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  1. I don't think all of these are right I usually gamble on stake, or anywhere else probably when I'm bored. And also "not gamble to recover losses" I think that's what basically everyone does here
  2. It all depends on what game you like to play. For me my most profitable games are crash and limbo, few days ago i made 0.08 eth deposit to 0.45 by crash. Allined 0.15 on x3 and won. Withdrew all
  3. I don't use hidden mode in stake because I want people to see my wins if i win something big but sometimes it is annoying that i win something and everyone is messaging me begging or asking for loans
  4. I don't think it would make sense for example wagering 1 btc, and then getting the rakeback in ethereum. It would also not be easy for the developers to add this somehow changing each time in what crypto you would like to receive the rakeback in
  5. My favourite host out of them all is dose. Because he always thinks of something new and actually listens to what other people want (us) instead of doing what he just wants.
  6. I prefer betting on casino instead of sports, because it is a bit more predictable although the 3x faster progress is good if you play a lot of sports bet. I hope stake sometime does a 1.5x faster progress in casino for like 24 hours
  7. Sometimes they do 10$ for top 100 which also makes the top 100 getting harder into. Both times you had to wager atleast 0.2 btc in the mega race to be in top 100 because a lot of people were trying to do it.
  8. Yes, if you can go into the right games you can definitely make a lot of profit going only on 1.5x
  9. Wow. This stake looks a lot less better than it currently is. Also the white wasn't that good because it was bad for your eyes Good to see that stake has improved so much from the past
  10. If you have multiple tabs open and only play on one, on the other tabs it wont update your balance so it will seem like you will have a lot more/less than you actually do. If you refresh the page it will show your actual balance
  11. I think that stake will soon be one of the biggest online casinos. There are a lot of new people coming on and during the day there are always 1.2-1.5 thousand people online at any time. This means that stake will just become bigger and bigger if everything goes good
  12. It's common sense to not just click any links that someone sends you, and check where the page ur clicking on redirects you by putting ur cursor on it. Most of the time it should say
  13. Sometimes it takes too long to make the noise whether you've won, you probably all know it. Then it makes me think I've lost but after like 2 seconds the sound comes