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  1. So I had to go to a dentist appointment to get my bottom left wisdom tooth pulled. I never ended up getting them pulled when I was younger in age as most people do. I'm 34 now. It all started when a piece of the tooth broke off a couple months back and of course I delayed the inevitable and as a result got infected and had sever pain 2 weeks ago. So I went to the dentist, they took x-rays and instead of pulling it then, gave me antibiotics to take for 3 days and then come back tomorrow pull it. When I went back 3 days later the dentist shot me up with novacaine except I could still feel the sharp pain as soon as he pushed down on it. He then gave me 4 more shots and still nothing. Apparently when you have an infection under the tooth it can neutralize the novacaine and prevent it from working as it should. So he then gave me stronger antibiotics and rescheduled for 7 days and today was the 7th day. This time the novacaine worked and he was able to pull my wisdom tooth. Now that the novacaine has worn off it hurts like a basterd. It's as if the tooth is still there with a sharp throbbing pain. Is this normal? Did anyone else have this kind of pain after getting your wisdom tooth pulled?
  2. This sounds like a lot of fun and the fact that you did it twice I would say it only matter of the before you achieve this feat again. Even better when Stake gets there Sportsbook up and running you can do it right here. I'll have to try this strategy at some point, really cool. Good luck
  3. I would be happy even if the old site stayed the same, any new games that came out just add them to the new platform. As I mentioned a big reason I loved the old platform is a couple of the games played different. For instance in this picture I attached, I would get a win like this on mines once every week or two, literally. This was played on manual mode. This just doesn't seem possible anymore with the new mines when playing on manual mode.
  4. I have never had the balls to ask strangers for money and I don't know how there are players that beg everyday. I only use my money or money I earn from working or providing services. I have tried some of stakes giveaways but usually don't win, especially that discord giveaway. I have yet to win anything on that one, don't know why??
  5. I do that often when I am up or get a good win although ideally need to practice doing that when I'm losing to avoid further losses. The problem is when I'm losing it makes me want to win that much more so I keep going only to lose more.
  6. I hit for 1 Bitcoin after hitting 1000x on Plinko with a .001 btc bet. That was the first time I hit for 1000 on Plinko. Typically I don't bet that high but I had some extra money and I was feeling risky. So my first bet was a bust. I then made the second bet after getting distracted from the TV for 10 minutes and it end up hitting. That was on the old stake platform,an I miss Old stake so much. The good ol days when I could bet 4,000 Satoshi on Mines with a 10 bomb setting and get 9 diamonds in manual mode for a easy 400x multipler. That's just not possible with the Mines on the new stake platform.
  7. Yea everytime I either bet high or get a big win I will immediately getessages and friend request. That's because most of those players with no money just watch the bets from all players and wait for players to get big wins or have money. It must work though because so many people do it. It's a bit sad when you think about it.
  8. It's definitely not easy though because it's a lot harder than just throwing a referral link on social media because no one will click it unless they trust your (usually). I think the best way to go about it is starting a blog or website related to online gaming. I also heard Facebook groups can be successful but that takes time and effort. Getting a whale though, that's what it's all about. If you can get a whale as an affiliate on a platform that pays on wagering you would be all set. It's so hard getting big money spenders though.
  9. I'm pretty sure how much your posting within a timeframe matters as well. You will notice the more you post after a certain amount of posts the rewards slowly decrease. I also think the person's reputation score makes a difference because I'm making more per post now then when I had a lower reputation. Overall I think if you concentrate less on how much each post gets you and instead just go with the flow it will work out best for you.
  10. You forgot to mention that in the following hour after the Mega race, the $5,000 that went to all the stake players who won immediately lost it and gave it right back to the casino.. lmao.. the circle of life! So not only did they get a boost in profits of 0.70 btc in 1 hours time from the mega race with the top 10 players trying to out wager each other but they also got the winnings from the remaining contestants plus the original $5000. Not a bad business to own, huh.
  11. Yes that's true and makes sense, it's probably a lot of work to maintain the website even without changes. What I really miss the most is being able to spam the tiles are n mines in manual mode. Can't seem to do it with the new version.
  12. Hey Stakers As a fan of the old stake platform, I am missing it very much. In my personal opinion, a couple games play a bit different compared to new platform. I was wondering why they didn't keep the old platform as an option for the players . They kept the link for a little while in the footer but for a couple weeks they got rid of it completely. What do you think the reasons were for not keeping it? Was it too expensive to maintain both platforms perhaps? Or maybe they wanted to move on from the old and bring in the new. Personally I thought it was great having both but perhaps it's time to move on.
  13. Left a review for you Eddie, I kept it as honest as I could, thank you for providing 100% effort into making Stake great.
  14. That would be pretty awesome to see someone bet $10 and hit that multipler lol..I hope that person is me one of these days.
  15. Absolutely, it's definitely a great feature that Stake offers their users. It also gives newer users a chance to try out the casino without having to deposit to it. Therefore it's probably a great aquasition tool for Stake and a bonus for the regular users. Stake is also definitely generous to keep the same payouts per post and topic as you mentioned so Thank you Stake