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  1. Babagucci

    Mines bomb

    I haven't come across any other games that is 100% random when it comes to gambling. Because although the seed outcome is totally random your still dealing with the house edge which also plays a big role in your ability to win a bet. Changing your bet amount absolutely plays a factor as well as it correlates with the house edge. Have you ever noticed on, let's say Dice, where you have a set bet amount and you are playing but keep losing. Then you lower your vet significantly and all of a sudden on your next roll you end up winning. That's because the house edge is tied in with each bet. My guess is some type of algorithm recognizes the vet change and then adjusts the house edge accordingly. It's easier to hit a 1000x bet on Plinko with 100 Satoshi than it is betting 100,000 Satoshi. But hey that's just my opinion of course. If you analyze your betting history it will tell the story.
  2. Babagucci

    Mines bomb

    That's because for the most part the bonbs do follow you. See when you start a game the outcome is already made you just don't know yet. See it mostly depends on your seed aside from the edge which also affects your games outcome but the seed determines a number when you start the game. For this example let's say that number is 4. That means no matter where you tap the tile on the board, you will have 4 green tiles before your next tile is a bomb. So essentially before you start the game it already knows how many green tiles you are allowed before you bust. You ever notice how when your playing and you hit a tile and it's a bomb but you see green tiles surrounding the area as if you just selected the tile next to it you would have been ok, nope..doesn't matter it's all for show lol
  3. Babagucci

    Stake Cafe Anyone?

    This would be a really cool idea actually, imagine your with friends playing Mines together on the Big screen. But in the end it is essentially a brick n mortor casino. But the ideas of what it could turn into are brilliant. Who know, maybe down the road we might have a Stake cafe..lol
  4. Babagucci

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    He's like the king at Mines lol.. I have one question though @Faris how long do you think it took to hit those. I imagine you set it on auto bet and just go to sleep and when you wake up your either at zero or a ridiculous amount of Bitcoin haha. That would be a great win to wake up too though.
  5. Babagucci

    ooops i did it again :o

    Nice multipliers for sure. That win on Plinko was nice to get..I have been trying to get that but no luck. Shoot I haven't even hit the 1000x on Plinko lol. Those Dice wins would have been great if you were actually betting some good money huh.. nice wins though either way. Goodjob
  6. You know what DP is good for a few good wins usually. I have played it a bunch of times when my balance is low and need a boost. Lately however it has been the opposite for me. Everytime I open the game I get a couple times on the first rolls and then a loss. That's when I end the game because that usually means it won't be a good session. I have three same luck with BJ. I can never win at those games..lol
  7. Babagucci

    Plinko 5k

    Now when you say it took your 3 days to hit were you going at it on auto or manual. And do you have long sessions? I have been trying to hit 1000x for so long I feel like I will never get the 5000x lol. I will keep trying to get it no doubt but I don't know if it's possible for me
  8. Babagucci

    When stressed of all option.

    I think at that point you got to do option C. If you are busting with your deposits, rain, faucets ect.. then getting a little more won't make a difference. You have to give it a break, regroup and come back when your level headed. The problem is when players keep losing they will continue to try harder to get gains and make up for the losses but 9 times out of 10 you will just dig yourself in a deeper hole. As a player you can typically tell when your going to have a good day or bad day in the beginning of your betting. Also I haven't received rain in weeks from Stake so that is whole other story.
  9. Babagucci

    Do you keep up with your own topics?

    I think the notifications are the only way to really keep track of all your topics and comments. Of course I think for most people the topics we create really only get tracked if people are responding otherwise we also forget about them. It does feel good though when a lot of people do respond to your topics, at least for me that's the case.
  10. Babagucci

    For 5000x, is it plinko or dice?

    Nice win..for the life of me I can hit the max prize on Plinko. It's like the game hates me lol
  11. Babagucci

    Quickly use or let it build?

    It varies for me..sometimes I try to let it build as you have a better shot at turning it into profit and other yes I'm low on funds and have no choice but to withdraw it as soon as I can.
  12. Babagucci

    Is it worth the risk?

    I would say it's worth the risk if you have some to spare. Of course it will be worth the risk if you end up hitting on one of those big bets. You gotta figure though it probably won't be your first bet with auch higher bet amount so you got to figure you will lose a few first. But if your normal routine isn't working then what's the point of continuing on that path. You might as well just hand them your money. The only way you will find out is by doing it. So I would say yes it is worth the risk because if you end up hitting on one of those bets it will certainly pay off.
  13. Babagucci

    Thoughts on the updated Plinko?

    I'm right there with you the new payouts only increase profits for the casino. For me personally it was impossible to hit the 1000x but now I know I'll definitely never hit the 5000x unless I bet 1 Satoshi which is something I don't do. Any changes you see with these games will only help Stake earn more profit. Today has been a total loss on all games played. I'm Lucky if Stake drops the edge at least one day a week to win a little money.
  14. Babagucci

    Favorite movie of all time?

    Without a doubt my favorite movie of all time is Braveheart. I think I was about 12 years old when it came out. First time I saw it in the movie theater and it changed my life.. lol.. I assume a lot of younger people (non-millennials) have not seen it so if you haven't I definitely recommend you do.
  15. So far after playing all the games with different techniques, the highest profit I have made was playing Mines. I would set to a 10 - 13 mine setting and spam the blocks in Manuel mode. I will stick with a certain pattern and repeat multiple times. If I don't hit after 10 tries or so I will switch my patter and usually it hits right away.