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  1. hiding lol , u look like some kid who always hv some excuses , u came to me to invest for u and on top of it , u r not in my team and all of my team mates already got profits , dont use such words , i was busy with studies that why i was not able to come here
  2. Sorry to hear about your dad.May his soul rest in peace.
  3. I wanted to teach all the poor and less privileged ones , because it feels me accomplished and in the end satisfied.I know you will think it's stupid , but that's the way i am. ?
  4. Sorry to hear misfortune happened with your father @baz07,hope he will recover soon, I will be donating to the address provided. Stay calm, we all are here to help and support you. We pray for his good health.
  5. Sunny Leone is clear winner I guess ??