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  1. That's seems pretty aggressive for such a small multiplier. Usually 99x shouldn't be that difficult at least it isn't in my experience. I bet if you switched your bet up a bit or moved to the low side your odds might have been different?
  2. It's interesting because sometimes when I play auto I can get some good multipliers and build my balance when compared to manual. But then there are times where auto is no good and manual is better so I guess it all depends how the game is playing at the time.
  3. It's funny because the only coinbim in the green on stake is Bitcoin with about .84 overall and every other coin I'm in the negative. Although I don't know how that's possible because I have definitely deposited way more than I have withdrawn
  4. What game were you playing? Congrats that an awesome win. Yea I do the same I will save it up to get a decent balance and then play with it. It is very difficult to not touch it so I have to keep myself busy to take my mind off it lol.
  5. I'll usually claim them and hodl them for a day to build up the balance, then I will play the games per usual. I didn't get the boost this time because I got it in the past but when I did have it I was getting .0001 btc per claim so that was nice.
  6. I really like this idea, to have a 24 hour race would certainly make things interesting. Not only that but we could have bigger prize pools to if they are extended. Imagine a race that was a week long and had a prize pool of 30k lol.. it would be nice.
  7. That's true, you really can't trust anyone when it comes to online, people are most likely getting Catfished everyday. I would like to think that you could somewhat gauge the player by their VIP status and much they wager but clearly you can't. I have only issued a loan a couple times but this is the first where someone didn't pay back unfortunately. I made a judgement call and I was wrong, lesson learned. I just didn't by want anyone be else to get suckered by this player.
  8. Yes that is pretty dumb, because even someone selling VIP accounts the money they have to spend to get to that point will be a lot more than what they are getting. For the sale. If I was to sell my account it would be a lot more than 💯 that's for sure
  9. I feel your pain, so many players you never seen before attack you once you catch big wins, it's craziness
  10. No, not 3 years ago it was 3 weeks ago. I am thinking the same, why risk your hard earned reputation over $10 Your right, to prove I'm not trolling or providing fake news here is a screenshot.
  11. Here I felt I needed to start a list , not just for me but everyone who has pent money out and never got it back. I feel like I have been seeing more and more messages the past couple months about players getting burned. So too prevent more players from getting burned and loaning money to these thieves I am starting a list. If you have players that we should beware of comment below. Some of the players are who you would least expect. I gave a loan for .001 Bitcoin to a player that goes by username: Demarkus89 ..he has a gold star level rating so I thought he would definitely pay me back but I was clearly wrong. I gave him a loan for a 4 day expiration. That was over 3 weeks ago. Everyday he tells excuses like he will pay in one more day or two more days, or his wallet isn't working and he contacted support blah blah blah. Every excuse in the book. The sad part is it's only $10 USD. So if this person asks for a loan you have been warned.
  12. So it seems the balance bug is back at it with my balances not properly updating correctly. On two different occasions today as I was playing a game I would place a bet and a message popped up stating insufficient funds yet it showed I had more than enough to place the bet. It wasn't until I refreshed the page where my balance updates to it's true amount.
  13. Definitely a great idea if this comes to fruition. So personally have been asking for something like this but even more so a function for our rakeback as well. It would be great to be able to see our available rakeback without having to go through support. It's always great to see Eddie and Stake continually try to improve the website and make a better user experience overall.
  14. I usually use chrome or some version of chrome such as brave browser. They both work pretty well for mobile gameplay. The chrome app is also pretty cool as it allows you to connect right to stake without having to put it in the browser.
  15. You just gave the answer to your own question. $10,000 is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things because most of their high rollers drop that in a day. And yes all those winnings that are paid out with races and promos are given right back. Most the players competing in these races are spending a lot more than what they are actually winning.
  16. That's typical Stake tactics, actually that seems to happen at many casinos. Your playing with a higher bet and can't win anything and as soon as you lower the bet you start winning. That kind of stuff drives me nuts.
  17. No success stories for me yet. It seems like I can't get anywhere with my rakeback and it's always a good amount to start. Same goes for the coupons for whatever reason I always bust on these.
  18. I know I have hit multiple times on the same numbers are n both the same session and different sessions. I tend to fluctuate the bet amount constantly which seems to work a good amount of the time.
  19. I definitely think hunting is worth it on Stake, that's the main attraction to the casinos because you can hunt big multiplers. Where else can you get a 5 mil multipler on a bet. I like keno or mines or Plinko for the big multiplers.
  20. Yea it was cutting off half of my paragraph, normally it wouldn't have bothered me too much but it just happened to be when we had the challenge for writing our stake experience in 100 words lol..it hasn't happened since so who knows.
  21. Babagucci


    Hey Stake staff including @Edward .. we really need to get this option implemented if at all possible so players can see what they have for available rakeback without asking support. I have noticed a few of the support staff are clearly getting aggrevated with us asking for a rakeback balance updates constantly because instead of telling us or rather showing us with a screenshot when we ask, instead they will just go straight to crediting our rakeback to the account. This is an obvious sign that they don't want to deal with it anymore and frankly I don't blame them because it's probably getting annoying and repetitive.
  22. You know what I thought that it would be impossible to hit the royal flush while auto betting but maybe that's the secret to get the top prize. From now on I'm gunna play with auto only until I hit that prize lol
  23. Nice hit @Paecga129 ...I have been hitting on keno a lot myself, the game has been very good the last couple weeks. I have been playing 3 & 4 spots on Hard setting and having great success with it. I hit for .24 btc 2 weeks ago but of course that money is long gone by now unfortunately. Although since then I have been getting continuous hits so it's nice for sure.
  24. Actually playing Plinko can be pretty beneficial with low balances although it's usually only for a short time. But there have been more than one occasion where I would start with a balance of 2,000 satoshi, placing 100 sat bets I managed to work my balance up to .001 btc pretty quickly. But I have realized that once you do get it up to an amount close to this you need to move on to another game otherwise you will end up giving it all back.
  25. What kind of question is this? These are the type of questions we can expect now that the minimums were raised I see. Nobody is happy when they are losing and no one can train themselves to be happy when your losing either. When you deposit money into a casino and get ready to play your not thinking about the potential loss, your thinking about the big wins you got in the past and the hopes to get it again. Your endorphins are elevated and your happy not realizing that your most likely about to lose your money again. But as gamblers are optimistic people, you tell yourself your gunna win. That's just how it is.