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  1. I see it as a succesful site, no other site can do what eddie did.. like giveaways, raining a lot on chat, giving coupons etc. also im expecting new coin will be added sooner, and i hope that they'll add their own exchanger, let's see
  2. It's maybe your wager is hidden, i have a friend too who didnt receive any rain but he wagered a lot and chatting too after 1 to 2 days it was recognized by bot maybe thats the formula, chatting and wagering might help or try to deposit too
  3. Naalala ko nga yung panahon na yon na kokonti pa lang ang tao sa filipino chat halos kapag madaling araw kami lang tatlo ni ekzxc at chad ang nandoon para kaming gwardiya sa pinoy channel at halos ng ulan ay nasasalo namin ng walang mintis, ngayon pahirapan na bago makakuha haha kung ako ay aalis sa stake syempre magpapaalam ako sa mga kaibigan kong close lang thru pm at di na lang ipapaalam sa iba
  4. my total earnings on forum was 11,893 satoshis only... im not posting that much just replying on topics, and im not that active before here i only go on forum to see when theres a giveaway,streams and if i feel i want to reply on a good topic i dont want to be called forum spammer lol
  5. well for me it helps for other people to not always visit the leaderboard, as long as he dont break rules and the mods/supports dont let him stop its okay just dont hate... appreciate
  6. I think this one will a very hard race, many people will chase for the prize.. many hr's for sure will join i guess im only watching eddie's stream later today and the racers climbing on leaderboard have a nice day guys, and goodluck vroom vroom
  7. Masyado na kasing maraming pinoy ang naglalaro, naalala ko nung unang salta ko dito kakaunti pa lang ang nasa pinoy chat kada ulan may masasalo ka.. ngayon pahirapan na sa sobrang dami ng players add me up on stake,(di na kasi ko makadd haha) pwede mo ko maging friend
  8. Sana nga jinz haha.. malay mo mamaya habang nagsstream si eddie(nood tayo maya haha)
  9. I actually play slots on real world so for me i'll play it.. i just dont know if its 3 or 4 or 5 reels and how many lines they will put here hope the slot is not the old school one the 3 reeled 777 and fruit game, and hope theres a progressive jackpot for it