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  1. Nouuuu daar ben ik weer the skeer for hehehe
  2. Martingale method does not help haha. I create my own methods/tactics. If you want, I can learn you this one that I am using at the moment. Ask @Etude it's a really good tactic! When I reach 2BTC, I will make 0.02 BTC/day. *dreaming*
  3. date: amount of hours have been working amount: my balance (in doge) actual date: (my time) date + time amount expected: how much balance expected (in doge) Not sharing it haha
  4. Hi, So I have this new strat, and for that you need a minimum of 2 of the coin you use. Well, 2 btc is a lot, but that's where I am going for right now. Using my strat at the moment with DOGE. And hope to get to 2 BTC, so I can use my strat on btc. Here is a spreadsheet I use, to look at how far I am..; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hDSt2gu5-CccPmPCEPXmnacFFpGWjevfSoRPAE_umQE/edit?usp=sharing (Probs never going to reach 2BTC) Bye!
  5. I once showed a dice roll that I made (that made me some dogees), directly after I got messaged by a person that said he wanted some doge. I said; "no.", then he said he would pay back, swearing to god. And I didnt respond
  6. Maybe like "rock, paper scissors" game? ☺️ I do love your idea tho 😍
  7. Your the winner (the only one that wrote a WHOLE text). I send you a friend request
  8. Hi, Title says all, when I reach the 100.000 bets on my account for DOGE, I will giveaway 100 DOGE + my private strat where I made 100 doge with in the last 24 hours. How can I join? Just react under this topic with your stake username, you doge balance at the moment, and why you need the doge + strat. (You may NOT share the strat) I am autobetting 25/7 so cant take long anymore (now at 90000) Bye!
  9. Not true, my last strategy I made is automatic, and 0% chance the bust. I made 5 doge overnight. Think if I did this with btc.. (I do not have enough btc 😂) NOT MY STRAT?!?!?! 😲 You failed me @Etude 😤
  10. I love bitcoins, and I think it has a big future. But don't go to fast up, because the fall will be harder then. I am buying btc now already to sell later when it goes up again.
  11. Looks cool, but it doesn't have to be only profitable by us, Stake needs to make profit tooo 😂
  12. I can maybe create one + create a bot where you can bet with on stake (looking with 1 eye on stake api). But idk if I should tho..
  13. Heya! This is my thread about my own upcoming investment site. That got released today! here are the plans I have: Silver, 4.23% back/hour. For 24 hours (1 day) Gold, 1.46% back/hour. For 72 hours (3 days) Platinum, 0.679% back/hour. For 168 hours (1 week) SUPREME, 0.243% back/hour For 720 hours (1 month) Here are the deposing methods: Bitcoin (Fee: 0$ + 0%) Perfect Money (Fee: 3$ + 5%) PayPal (Fee: 0$ + 20%) Ethereum (Fee: 7.50$ + 1%) Dogecoin (Fee: 1$ + 3%) Advcash (Fee: 1$ + 5%) Here are the withdrawing methods: Bitcoin (Fee: 3$ + 0.5%) Perfect Money (Fee: 3$ + 7.5%) PayPal (Fee: 3$ + 25%) Ethereum (Fee: 3$ + 5%) Dogecoin (Fee: 3$ + 5%) Advcash (Fee: 3$ + 7.5%) The fees are not my choice, I trade in btc. And the exchange from btc to PM/PP and PM/PP to btc, costs that much. When the site opens, there will be an promo: 10% extra at deposts 20% of what your referral earns After the 1 month, it will be changed back to normal: 0% extra at deposts 7.5% of what your referral earns Click here to go to the site: https://bitinvest.pw/ I hope you guys can trust me in making your money more.