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  1. Love
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to ubbey04 in Happy Birthday Eddie !   
    After giving away so much bonuses from pre monthly, billionth drops and monthly .. its time to give appreciation to the man behind the stake.com. 
    Happy Birthday sir @Edward

  2. Love
    Mahdirakib87 got a reaction from Zamia2001 in Tips and trick for 98% win chance on dice.   
    Don't place big bet at 98%. Unexpected red can take all away. I have seen 4 reds within 10 rolls at 98%. It's rare but it may happen any time. 98% isn't a way to make profit just wager game. Play at 90% with little slow method. You can make wager and little profit too. Unexpected reds also there but you can recover it.
  3. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to JacksonPalmer in Lambo + $50k Giveaway Results   
    The winners get their 1000 dollar sent to their vault in the next few minutes.
    The correct bonus code for everyone with at least 1 ticket is https://stake.com/?bonus=ExtraSpecialPlayers (1 dollar per ticket, maximum 100 dollar)
  4. Payday
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Steve in Lambo + $50k Giveaway Results   
    Lambo Winner! ($212k)
    The lucky ticket number was 2223408 held by GDLE!

    $50k Results
    Here they are! Congrats all
    EDIT: All $1000 prizes have been sent to your Stake vaults!

  5. Haha
    Mahdirakib87 got a reaction from chridz42908 in Depression and gambling together   
    We fall in depression in our life for some reasons. Being depressed we take many bad decision. Some people do drink/smoke.
    But do you gamble when you feel depressed? I do it sometimes.  I actually try to forget my problem by concentrating on game. 
  6. Bitcoin
    Mahdirakib87 got a reaction from johnlopez0000 in What will you say about stake.com bonuses?   
    In past I wasn't paying much attention at stake. I rarely played here. But when I reached VIP I discovered a lot of new features and stake gives many bonuses in different occasion for it's users. That make me to stay at stake always. And I love it so much. 
  7. Love
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Nenad in 🎉 [1 BTC] 30 Billionth Bet Challenge|Minimum Reward Guaranteed!   
    Hello Staker! 😁
    We crossed another milestone. Congratulations to the 🔥 30,000,000,000 🔥 bet winner and it will be paid via tip!

    First 100 posters reward🥇
    You can claim forum prizes on the link below:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account. 
    Congrats to the first 100 posters!
  8. Love
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Marija in Happy birthday one of the best stake support.   
    I can't believe you remembered that after so much time  @htetaungxx! 😄 Thanks so much for your kind wishes! It's so sweet of you! 🥰
    Also, guys, @Codegoldfish@Zamia2001@Mashfiqun2018@Valeron@Mahdirakib87, thank you also! We must throw some party! 🥳
  9. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 got a reaction from htetaungxx in Happy birthday one of the best stake support.   
    🎉Happy Birthday🎉 @Marija
  10. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Rade in 🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵   
    Congratulations to everyone, I have to say that all of you have been truly amazing.  
    First place  @Mashfiqun2018  🥇
    Second place @Tanisha2018  🥈
    Third place @xtinepink           🥉
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 22nd of August:

    Congrats to the 23 winners!
    Make sure you are logged in into the proper account. 
  11. Love
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to automatic in 🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵   
    HaPpY BiRtHdaY STaKe....
    My own lyrics from the tune of my favorite song...Sometimes.
  12. Wow
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in 🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵   
    Inspired by "Valentine's Day" by Linkin Park
    PS: English is not my native language and my voice is rather shitty. Also this is purely for fun, not for the "contest". Reduce the sound as it might end up as ear rape.
    Thanks to @ubbey04
    Song: https://voca.ro/7V35bhfHxSM
  13. Payday
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Thepug in $30000 raffle winners list   
    1st - $10000
    Winner: avi686
    VIP rank: Diamond 1

    2nd - $7500
    Winner: steevreeves
    VIP rank: Platinum 2

    3rd - $5000
    Winner: GIannyBoy89
    VIP rank: Platinum 5

    4th - $2000
    Winner: kolloh
    VIP rank: Platinum 5

    5th - $1500
    Winner: cardozltd
    VIP rank: Diamond 2

    6th - $1000
    Winner: faizin1704
    VIP rank: Silver

    7th - $1000
    Winner: saeed8585
    VIP rank: Platinum 3

    8th - $1000
    Winner: hailains
    VIP rank: Bronze

    9th - $500
    Winner: deronmiller
    VIP rank: Platinum 6

    10th - $500
    Winner: Xrizzy12
    VIP Rank: Gold
    (sorry for the bad image quality as I couldn't get a screenshot from the chat due to lag)

    Congrats to everyone that won in this raffle, as well as all of the other winners during the stream.
    Good luck everyone in the next raffle and somebody will be walking away with a brand new Lamborghini!  
  14. Haha
    Mahdirakib87 got a reaction from Kdsmeliodas2d in Do you guys take breaks while gambling?   
    Yes I do. After making a targeted profit I take a short break. Then I wd my depo amount. When I back later I play with my profit amount and set another target. If I reach there I again take a break and wd some. If I bust I take pretty long break and make depo later. 
  15. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to reebox in Your inspiration in gambling   
    My inspiration in gambling is only one that is constantly trying to get profit and can continue to play without losing even though it is impossible but the most important thing is getting enough profit is enough.
  16. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to BenJackson in What is your favourite alt coin?   
    I often use BTC. Maybe it's a habit, maybe it's preconceived. There is a reason for the diversification of cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency has its specific needs and is suitable for a certain group of people. However, I am already learning more about cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, etc. I do n’t know enough about it, so it ’s not easy to make too many comments.

  17. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to reebox in How the reload treated you so far?   
    A new reload has arrived and I am not actively making a claim because the number is very small but it is more than enough to be able to do a long roll looking for a big hit, I hope another day the reload gets bigger.
  18. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Kinou in How the reload treated you so far?   
    I have a 0.15 XRP reload every 10 mins, so instead of keeping it safe, I all-in everytime I claim it. I don't want to spend 12 hours during 3 days in front of my screen just for $10... That's why I prefere coupon, but Eddie makes more money with reload...
  19. Love
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Official24 in How the reload treated you so far?   
    I spend 12 hours in front of the screen, claimed every 10 minutes. 
    get $ 10, and play on the dice to $ 50. 12 hours I paid off with $ 50 😄
  20. Wow
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to joshuaolivio in How the reload treated you so far?   
    due to reload i manage to wager 100$ which i unlocked the chatbox  
    i got 770 Satoshi every 10minutes and managed to withdraw .002 Btc
  21. Thanks
    Mahdirakib87 got a reaction from Limbo in How the reload treated you so far?   
    The Easter reload just finished yesterday. It was a ten minutes reload and I was getting too low amount from it. That's why I have claimed it only two times and haven't made anything great by it. 
    How you ended with this time reload, any good run from it? Have you claimed it most often?
  22. Haha
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Lucas Holder in Your inspiration in gambling   
    I pray to lady luck , unfortunately , she doesn't always answer prayers... but she sometimes does
  23. Haha
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Thepug in $10000 to never gamble again?   
    Let's say that you were given the opportunity to have $10000 in tax free cash. You can use this money to do whatever you want with it, but there will be a catch... You will never be able to gamble again.
    You will no longer to play gambling ever again in your life. If you decide to gamble again, this $10000 will be taken back off of you, even if you have spent it all.
    So, would you take the money and never gamble again? Or, will you forever be a gambler?  
  24. Ethereum
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to Edris in Your inspiration in gambling   
    I just go in to gamble for fun I never go to actually make serious money but if I do it's good however, it won't affect me mentally. So I get a drive of motivation through the fun I have in gambling not solely the joy of making money.
  25. Haha
    Mahdirakib87 reacted to skrieeee in Your inspiration in gambling   
    seeing others flexing their big wins. 😂 Thats why it gives me the motive to gamble alot and hoping for a holygrail profit.
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