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  1. Yea it was cutting off half of my paragraph, normally it wouldn't have bothered me too much but it just happened to be when we had the challenge for writing our stake experience in 100 words lol..it hasn't happened since so who knows.
  2. Babagucci


    Hey Stake staff including @Edward .. we really need to get this option implemented if at all possible so players can see what they have for available rakeback without asking support. I have noticed a few of the support staff are clearly getting aggrevated with us asking for a rakeback balance updates constantly because instead of telling us or rather showing us with a screenshot when we ask, instead they will just go straight to crediting our rakeback to the account. This is an obvious sign that they don't want to deal with it anymore and frankly I don't blame them because it's probably getting annoying and repetitive.
  3. You know what I thought that it would be impossible to hit the royal flush while auto betting but maybe that's the secret to get the top prize. From now on I'm gunna play with auto only until I hit that prize lol
  4. Nice hit @Paecga129 ...I have been hitting on keno a lot myself, the game has been very good the last couple weeks. I have been playing 3 & 4 spots on Hard setting and having great success with it. I hit for .24 btc 2 weeks ago but of course that money is long gone by now unfortunately. Although since then I have been getting continuous hits so it's nice for sure.
  5. Actually playing Plinko can be pretty beneficial with low balances although it's usually only for a short time. But there have been more than one occasion where I would start with a balance of 2,000 satoshi, placing 100 sat bets I managed to work my balance up to .001 btc pretty quickly. But I have realized that once you do get it up to an amount close to this you need to move on to another game otherwise you will end up giving it all back.
  6. What kind of question is this? These are the type of questions we can expect now that the minimums were raised I see. Nobody is happy when they are losing and no one can train themselves to be happy when your losing either. When you deposit money into a casino and get ready to play your not thinking about the potential loss, your thinking about the big wins you got in the past and the hopes to get it again. Your endorphins are elevated and your happy not realizing that your most likely about to lose your money again. But as gamblers are optimistic people, you tell yourself your gunna win. That's just how it is.
  7. Felt I had to post a few more pics to keep spreading the love!
  8. I've never played for 12 or more hours straight. However I am pretty sure I have gone on 6 hour binges when the betting is in my favor lol. Man I think I just realized how much of a gambling addict I really am.
  9. That's an interesting strategy because to double on a 13 is really risky. Typically I only double if I'm holding a 10, face or Ace. You have to always assume the dealer has a 10 or higher valued card. But hey if it's working for you then kudos, keep making that money Enzo!
  10. So what was the first place prize? The race was just a little too earlier in my neck of the woods.
  11. Can't wait! Gunna be awesome
  12. Hahaha...Busted!!! To answer the topic question I would love the new design with the old games. The old games played different, particularly mines. I use to win a lot more with the old games. On old mines you could spam the tiles on manual mode which isn't possible with the new version, unfortunately. But there is no point with living in the past because all good things have to come to an end at some point.
  13. I don't gink this race will be any busier than the other races maybe a little due to the new referrals that sign up for the race. Frankly I think these races are pretty lame because really the only people that benefit are the top 3 winning spots. And nothing will be different with this 20k face except for the fact that each position pays the prize multiplied by four. Again, the only people that benefit are the top 3 - 5 positions. The only people that make that list are the super high rollers dropping .01 btc per bet. Just the other day I won .24 btc within two days on keno. I used that money to compete in the small $1000 race they host which is night time where I live. Anyway even with all that money I couldn't even get in the top ten. What's that tell you. The races are designed to let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. As for the 10k giveaway that Eddie is hosting before the race, well thats pretty cool. Sounds like there will be big prizes with that kind money.
  14. Yea I am pretty excited for it to. I'm hoping they make a good one because there is nothing worse than playing a boring slot. My attention span is pretty limited as it is so if the slot is boring I'll give up after a couple pulls. But I think Stake will make a decent one but I guess time will tell.
  15. That's a good question, and I bet they will leave it the same even though technically you should receive more from the slots because of f the higher edge. A good example is toulette, the house edge on roulette is around 5% and we still receive the same for that game.