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  1. powerup1

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    Susetiyo [StakeMember]#7407
  2. Staker The closer to Stake's birthday, I hope Stake has an online store to sell souvenirs or t-shirts that read " Stake The Best Site", or " Stake birthday" , and " Stake trusted". In your opinion, do you agree if Stake opens an online store, for example on eBay or other, let's support it just for Stake fans see you
  3. An exciting event, very fun and entertaining, thank you buddy powerup1 how to send a message to request a free coupon code?...
  4. Hai martianarmy , Ty username: powerup1 Wheel: WHEEL: 6,207,669,312 placed by powerup1 on 08/06/2019 Wagered 0.00015625 Multiplier 5x Profit 0.00062500
  5. nama pengguna : powerup1
  6. terima kasih untuk semua aatas masukannya, iy sudah saya rasakan untuk speed dice ternyata akan cepat saat taaruhan sudah mulai puluhan untuk contoh doge sekali lagi terima kasih telah berbagi ilmu salam opit
  7. Hi Williamshennie9, Good friend, but be careful, some of the sites outside I have tried, and the PD and Stake site is the best place of my choice right now. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you
  8. What do you think is the best site for gambling?............ my opinion: I am a player on several gambling sites, there are at least 8 sites I have tried and felt (nine3, LF, LG, SC, ETHG, Wy etc ... I am short because maybe there are ethics codes in this forum) but lately the sites are I like it and I will still play there, only 2, Primedice and Stake. What is the reason 1. Games that I think are proven fair in issuing seeds. 2. For many choice games (specifically in Stake) 3. Responses and quick responses from CS to chat players and it's 24 hours. 4. There are often Challenges in forums, telegrams and chatrooms. 5. Availability of discussion forums that discuss all matters including discussions in several languages. 6. There is an award for the best player, a start logo, which certainly has many benefits for those who get it. 7. Affiliate program with a large percentage. 8. Availability of Vault to store our assets as crypto wallets before we decide for WD to the outer wallet. 9. WD costs are very cheap. 10. Availability of faucets for tests before we decide on a deposit to fight 11. Chatroom that often throws huge rain compared to other sites Whereas other sites only provide. 1. A small faucet to try out the game 2. Affiliate program 3. Chatrooms that hold rain but are of little value. 4. Some other sites also have forums but do not give awards even if they are of little value. That is now what decided me to choose 2 sites to play namely PrimeDice and Stake that I had previously ignored, and rarely played on those 2 sites. now i like it. My expectations : PD and Stake have always been the best gambling sites and proved fair to us. Keep Spirit and play What is your opinion?...
  9. powerup1

    Discord Giveaways

    username Stake : powerup1 and in discordapp.com my username : Susetiyo [StakeMember]#7407
  10. Hi Steve, is this automatic, or should I inform you in the English chat room? ... thanks DICE: 6,000,000,288 placed by powerup1 on 01/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000002 Multiplier 2.25x Profit 0.00000002
  11. good game, go to lucky username: powerup1
  12. powerup1

    Discord Giveaways

    Susetiyo [StakeMember]#7407
  13. Salam opit Inndonesia, Di forum ini, saya ingin menyampaikan, berhati hatilah dalam menulis di chatroom, karena di chatroom ada aturan mainnya, hari ini saat saya tulis ini, saya kena moted 30 menit karena salah dalam berkata/menulis di chat room, yaitu kalimat candaan " moderator jelek dan belum mandi " pada saat ada kuis di chatroom, opsss saya kaget dan tertawa, dan berkata dalam hati ternyata tulisan candaan saya menyinggung seseorang, maaf kepada seseorang yang saya singgung tadi. tapi timbul pertanyaan saya : 1. Apakah moderator chatroom berkuasa di chatroom?.... 2. Apakah moderator chatroom bebas memberikan pertanyaan kuis semaunya dia?.... 3. Apa saja Hak / kewajiban moderator chatroom?... ( mohon info linknya yang memberikan informasi wewenang dan kelebihan moderator chatroom ) Jadi sekali lagi untuk member baru berhati2lah dalam menulis kalimat di chatroom, karena saya adalah salah satu kena moted gara2 candaan. Untuk team Stake, review setiap bulan kerjaan moderator apakah sudah sesuai roll, jika tidak tolong diambil tindakan sehingga seimbang antara anggota dan moderator, Salam opit indonesia newbe baru ketemu : buat ref: