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  1. I totally agree with the post, the meter in the safe of your cryptocurrencies is a problem and that for a few days that I have had a lot of movement in the market, we do not know what happened to the prices. Hopefully developers will read this post and implement it shortly
  2. Be very careful with those things that happen a lot hahaha. If you won something in the casino and that was your goal from the beginning. Retire, there is no more. The time I spent more time on Stake.com was when I had a deposit saved there and decided to try all the games on the page, it was quite fun and I made profits for a while but I kept playing more than I should and ended up losing everything. Even so, my goal was not to win, but to have fun and it was a goal accomplished
  3. OOOOMMMMGGG, if these slots land on Stake.com, I'm going to enjoy a little more since the slots so far have been bad enough for me so it's never too late to keep trying
  4. Thanks for the information, you should be very careful who we talk to and who we trust ... You never know if even your best friend can betray you.