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  1. jortdeut

    Valued member changed to VIP

    Vip tag would be so cool, wish I had it 😀
  2. jortdeut

    Moderators favour players:)

    I agree, its just a fair mute. Stop crying/messaging people and ask theyre opinion about this. Its just a fair mute and deal with it.
  3. So how does it work exactly?
  4. jortdeut

    What game would you like to see made?

    I think jackpot would be cool, that we can play against other players. Like a max of 0.0001 btc a person with 50 guys max. Or 3 different jackpots, Rich,Normal,Poor
  5. jortdeut

    2018 strategies chartbet

    Mostly betting with low amount and going for the 10x lol
  6. jortdeut

    My accidental win with automated Mines

    damn thats some real luck 😮
  7. jortdeut

    First trial stream!

    Good luck man 🤙
  8. BACCARAT: 1,350,539,932 placed by jortdeut on 06/11/2018 Wagered 2.75000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.75000000 BACCARAT: 1,350,540,984 placed by jortdeut on 06/11/2018 Wagered 2.75000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.75000000 https://gyazo.com/9250ef7218bc077c4e2ccf94964f2b55 Finally 😂
  9. jortdeut

    What's your "lucky" seed?

    I don't really think about seeds, Im just playing on stake. But now you talk about it, maybe I have to find a lucky seed
  10. Yeah, my friend was online but it said he wasnt
  11. jortdeut

    How do you play Chartbet?

    I dont play it, its to risky for me 😂
  12. hmmm I dont know, anyway good luck with page 👌
  13. jortdeut

    Choose a Charity Poll #2

    I voted for savethechildren, but does stake know that they give 100% of the money to the people in need?
  14. jortdeut

    Hilo tips anyone?

    Im always going for the high win chance, and stop when its around 3x. If you have a 7 look the card before, if they are high go low. And if they are low go high. That how I play hi-lo 🤗