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  1. I guess i was invited by player here Xhauna or Bitman, i really forget how do I started here lol
  2. The Secrets of Egypt Gary's Egypt Adventure
  3. SLOTS: 20,819,399,404 placed by yomzkie on 23/04/2020 Wagered 0.00050000 Multiplier 391.833x Profit 0.19541667 6 spins only SLOTS: 21,130,963,442 placed by yomzkie on 28/04/2020 Wagered 0.10000000 Multiplier 1500x Profit 149.90000000
  4. Actually some of it is been played for me to wager and be on the next vip level and some of it is been withdrawn, hope they will make it an hour someday lol
  5. Maybe you posted it on wrong section or thread? or didnt reached the amount min post so they can reward you, before it happened on me too when i started foruming but after all it pays after having a quality reply or post, i guess there was an algo too that reads every post on thread you're making
  6. Been doing this strategy but different on loss on it, 10x can make you bust if you run it for long time this multi is one of my favorite same as 6x, 3x, 2x and low multiplier for building up balances
  7. Ako sa dice nagumpisa dahil halos naman yata ng crypto casino ay sa dice nagumpisa, kung tutuusin yung ibang laro dito ay parang modified dice lang ang tema gustong gusto ko sa dice ay mas malaki ang multiplier na makukuha kesa sa ibang laro, at madali itong pagwageran para umangat ng vip level pero di rin maiiwasan maglaro ng ibang game kapag buryong ka na gaya ng hilo, blackjack at isa sa mga paborito ko ang slots
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