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  1. For me its random.. sometimes i just get 3 high ones then 3 low ones or it just goes high,low,high,low it depends if im lucky or not. And then there are streaks where i get like 3 99 tickets in a row
  2. maybe some people were confused aswell and said what they heard, spreading that to even more people I don't know what happened since i dont go in alot of challenges
  3. i try to trust everyone in stake, but sometimes when they ask me for a loan and say they will give back they never have.. sometimes its just sad that they do it even if its not alot of money like a few dollars
  4. Crash was my favourite game here on stake.. and since they removed it I haven't been playing stake as much cause the other games as dice and roulette or even all of them arent that interesting. its just something about it going up and being greedy is what i like about crash on any site
  5. it trolls me when I try to go for a high multiplier, I hit three A A A in a row and when i go lower again it hits the opposite of what i need.. and it always only happens on hilo i'm just unlucky with that gamemode
  6. I recommend to not always do allins and play safely if you can, doing big bets and losing will make you to want allin and keep depositing and maybe even losing all of your money which will make it all worse
  7. All in plinko everytime untill you win the 1000x, but you wont make alot since most of the time rain isn't even that much but its always even more free money to bet with than you started with
  8. I think my favourite coin to deposit is ethereum or litecoin, because it only takes a few minutes to process, and doesn't take a long time like up to 3 hours with bitcoin that has happened to me alot of times while depositing to stake. My favourite coin to play with is doge because it's worth the least and I feel like im rich and withdraw is bitcoin, because you get it fast from stake Deposit: litecoin,ethereum Withdraw: btc
  9. I believe most people on here came for the faucet or rainbot. Though I came here because I saw that stake has alot of gamemodes, 12 of them, and when I first joined I just stayed and still haven't left this site
  10. @LQID i choose him because he is nice and very generous in stake and i trust him
  11. Welcome to stake hope you have a good time here!
  12. Wow. What was the bet amount? and that's really lucky if you really did hit it in 147 rolls as you say, because most times it takes around 200-300k rolls to get close to even hitting it once which is still very low chances
  13. I hope that stake will add sports betting in 2.0 since I dont bet on sports often on different sites and Id like to try it out more
  14. I think that its really good that stake is adding this, and I think that it will bring alot more players that don't use the other cryptocurrencies that stake had before. I haven't tried it myself because I mostly only use btc/ltc/eth and not alot of other altcoins.