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  1. Babagucci


    Hey Rick, how are you. I think you will end up loving this casino and even better is the planned sports book that stake will introduce in the coming months. Good luck. FYI, Mines is probably my favorite game when it's hot you can make hit big multipliers.
  2. Haha that's pretty funny but dissapointing as well I'm sure. That would be pretty awesome if every bet didn't fall below 1x
  3. Haha that's funny you say that because I have the same experience when those tiles lag. Although I must say I notice that when picking the tiles and one of them end up lagging it usually ends up being a losing tile. Not sure why that happens but no well.
  4. I think a lot of players are right there with you, I know I am. I have made many deposits that just keep busted ng over and over. Stake is not being nice the past few weeks lol. I have a feeling they will let up real soon though, hang in there
  5. For me personally, I think the game would improve tremendously if there were more betting options like being able to put the chips on the lines and corners. Its so limited with how it's set now. As for the chips I think the way it's set up now is perfect.
  6. I wasn't bitching about the coupons, I enjoy the coupons.. I was just making the point that coupons only cost them money in the short term. It's gambling 101
  7. For me I definitely have to say by Plane. Although it's always a bit freaky flying it's certainly the most fun being miles up in the sky flying at 500 mph. Then you get a bit of turbulence and that's when the real fun begins lol
  8. You forgot GTA ..that to me is by far the best game ever
  9. Babagucci

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Nice win, I've been trying to get a crazy multiplier myself like a 20k but no luck. I have no problem hit that multiplier when I'm better 5x, go figure
  10. The coupons are not costing them money, in fact it's only increasing profits. Sure maybe in the very short term(day or two) it costs them money but 9 out of 10 players using the coupon is live the money right back. There's a reason Stake is as successful as they are and they are not in the business of losing money. All their giveaways, challenges, and coupons, bonuses, they get all that money back 10x. Look at the challenges for example, 99% of the players attempting to complete a challenge will wager more than the actual prize won by the time they complete it. That's if they can even complete the challenge.
  11. It would be nice if they offered the challenges twice a day so people from different timezones can have a chance to play.
  12. Try Skrill ..I know they have recently got into the crypto business and then there is Neteller as well. Not sure if you can use either or those two companies but might be worth a shot. Good luck!
  13. I love using the cash app, I probably use I a couple times a week. As for buying Bitcoin with square I don't do yet just because you have too wait over 24 hours just to withdraw any Bitcoin from the app but once they enable instant withdrawals which I'm sure they will do then I will start buying Bitcoin on the app. They are making the right moves.
  14. Ouch yea I hear you that's why they should increase the multipliers. Better yet what if they added a variable payout option. So Everytime you spun the wheel you can win 2x or you can win 1000x but the player doesn't find out until the wheel stops and it displays the multiplier. I guess it could be called a mystery wheel or something along those lines... that might be cool.
  15. That's the most ridiculous story I ever heard lol. NSA would never waste their time, effort ,and resources to find the creator of Bitcoin. What benefit would they get by a achieving this? There are no US laws that allow the govt to spy, view, or use surveillance on American citizens without a warrent unless they are suspected to be a terrorist.