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  1. Hello Stake, I am back to Stake yet again. I am planning to start my loan service again. But I need a loan of 90-100$ first. I hope that somebody can trust me with a that big amount. I won't use it for gambling, and I will pay back double within 1 week. PM me if somebody can give me that loan. Thanks!
  2. Aaron

    Invest your money today!

    Heya! This is my thread about my own upcoming investment site. That got released today! here are the plans I have: Silver, 4.23% back/hour. For 24 hours (1 day) Gold, 1.46% back/hour. For 72 hours (3 days) Platinum, 0.679% back/hour. For 168 hours (1 week) SUPREME, 0.243% back/hour For 720 hours (1 month) Here are the deposing methods: Bitcoin (Fee: 0$ + 0%) Perfect Money (Fee: 3$ + 5%) PayPal (Fee: 0$ + 20%) Ethereum (Fee: 7.50$ + 1%) Dogecoin (Fee: 1$ + 3%) Advcash (Fee: 1$ + 5%) Here are the withdrawing methods: Bitcoin (Fee: 3$ + 0.5%) Perfect Money (Fee: 3$ + 7.5%) PayPal (Fee: 3$ + 25%) Ethereum (Fee: 3$ + 5%) Dogecoin (Fee: 3$ + 5%) Advcash (Fee: 3$ + 7.5%) The fees are not my choice, I trade in btc. And the exchange from btc to PM/PP and PM/PP to btc, costs that much. When the site opens, there will be an promo: 10% extra at deposts 20% of what your referral earns After the 1 month, it will be changed back to normal: 0% extra at deposts 7.5% of what your referral earns Click here to go to the site: https://bitinvest.pw/ I hope you guys can trust me in making your money more.
  3. Aaron

    [Selling] BTC for PayPal

    Selling BTC for Paypal Buy 10$ btc for 15$ PayPal Contact me now, bye!
  4. Aaron

    Waar zijn alle Nederlandstaligen hier?

    @Kristoffff wnnr ga je koekjes voor me bakken?
  5. Whahhaha looool, love it. But I dont have it loool
  6. Whuutttt I dont have it looool
  7. Aaron

    Road to the 1 BTC

    Just lost everything with your strat...
  8. Aaron

    Road to the 1 BTC

    Hey! Today a new thread! About my road to the 1 BTC. I am gonna try to get to the 1 BTC. With only have deposited 100$. You can follow my story now, by clicking the button right-above in the corner! STATS Current balance: 0.00406347 I began some days ago, then I only told it in the chat. Now I made a thread about it. LOGS [DONT KNOW DATE] I have deposited around 100$ on bitcoins. And gave it as loans away. I now have 0 balance. [12-10-2017] I got a loan back from kaleemmalik071. I asked him how much he made. And he said above 0.01. I asked him for his strat, he gave it to me I got 0.00016 from his loan, with his strat I made 0.0004! Let's see how it goes! STRATS I USE AT THE MOMENT Kaleemmalik071 strat LAST UPDATE: 12-10-2017. NOTES: NEW UPDATE TOMORROW!
  9. Hello! Today a tutorial of how to get an heart or highroller tag in-chat. Here: Heart (Forum Hero) = Make everyday 10 posts on the forum Fireball (Highroller) = Your profit must to be above 0.02 BTC or your profit must to be less then -0.02 BTC Yay another thread! Cya!
  10. Aaron

    An old but working strat!

    Yeah, just have a big budget
  11. Aaron

    An old but working strat!

    Hey! Another strategy. I think the most people know how it works. Well, I tested my own start (I make my own strategies if u didn't know it). And I lost a lot of bits from it! Like 1100 bits. (Maybe for bigmoney people nothing, but for me it is a lot). So I tried to old but gold method. Go to dice, and click on autobet. Do payout 2x, and do base bet how much u want. Make sure u have a lot between what u have an what you bet. (I bet 1bit, while my balance is 1000 bits). Now just click on start automatic betting and watch! Here was my live stats: As u also can see, on the moment when it went up really slow, I betted 0.10 bits. Now I bet 1 and it goes a lot faster. Btw, my method that I was trying was that before. You bet a lot, but you also make a lot of profit when you are lucky! That is it for today!