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  1. I also gamble on different sites and not only stake, so if stake somehow disappeared which probably won't happen unless something goes wrong, i'll just go to a different site but I hope that this won't happen
  2. 1. Community, fun games and a very nice design 2. Obviously stake gives away a lot of money by rainbot every day, or challenges and in my opinion this is the best thing
  3. I don't play mines alot but when I do I try to get the 200 or 300kx multi what it was.. 12 mines and 13 diamonds i think.. I still haven't hit it but i am trying
  4. I've earned about 700-800k satoshis, and I haven't been here for that long of a time. I registered on the forums in around november and it's currently may but I haven't been posting in a long time for a few months but 800k satoshis is still good for making the community better by replying to posts
  5. that is insane.. even if he went for 100kx he would still make some money and it's insane that someone has already hit 1millionx in not such a long time, but he only went for 1000x which is sad, but gg to him
  6. I try to focus only on one gambling site, going on too many at once it will be hard to chooose on which one to gamble if all of them are good I currently only gamble on two sites, stake and another one which i wont mention here
  7. I am here on the stake forum because of the community, challenges, and also getting satoshi for the forum posts it's a good way to earn free money to play with on stake, by just helping the community by replying to posts
  8. I've made like 4 ltc from 0.1 by doing allins on chartbet/dice. That was like few months ago though and since then stake has removed chartbet and I'm not as active on here anymore. Those were good times when I could actually win on gambling
  9. Ive never done this before. and probably never will do it because that's one of the worst things to do is selling something you own in real life to sell it and use to gamble. if you lose that you will want to do that even more and maybe lose something you didnt want to
  10. For me its random.. sometimes i just get 3 high ones then 3 low ones or it just goes high,low,high,low it depends if im lucky or not. And then there are streaks where i get like 3 99 tickets in a row
  11. maybe some people were confused aswell and said what they heard, spreading that to even more people I don't know what happened since i dont go in alot of challenges
  12. i try to trust everyone in stake, but sometimes when they ask me for a loan and say they will give back they never have.. sometimes its just sad that they do it even if its not alot of money like a few dollars
  13. Crash was my favourite game here on stake.. and since they removed it I haven't been playing stake as much cause the other games as dice and roulette or even all of them arent that interesting. its just something about it going up and being greedy is what i like about crash on any site
  14. it trolls me when I try to go for a high multiplier, I hit three A A A in a row and when i go lower again it hits the opposite of what i need.. and it always only happens on hilo i'm just unlucky with that gamemode
  15. I recommend to not always do allins and play safely if you can, doing big bets and losing will make you to want allin and keep depositing and maybe even losing all of your money which will make it all worse