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  1. If you invest in good casino and hold that investment for long term you will surely get profit. Stake is biggest casino and they might have huge bankroll. You can found many other sites with investment option. Bigger investment may give much profit.
  2. Stake have a lot of games and all those are addictive. Stake already have the huge winner on their site. Slots game made another attraction at stake. When they will release sportsbook stake will wildest for sure with a lot of user.
  3. No I don't drink or eat anything while I play. I need my concentration on my game. But currently I'm taking coffee while I'm reading and replying at forum lol. We shouldn't drink during gamble.
  4. We all know it's hard to do gambling in moderation. Gambling can't be a hobby/passion for student. It's an addictive thing.
  5. Many students do gambling. Somehow students introduce themselves with gambling and they try to manage their pocket money by making profit through gambling. Become addictive gambler they hamper their study. What do you guys think. Should student do gambling or they need to search other way to earn online?
  6. I don't suggest to take loan as I said. In past I use to give and take loan but after some misunderstanding I strongly against it and not do it anymore. Yep loan is prohibited almost at every gambling site. But people still do it. I see most of HR & pro player give/take loan. Even you can see that in stake.
  7. Many of us takes loan from other people for doing gamble. I don't consider it as a good thing. You shouldn't gamble if you don't have the money to play. Cause it gives much pressure and if you loss the loan money it would be worst. What you think about loan in gambling? Do you like to give & take loan with your friends or strongly against it?
  8. I don't take food during gamble or I don't gamble during eat time whatever you say. I need proper concentration on game while I play. Eating may cause loss my concentration and result bad decision to play. But sometimes I drink coffee during playing.
  9. I fear when I play with the money I shouldn't loss. And when I make big depo I start taking risk. This cause fear too. And always I bust for this fear. I need to improve my mind on those situation.
  10. Now it's well designed site. And like the structure of it. But sometimes it doesn't load properly on mobile. Don't know it only happens with me or other too. But now stake deve made the site best for it's user to feel comfortable while playing.
  11. Many of us only play dice game at stake and other sites. And people mostly play dice for making wager during race. In my 3 years gambling life I have played dice game 98% and 2% other games. What about you? Do you like to play other game much or prefer dice first?
  12. Bitcoin will be best always. People can easily observe his wager progress in btc. Other coins are good too but as altcoin price low it will show huge amount to wager in count.
  13. Sport is cool. And good for health also.
  14. Google it to get some best answer of your question. Denmark is is expansive place. Ireland have better natural beauty. Denmark is small country also.
  15. My mind says if I win I will wd it. And don't make it redepo. But I can't follow it. I win but then I become greedy continue more and lose all. That's all for unplanned game. Sometimes after making deposit my mind become afraid of losing. And truly I bust those time too quick. I place bigger bet and it becomes red.
  16. I change seed very often. If I'm not doing good and getting much reds with current seed I change it. Changing seed effects in game. Like on hunting I'm getting much reds. Maybe it's a bad seed. So I change it then sometimes get green quicker. Some people doesn't change seed ever. It's your wish. But I believe changing seed effects on game. But it will good or bad no one knows.
  17. It was long ago! Why bump this post. Anyway how you doing now?
  18. rub happened with me in crash game. But I accidentally put all in button on dice game few times. I play from mobile. And I enable the max button always. The max bet button and bet button are beside here. Sometimes I miss cilick on it.
  19. Now it is everyday and very bad luck after every few days for me. On somedays I lose big.
  20. I like to play dice and I will prefer it. If you are thinking you going to lose then try all in on low payout like 1.2×-1.6× and see how far you can go. Sometime it will give good result. But don't do all in in a row. Just try after few bets and red streak..
  21. I don't heard about that token before. I don't think investing in those type of token is a good idea. And I don't suggest anyone to invest in token. It's funny why we should invest in token as there is not any surety will it come up good or not. Already we have a lot of crypto coin around. Btc is the king for always. But for making much profit by investing we need to observe market and invest in any good crypto. I like doge xrp ltc as good for depo. Maybe you can try to invest in other coin.
  22. This is a very good way. Liked that I want to try it. But I know I can't do it. Cause I'm greedy. When I reach my goal I try to make more and more without keeping anything safe. Finally I lose all quicker. You exchange your 50% profit and left other 50% to support bankroll. Nerve heard something like that. But I will try this very soon with much confidence.
  23. I use blockchain wallet and sometimes coinbase too. But coinbase don't allow gambling. If they found user sending and receiving funds from gambling site they block the account. And there is not much coin in blockchain. That's why I always convert my coin in btc, eth, bch or xlm and keep them in my wallet at blockchain. It's a good secure web wallet.
  24. Yeah it happen with me most of the time. Whenever I get up much from my depo I think I will get more green and with overconfidence bet higher balance the outcome become reds. And I lose all immediately.
  25. Yep I bust it faster. And I can make it up much faster too. Cause with free money I play freely without any fear of losing. And when it become depo money I play seriously and slowly. For playing without fear sometimes I can easily go up much with free money. Though it doesn't last so long as I take much risk with free money. It bust quick.
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