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  1. Ok guys stop it now. Stop commenting, we're just wasting our time here. Don't have to leave a comment saying you agree or no. Just react here with love or sad if you agree or no
  2. This is bullshit. As if stake will do such thing, put a mining script in the site for what? For a couple of cryptos? Really? Stake will destroy it's reputation for a couple of crypto? And if Stake is doing such thing, why do a lot of giveaway if the small cryptos counts
  3. Since the release of stake v2 with it's new feature instant result, almost every game I play, I play with instant result. Because it saves so much time specially on plinko. But yes, other games still have a slight animation even tho instant bet is already activated. Having instant result on all of the games will be good in my opinion.
  4. ekzxc

    I finally hit it!

    What the actual fuck? Finally, someone managed to hit the highest multiplier in Limbo. I've seen a lot having million multiplier but not hitting the max payout. Congrats on this!
  5. Piece of advice, run while you still can. Lol kidding, have fun busting your cryptos!
  6. I don't think playing there is a good idea. Since it's not advisable to play there anymore according to the admin. Plus the only thing that's left in there is the design, the game settings have changed already. So there's no more reason to play there. And what mobile phone are you playing stake v2? Stake v2 works fine on my phone. So if you have any issue on the v2, maybe it's your phone's problem?
  7. ekzxc

    Goodbye 5000x

    Same goes to me, the first day that 5000x came out I already tried hitting it but no luck. But when it got reverted to 1000x, the very first day I hit it. So I got a little annoyed about it That statistic is already proven wrong, by the guy who made a post about hitting 1000x plinko. He reached 100k rolls still no 1000x. So it just depends on your luck, not on the statistics
  8. I don't see any changes between mines1 and mines2 other than the enhanced design. How provably fair works seems the same.