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  1. This is exciting news for sure. I just hope these challenges are at a time everyone can participate.
  2. Just go into your associated email and type in stake, it will pop up. The first one was with the introduction of the new boost feature. I believe the monthly coupons only pertains to VIPs though
  3. Ok let's not get greedy now. Let's be happy we even get monthly vip coupons and as long as they issue it this month (October) then it's not really a delay is it.
  4. I have to agree with you. It's one slot game being released. No one gets that exstatic unless there's free money involved. I think A lot of these no deposit players are just expecting a free coupon with the game release. I'm more interested in the Sportsbook and what that will look like. To avoid instances like these Stake should only give coupons to regularly depositing players.
  5. My first bet wound be on a New England Patriots Game in the NFL
  6. Well what's your difficulty set at. There are four settings you can choose, low medium, high and original. By default the game starts with a medium setting. Each setting has a different structured payout. The higher the setting the harder it is to win but the payouts are larger.
  7. What's you strategy when you playing keno? Are you betting with 10 numbers or 3 numbers. I would suggest starting with 3 numbers on high and go from there. I tend to get lucky with 3, 4 and 5 numbers with the high setting.
  8. Seems like such a small reward for such a big milestone, in my opinion anyway
  9. I really am just hoping the slot ont suck. All slots are not created equal so Stake better do a good job, which. Sure they will.
  10. That's seems pretty aggressive for such a small multiplier. Usually 99x shouldn't be that difficult at least it isn't in my experience. I bet if you switched your bet up a bit or moved to the low side your odds might have been different?
  11. It's interesting because sometimes when I play auto I can get some good multipliers and build my balance when compared to manual. But then there are times where auto is no good and manual is better so I guess it all depends how the game is playing at the time.
  12. It's funny because the only coinbim in the green on stake is Bitcoin with about .84 overall and every other coin I'm in the negative. Although I don't know how that's possible because I have definitely deposited way more than I have withdrawn
  13. What game were you playing? Congrats that an awesome win. Yea I do the same I will save it up to get a decent balance and then play with it. It is very difficult to not touch it so I have to keep myself busy to take my mind off it lol.
  14. I'll usually claim them and hodl them for a day to build up the balance, then I will play the games per usual. I didn't get the boost this time because I got it in the past but when I did have it I was getting .0001 btc per claim so that was nice.
  15. I really like this idea, to have a 24 hour race would certainly make things interesting. Not only that but we could have bigger prize pools to if they are extended. Imagine a race that was a week long and had a prize pool of 30k lol.. it would be nice.