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  1. i think so, maybe... can't do numbers good bro.. hehe
  2. yes, insurance make you insured when something happens to you
  3. Mrputo


    if you catch the a unicorn, it is possible
  4. wow snike your good, :)) hope will be friends. hehe
  5. is the account lock available right now? i really need one
  6. im rank 200+ super sad no consolation prize
  7. maybe i would be happy to get a drako mug.... 😎
  8. i feel guilty every time i lose, but when i win who cares.. but all the time i feel really guilty cuz i lose a lot.
  9. simple they let us win a little, after losing a tons of money.
  10. btc will lower to some extend that poor people can manage to purchase 1 coin
  11. it simple get a pie and sliced it half = 50 / 50 , after doing that get the half and eat it let the other half do the rotting