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  1. Those two games are some of my favorites. I Definitely win a lot more on Keno than Plinko. It's very difficult getting those top multipliers on Plinko. With keno I constantly get 270x or 350x.
  2. Good to know, thanks for sharing that info. I was actually thinking about that earlier today and now I know.
  3. Not surprising, now that pay per post is back to normal players lose the motivation perhaps. I know I haven't been on in a while but that's just because I've been busy with other things. Maybe we just ran out of things to talk about, I mean how many times can we discuss the same things over and over?
  4. MINES: 14,805,911,240 placed by Babagucci on 18/01/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 189.75x Profit 0.01887500
  5. Dice: DICE: 14,370,091,913 placed by Babagucci on 11/01/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 14.002799987792969x Profit 0.00130028
  6. Stake doesn't rig the system even though it may feel like that at times. From my personal experience playing at so many different casinos and gaming platforms similar to stake I have realized Stake is definitely the most transparent casino you will play at. Eddie seems to be a no-bullsgit kind of guy and will tell it to you straight. He obviously wants his casino to succeed and that wouldn't happen if it was rigged in any way. The fact is we will lose more times than we will win. Sometimes you will get winning streaks and other times losing streaks. It's easy to put the blame on the casino when your losing but the fact is your having an unlucky session which could last minutes, hours, days and even weeks. Although it's interesting because I have noticed that when all of us are playing on stake we either lose together or win together. Not sure why that is though
  7. So what was you strategy to get that 9 Bitcoin? Did you chase high multipliers or low ones? I would love to hear more detail because that's pretty effin amazing going from .02 - 9 bitcoin
  8. So here's the question I have for everyone. We all know @Edward is going to draw the winners live on his Twitch channel right. Buy how is he going to choose the winners? Will a player having 100 tickets have a better chance than a player with 1 ticket? I guess it all depends how the algorithm picks the winners, right?
  9. The best game to get huge multipliers is either Crash, Mines (auto bet) or Limbo because obviously with those two games your wins can be endless pretty much. As for myself I stick with plink and keno because of the smaller multipliers like 259x or 300x. I have seen people get some high results on that limbo game. Imagine getting a 100,000x multiplier. I have also seen players score multipliers in the millions on Mines.
  10. I have gotten some nice wins on keno and Plinko. The highest multiplier I have gotten so far is 2600x on mines but it was a low bet amount. Hit 1000x a couple times and keno I have hit 259x a bunch and I hit 700x once betting .0001 btc so that was nice. One of the times I hit 1000x on Plinko I was betting .001 btc so I better a full Bitcoin.
  11. That could be a great idea, when you think about it. This is my second year at stake. At any job you work at you get yearly raises with a nice bonus so why not at Stake. Lol. But the idea @ThepugMentioned about a birthday bonus I think that's also a great idea. Many casinos have birthday bonuses so I think it's only fitting Stake had one too.
  12. Slots: SLOTS: 13,104,540,038 placed by Babagucci on 21/12/2019 Wagered 0.00800000 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.01600000
  13. The forum referral is for anyone you refer to the forum only. They used to pay you a percentage of your referrals posts. However Dan has mentioned that they no longer implement the referral program for the forum because people were abusing the system and taking advantage (self-referrals, etc..):so essentially it means nothing now. You will want to focus soley on you casino affiliate links to earn commission off your referrals game play.
  14. They did do a bonus for the TRX but I think only to VIP's or perhaps certain tiers. I got a small bonus, it was the pre-monthly bonus which they have done since last month.
  15. First of all I think it's amazing that Stake is running this massive giveaway. There are not to many casino that would give away this kind of money. It just shows the growth Stake is experiencing in the last year. $25,000 is a lot of money and there are so many things you could do with it. Who ever does win this prize will be one happy person.