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  1. I think that its really good that stake is adding this, and I think that it will bring alot more players that don't use the other cryptocurrencies that stake had before. I haven't tried it myself because I mostly only use btc/ltc/eth and not alot of other altcoins.
  2. blurrijs

    My 2nd 620x with alt

    Congrats mistake on this hit on plinko again! try next time with even higher balance
  3. blurrijs

    Most open cards

    Ive never seen anyone open 50 cards and I haven't done it myself either, because sooner or later you will eventually lose and I think it's impossible to open 50 cards or over that in hilo. My record was 26 cards right now
  4. There are alot of clubs last time I checked some weeks ago, and it looks like not alot of people know about this, but the other thing is that you don't really benefit from joining these clubs, its basically just a useless thing in my opinion that stake has added
  5. Probably when I deposited 0.006 btc and withdrew like 0.02 in total.. and also 0.01 eth tip to 0.92 Withdrew both so I made profit in total.
  6. They are obviously just saying 'ty' 'gl rain' to try and get rain because someone told them that you have to be active in chat to get rain, but most of them don't realize that you also have to wager in order to have an actually good chance of getting rain, while it still is possible to get rain without wagering it's very low and they are just wasting their time for sometimes less than even a cent to get some free money to play with on the site
  7. blurrijs

    New withdrawal limits

    I havent received any email myself and I've seen alot of people say it in chat that they saw staff members saying that they are sending out in bulks emails but alot of people still didn't receive it yet, is it over now? And to how many people did you send it to in total approximately
  8. blurrijs

    Obsessive Compulsions

    Sometimes when I win alot I bet the rest of my balance so i can have an exact number and i try making some profit with the leftovers and withdraw the rest.
  9. blurrijs

    Choose One when you bet on stake

    I prefer big bet and small multiplier. I did this all the time before and it's a good way to make profit if you do it for a long time, even if you aren't making alot in the start if you keep going allin on each time you will eventually start making atleast something.
  10. blurrijs

    Appreciate the effort

    I always appreciate what stake does for their users, they are always giving out more and more each year and trying to become a better gambling site, which they obviously are, I hope to see more stuff coming in the next few months, and Stake is definitely the best gambling site/casino
  11. I have a way of winning by going on low multipliers on dice which are like 1.35x and 1.5x.. You have alot of higher chance to win on these than you do on x2 and I feel like im winning alot of times in a row before I lose once, but when I do x2 I just win once or twice and then lose and it repeats all the time
  12. blurrijs

    Chico's Stream <3 1st of the Year!!!

    good luck
  13. blurrijs

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    I've had this happen to me alot of times but I didn't really lose anything much, they were just small mistakes of tipping 10k sats instead of 1k for btc, and I always try double checking what I am tipping before I confirm it, so something like this doesn't happen to me again in the future
  14. blurrijs

    Stake Rumours

    I don't believe that all of the stake support members would just leave out of nowhere, I think they are just taking a small break and celebrating christmas, and they will be back soon! You can still contact other staff members if you need any help though.
  15. blurrijs

    In regards to Stake Awards 2018

    They said there should be a special forum flare added untill the end of the week and it seems like no one has it yet, I think you should get it next week because some of the admins might be busy working on something else