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  1. Babagucci

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    Twitter username: Shieldzzzy84
  2. Babagucci

    Hello guys :D today I hit 56x 2 times

    Just one 5.5 milx would be amazing..lol ..idk how some of those players got those multipliers.
  3. Babagucci

    Hello guys :D today I hit 56x 2 times

    I wonder if you would of hit that betting big money. I feel like anytime a player hits a high multiplier like 460x or 1000x on Plinko they are betting less than a penny. Maybe I'm wrong. Congrats on your win.
  4. Babagucci

    πŸŽ„ [1.5 BTC] Advent Calendar Challenge!

    Gotta Love December, thanks Stake!
  5. MINES: 1,750,677,561 placed by Babagucci on 02/12/2018 Wagered 0.00003600 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 0.00994777
  6. Babagucci

    Record Mines 13 Boms

    I'm still waiting for my big win lol
  7. Babagucci

    Biggest win on wheel

    Probably my least favorite game on Stake. Doesn't have that wow factor.
  8. Hate to say it guys but it he correction is not done yet, I think it's has to fall to the prices it was at before it really started taking off ($1,500's). We have to wait for that before it really starts trending north again. At least that's what I have noticed with any asset or stock that has a massive bull run like bitcoin did. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Babagucci

    Floyd "Crypto" Mayweather and Dj Khaled fined by the SEC

    Not surprised with this news..seen this coming a mile away. The worst part is Mayweather was encouraging is followers to buy into the scam. He clearly doesn't care at all about his fans. With him, it's all about the money and he already has so much of it. So dissapointing.
  10. Babagucci

    🎨 Hilo Redesigned

    Hilo another favorite of mine. The redesign looks great. Although for me personally the yellow doesn't seem to mesh to well with the neon green and purple. Have you tried a light or dark pink instead of yellow. That could blend well with the purple. Just my opinion of course. Keep up the great work! 😎
  11. Babagucci

    🎨 Keno Redesigned

    I personally love the colors, they really pop. Goes well with the dark theme. Keep up the great work. Keno is one of my favorites at Stake although my luck has been telling a different story. 😯
  12. Babagucci

    Did you win any giveaway?

    Out of all the giveaways i have enteredI have only won once but hey, that's better than none.
  13. Babagucci

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #12

    Twitter username: @Shieldzzzy84
  14. Babagucci

    Different shape, different outcome?

    It wouldn't matter because the ball knows exactly where it's going to end up as soon as you drop the ball. All the bouncing is just for effect. Hace you ever noticed the invisible walls and magnet effect the ball has which can be seen if you watch closely.