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  1. Chat game : rock paper scissors

    How about expanding on this, a load of simple in-chat games which can be used for when people host tip games? If it's not too much for the developers
  2. Add Loan command to stake chat

    Maybe the receiving user must agree to the loan?
  3. My biggest Payout on HiLo

    I find myself cashing out way before I can get a multiplier like that.. Good luck with the 10k
  4. Proof of withdrawals and an active community are usually good indicators..
  5. Diamond's Worth

    Good luck stakers!
  6. (seeking) Loan 0.002

    Sent 125k, as agreed over PMs
  7. Bytecoin

    I know it's been around for a while now, just wanted to know what your thoughts were on it. Like many other alts it's been going up a lot! Any investors here on stake?
  8. Your Favourite Game of 2017

    My chosen favorite game of 2017 was blackjack, it's a great mix of chance and skill, it has helped me recover losses from other games more times than I can count. I would love it if stake would implement a slot game; most fiat ones have ridiculous house edges, stake's would be far more reasonable.
  9. code: BCN invested: $20,000 ----- code: ZEC invested: $20,000 ----- code: NEO invested: $20,000 ----- code: DASH invested: $20,000 ----- code: BCH invested: $20,000
  10. Snike's tiplog - The ultimate achievement

    Made the cut a couple times You ever had crazy luck with the tips?
  11. PvP games would be great, but would make faucet abuse easier.
  12. Is Bitcoin gambling?

    I believe it is, pretty much any investment is. Bitcoin especially could easily collapse or rise like crazy at any moment.