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  1. It's a good idea, but I don't think stake would want to do something like this, but if you want to you can send this suggestion to one of the admins and if they like it they will probably make this a thing somewhere in the future
  2. I lost 0.016 btc on here in stake, after i made 1 eth from 0.001 eth on a different site, and it happened because i hit under 1.25x 4 times with a 0 bet, so i thought it wont hit anymore. So I did 0.016 btc on 1.25x and well it hit 1.23 on limbo..
  3. My most played games definitely is mines Because I tried to hunt 4.4millionx and i did around 50k bets before i stopped trying, and realized that it will be almost impossible for me to do it
  4. It's more important to make profit, instead of just getting onto the hr tab if that is what you're talking about. As soon as I do a big bet I get atleast 2-3 friend requests asking me for money. Just too many people have the hr tab open waiting for someone to win.
  5. I think this is a good idea, because eddie will reward the users who wager a lot more a higher reward, instead of everyone getting the same reward even if you for example wagered 5 btc in the last week.
  6. Obviously, it should be allowed if people don't want to know who's the 1st highroller in the race, so they can choose if they want to be hidden or not. It's just to prevent from beggars adding them and spamming messages asking for money.
  7. Most of the time the casinos make more than double of the money back that they were giving away in the contest, because a lot of people are trying to get 1st place which makes them lose more.
  8. Welcome to stake Good luck on your bets.
  9. Rakeback gives you some % of your bets since youve last claimed it, and to get bronze vip you need to wager 10k$ in any crypto since april 2019, and then a support member will message you letting you know that you got it.
  10. Bronze is 10k$ wagered in any crypto since 2019 april, and if you reach that a support member will message you letting you know that you've gotten it
  11. My biggest balance was 0.03 btc some months ago, but sadly I ripped all and didn't get to withdraw anything because I was being greedy trying to get to 0.05 btc.
  12. Playing 98% on dice is not a way to make profit, more it is if you want to get a high wager and maybe get vip, or get a higher place in the race. I think it's safer to do 1.01x on limbo rather than dice.
  13. For me it doesnt matter what day it is, because most of the time I will lose when i'm gambling anyway because that's just my luck
  14. My 1st favourite is bitcoin because I know how much im gambling without having to look at any sites on google, and it also has a high price, and my 2nd favourite is doge because I can bet a lot of it and I feel like im highroller
  15. I don't think stake is going to add any more crypto coins for atleast some time, because they added xrp recently, but obviously if they added more crypto then some new players would join, which would be good.