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  1. I just remembered MIT blackjack team beats casino by using card counting lol I believe theres an algorithm changes every game depends on how you play, its adjusting on every wins and losses we had If you really want to win, bet big and maybe 2-5 bets is enough and leave the casino, just hit and run
  2. It really depends on what pattern you've hitted, you must open all the lines i guess to hit big if you close the line and the pattern goes there, the lower the chance you will be hitting big
  3. My target was 25-50% of bankroll, if i won on that i already stopped and vaulting it then i do coin rotation on every coin, profit is profit
  4. Done witth it eddie truspilot-yomzkie stake-yomzkie
  5. Ako naman Dice at blackjack para may pagkakataon pang makachat, kapag iba kasing laro di ako gaano nakakakapagchat sa mainchat natin lol
  6. Sakin 20 lines lagi ang nilalaro ko sa slots mas profitable talaga ang 20 lines kesa sa konti, kasi pag sarado ang ibang lines at dun nagpattern mawawalan lang ng saysay ang tama
  7. Syempre unang una makakadama ka ng pagkadismaya dahil, bihira makakuha ng mataas na payout Oo naghuhunt ako pero so far, ang mga tinamaan ko pa lang 1237.5x,2495x at 4950x wala pang 9900x
  8. I will not trust anyone one here to play with my own money first im here to play and enjoy for myself and second i dont know them personally even in our own community PH
  9. I will only only choose dice too because it's the game where i started and many players here started all from dice before they learn hi-lo, baccarrat d-poker and etc. i dont know to the opinion of others, let's hear it from them
  10. I rememeber when i started on forum it was 2000 satoshi before you withdraw, but because many people abuse it for some reason the admin change the minimum withdrawal satoshi in forum for 10k satoshi many people withdrawing often and its spammy on the mainchat, maybe that's why they changed it to higer amount
  11. Im looking forward for a new game on slots to be added here, i wanna try them too hope they add freespin on 1st and last reel too i've played slots before giving that scatterand hopefully they add progressive jackpots too
  12. Maybe its just a badluck most of us here i guess experienced it, i only see people winning is the one with larger bankrolls so maybe we need to build or have a good bankroll for us to win, maybe that's the real recipe for success and maybe luck and skills too on every game
  13. I only play blackjack and dice most of the time, since it's the easiest games for me to win i only do other games when there's a roll hunt or challenges, coz they have higher house edge than the 2 games i've mentioned and i dont have any talent on picking tile on mines and can't do good on playing hi-lo lol
  14. I always visit the site, no time for me lol im just here everyday playing and visiting forum, i don't have any exact times or often/seldom visits it you can see me on our respective channel (PH), and if eddie will be making a virtual bed i rather sleep there
  15. Most of the players here i saw is the use 1.01x on dice some are betting on baccarrat putting coin on both player and banker side (as ive seen on @Shinjo stream too) or playing it on roulette betting on both black and red, it depends on you on how much coin you want to wager