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  1. Aaron

    Waar zijn alle Nederlandstaligen hier?

    Nouuuu daar ben ik weer the skeer for hehehe
  2. Aaron

    Road to 2 BTC

    Martingale method does not help haha. I create my own methods/tactics. If you want, I can learn you this one that I am using at the moment. Ask @Etude it's a really good tactic! When I reach 2BTC, I will make 0.02 BTC/day. *dreaming*
  3. Aaron

    Road to 2 BTC

    date: amount of hours have been working amount: my balance (in doge) actual date: (my time) date + time amount expected: how much balance expected (in doge) Not sharing it haha
  4. Aaron

    Road to 2 BTC

    Hi, So I have this new strat, and for that you need a minimum of 2 of the coin you use. Well, 2 btc is a lot, but that's where I am going for right now. Using my strat at the moment with DOGE. And hope to get to 2 BTC, so I can use my strat on btc. Here is a spreadsheet I use, to look at how far I am..; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hDSt2gu5-CccPmPCEPXmnacFFpGWjevfSoRPAE_umQE/edit?usp=sharing (Probs never going to reach 2BTC) Bye!
  5. Aaron

    Alternate? Alternative?

    I once showed a dice roll that I made (that made me some dogees), directly after I got messaged by a person that said he wanted some doge. I said; "no.", then he said he would pay back, swearing to god. And I didnt respond
  6. Aaron

    Player Vs Player Game

    Maybe like "rock, paper scissors" game? ☺️ I do love your idea tho 😍
  7. Your the winner (the only one that wrote a WHOLE text). I send you a friend request
  8. It does work, (made 1000 dogees overnight)
  9. Hi, Title says all, when I reach the 100.000 bets on my account for DOGE, I will giveaway 100 DOGE + my private strat where I made 100 doge with in the last 24 hours. How can I join? Just react under this topic with your stake username, you doge balance at the moment, and why you need the doge + strat. (You may NOT share the strat) I am autobetting 25/7 so cant take long anymore (now at 90000) Bye!
  10. Aaron

    Is it your Birthday?

    22th of August
  11. Aaron

    So, strategic or lucky?

    Not true, my last strategy I made is automatic, and 0% chance the bust. I made 5 doge overnight. Think if I did this with btc.. (I do not have enough btc 😂) NOT MY STRAT?!?!?! 😲 You failed me @Etude 😤
  12. Aaron

    Will the crypto currency bubble burst in 2019?

    I love bitcoins, and I think it has a big future. But don't go to fast up, because the fall will be harder then. I am buying btc now already to sell later when it goes up again.
  13. Aaron

    New game idea: Towers at Stake!

    Looks cool, but it doesn't have to be only profitable by us, Stake needs to make profit tooo 😂
  14. Aaron


    I can maybe create one + create a bot where you can bet with on stake (looking with 1 eye on stake api). But idk if I should tho..
  15. Aaron

    Invest your money today!

    Heya! This is my thread about my own upcoming investment site. That got released today! here are the plans I have: Silver, 4.23% back/hour. For 24 hours (1 day) Gold, 1.46% back/hour. For 72 hours (3 days) Platinum, 0.679% back/hour. For 168 hours (1 week) SUPREME, 0.243% back/hour For 720 hours (1 month) Here are the deposing methods: Bitcoin (Fee: 0$ + 0%) Perfect Money (Fee: 3$ + 5%) PayPal (Fee: 0$ + 20%) Ethereum (Fee: 7.50$ + 1%) Dogecoin (Fee: 1$ + 3%) Advcash (Fee: 1$ + 5%) Here are the withdrawing methods: Bitcoin (Fee: 3$ + 0.5%) Perfect Money (Fee: 3$ + 7.5%) PayPal (Fee: 3$ + 25%) Ethereum (Fee: 3$ + 5%) Dogecoin (Fee: 3$ + 5%) Advcash (Fee: 3$ + 7.5%) The fees are not my choice, I trade in btc. And the exchange from btc to PM/PP and PM/PP to btc, costs that much. When the site opens, there will be an promo: 10% extra at deposts 20% of what your referral earns After the 1 month, it will be changed back to normal: 0% extra at deposts 7.5% of what your referral earns Click here to go to the site: https://bitinvest.pw/ I hope you guys can trust me in making your money more.