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  1. That's what happens in gambling You could be betting for hours, one wrong bet and you can just lose all in few seconds..
  2. blurrijs

    Looking for a specific calculator

    Seuntjie's dicebot has this and it might have what you are looking for, check it out
  3. blurrijs

    Suggestion: Stake prizes for active players

    Stake already has alot of giveaways & challenges giving people chances to win more money, and aswell rainbot, so I don't think they will do this
  4. blurrijs

    Rain bot

    You need to wager money in order to get rainbot. I think you also need to chat, maybe not
  5. Chartbet, hilo or plinko to hit highest multiplier i can
  6. blurrijs

    What changes would you make if..

    Add a PvP gamemode,poker,slots
  7. did you try refreshing ? or it was still not working after
  8. blurrijs

    144hz bug

    Yes, it is a dell monitor
  9. blurrijs

    Today I hit

    Congrats.. Do a higher bet next time so you can make even more profit gl
  10. blurrijs

    How Does Stake Get their News?

    not really sure about this.. i've read some of them and they actually are interesting, most of them atleast
  11. blurrijs

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    Yes, I've made alot of friends on here, almost all of them are very friendly and the community is just good overall
  12. blurrijs

    144hz bug

    Hey guys, i recently got a new 144hz monitor and I noticed on chartbet that the crash is stuttering alot (goes to 1.1x and back down to 1.03 and if you want to see what i mean by that, go into a chartbet game and press the light mode and dark mode twice, that is what i'm getting. And its also happening in other gamemodes like plinko that everything goes really fast
  13. Good luck shinjo and everyone
  14. This should be added, so people giving out loans for example, could see if the user is trusted and if they will get scammed or not
  15. blurrijs

    Should certain usernames be autobanned?

    No.. They shouldn't be autobanned. Just report them and a admin will maybe tell him to change their name instead of just getting banned automatically and they would be confused