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  1. hahaha...yes....what you said is true friend ..... that's what I use right now ...good luck
  2. PO2x is heaven or hell ......... every time we get red we can't help but have to raise the bet 2 times before, this I used before but now I leave, because if you get 5 red and the 6th dice you win. ... your profit is only as big as the initial bet, for example: bet starting 1000 doge, up 2000/4000/8000/16000/32000 win at 32000 .... your profit is only 1000 doge, that's the reason I rarely use PO2x but good luck all, gambling is ready to profit and ready to lose
  3. do not try, with on win raising the bet is very high risk, it is only a factor of luck, keep caution.....lol but good luck for all
  4. Hi @Bojana what is the goal of Seasonal Challenges? What ideas Bojana? ... are there prizes or contests when that day appears, like yesterday August 17th is Indonesia's independence day .... do Indonesian members get gifts from Stake? ..lol😤
  5. wow ... this is dangerous, because your balance can quickly run out or quickly add up, I rarely use this strategy on other sites.
  6. Manual betting and PO2.4X or PO3.4x...but be careful
  7. diamond poker...This is a game that I rarely visit, because I lack hobbies, but reading this discussion I became interested in trying it again
  8. powerup1

    Crash? Or Limbo?

    I prefer crash from limbo, because when we determine PO 100x on crash we can stop before the target is reached at PO100X ... but limbo can't do that, it's just that I often get paid a lot in limbo ... so it's still for me crash are more fun...good luck
  9. to be able to get opit I think a large balance is needed, it's up to you to play looking for high payments or medium payments, try to avoid re-deposit, it's better to have a large depot and look for profits, and set targets
  10. Vault is a good feature, I use this to save my ammo when I want to play after it, besides quickly the benefits are free of charge when depositing, and what I pull into an outside wallet is profit only, for the next I make money
  11. Dice on stake is already good, there is a display of the last 50 bets that are visible, but if I may hope, a history of dice numbers will also appear like in Primedice.
  12. I believe that until now Stake was a fair and entertaining site, happy birthday to Stake username: powerup1......... 🎂
  13. December 25th is a Christmas for Catholics and Christians, so my advice is Christmas January 25 International (International) Leprosy Day May 31 World Tobacco Day (International) June 1, World Children's Day (International) September 1 World Heart Day (International) December 10 Human Rights Day (International) thanks you