the fun part of gambling. But when I loss big depo I feel little disappointed obviously. Free money like rains and tip is a source of happiness in gambling.
  20. Luck isn't the only thing but it's and important thing while we play. Most of the time we destroy our luck with bad decision. After having a good session & unexpected win we don't take a break until our luck stop to give us win. And finally we stop after ruining our luck with loss. People also do pre rolls before hunt. And they get their wanted payout with small bet amount. That's how they destroy their luck. What about you, does these happens with you? Is there anything else?
  21. Nop, I don't do it. And I will never do this. It's not a good thought. You shouldn't play with all your earnings. And it's hard earned money. So why you will put it on gambling! Take it as fun and do gambling with little extra money.
  22. We get unexpected reds in our game some often. It may happen at any payout. Many of you can describe it with odds. Yes I know it and believe it but that's look like unnatural when it happens. Like I got 750+ reds without green in 100×, 18 reds in a row at 2×, 34 reds in a row at 3×, 7 reds in a row at 90% chance. I know it's fair. Cause it has to happen maybe early or later based on payout & odds. But no one expect anything like this. Share your longest red streak history. How you faced with it and and what you felt that time?
  23. Loan! Umm as far as I can remember I have took loan for doing gambling from other user at the start of this year. Then I got trouble in my game and returned it back after 10 days. Though I told him that I will give it back after three days. After that I haven't took loan and made my mind not to take loan for gambling. Cause it's bad if you do gambling with loan money. It gives more pressure.
  24. That's good. You have earned pretty enough. But I have got more then you! That's a great thing that stake gives rewards for posting at forum. But I feel guilty, cause I think I have earned a lot for just creating post & stake have no benefits from it. So I always try to make good post. I never thought it before that I will earn like this from forum.
  25. I don't think they are going to develop mobile app for stake. Cause stake deve team always update their site best way for both mobile and computer user. It's perfect now, you can access stake with mobile and get all features without any problem. So no need an extra app for mobile.
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