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  1. About a week ago I got pretty lucky and won twice within 24 hours I'm still entering whenever I can - It's good fun!
  2. Hey there ProfessorChill Welcome to the forum! Although I'm pretty new here too. In fact, you and I met the other day, and you were kind enough to let me chat with you on Discord (even though I didn't have a mic) where I was asking you rather haphazard questions regarding my WordPress website. Whilst I've always used and loved computers, it's the first time I've attempted to create a website, and although I know almost nothing about web development/programming, I'm willing to learn new things. Sadly, I don't know any programmers so it was a really nice surprise to find you here on Stake It's quite likely that I may come running to you with my noob questions! Of course, I'll try to have everything in order first I hope you have fun here and thank you so much again for being willing to share your time teaching those of us in need. Good luck with the gambling too
  3. Not long to go now! This is my first time entering into the lottery, I think it's a great idea πŸ˜‰ Good luck everybody πŸ˜†
  4. Hi Angie, welcome to the forum! I'm also pretty new here myself If you want to participate with other members, you can join everyone in chat to see what they're up to, plus there are various promotions here in the Stake forum where you can take part in challenges and giveaways, etc. Good luck to you going forwards!
  5. Hey there Waldo πŸ˜‰ I was just wondering, did you contact any of the other forum mods, etc, about the unfair closing of your forum post? Dude, don't let some forum mod with a bad attitude have his way! You should fight for your rights, for yourself, and for all the 'noobs' - We shall follow your lead I had this bully at school (* Solemn violin music begins) all the way from when we were 8 yrs old through to adulthood (during the next few years after finishing school where I may have bumped into her pubbing or clubbing, etc), whom every year or so would make large overt attempts to humiliate me in front of large groups of people, saying hurtful and cruel words in the hope of undermining me (this would happen on the few occasions that we were alone too) - She was truly a revolting human being. I stopped talking to her completely and showed her no attention (well, except for maybe the odd smirk) by the time I got to the last year of primary school, yet, like some nut-job, she continued (for the next decade! Unfortunately for her this was the only thing she was actually good at). Sucking up to adults, along with acting fine with her 'friends' was her forte. So people thought she was an OK person, which was really very frustrating <<< (😣 Sorry, I may have overindulged here in my attempts to get this story across. I'm just sayin that, you know, I've some experience) The truth is that bullies are small and sad human beings that need to step on you to make themselves feel bigger/better. Personally, I've had no dealings as yet with the person you've mentioned, Dan, so I am in no way trying to claim he is a good or bad person/forum mod (since I couldn't possibly know this). But, I am making comment based on the descriptions of your experiences, Waldo. If you were to ask my opinion, I would say... If possible, keep notes and screenshots of your dealings with Dan, along with any other facts, etc, that way you'll; have proof, which would help if you choose to make a complaint 🀩 You could also post them publically in the forum. Finally, I hate the social politics within forums where some members feel it's OK to look down their nose on other users just because they have a low/lower post count 😠 it's juvenile and ridiculous. Waldo, you have our support, so don't allow someone else to stop you from using the forum - Especially as I've just 'Followed' you too, OK? πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Yeah! πŸ˜† 😁
  6. Ya, Blueprints, I had some trouble too, though my situation was a little different. I had to wait for a new bank card to be delivered by post, which rendered me unable to access my account until then and therefore was unable to purchase any cryptocurrency (as I was completely tapped out). By the time I had purchased and (after 2 more days) finally received my crypto in my wallet there was little to no time left to do the Day 1 Challenge. This isn't a complaint directed at Stake.com by any means, I know that sh*t happens, but your idea about receiving an email to notify members of these big time-based challenges is one that I'd definitely support. That way we may be able to organise ourselves a bit better (this would include improving my post count here on the forum as per the challenge rules) ☺️
  7. Thank you guys for the friendly welcome, as well as the helpful info 😊 Good luck to you all throughout the Christmas and New Year period too! πŸ˜„
  8. As this is the introductions area of the forum I shall, therefore, make my first post and introduce myself... Hi, my name is Becky and I'm from the UK Whilst I signed up with Stake.com a while back, I decided that it was finally time to really get myself on board! So I'm now a new forum member and I've recently made some deposits to give the site a proper go! .. And then lost it all in true newbie gambler style of course! That being said, I do find myself learning as I go, and I've gotta say that the chat room is pretty awesome too as it has some great characters, especially the regulars! It's great to be here and meet you all.