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  1. GodLoft

    Count in pictures

  2. GodLoft

    Last letter game!!

  3. lub= love enude = etude never sleep = etude
  4. GodLoft

    I'm new here

    Hi Highstake06 Welcome to stake forum Stake Btc min wd 0.002 btc , fee 0.0003 btc Eth min wd 0.01 eth, fee 0.0003 eth Stake forum min wd 0.0005 btc
  5. GodLoft

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    @Faris not like female stripper he like male enjoy Faris and Thug
  6. GodLoft

    Genesis Mining trolls Warren Buffet

    its funny , This reminds me of the movie "Three Billboard Outside Abing, Missouri"
  7. this great news for eth, but i surprise why not btc
  8. GodLoft

    Anonnep Multi-site Coin Exchange/Transfer Services

    prime dice exchange fee? 70k pd bal
  9. if you are short term investor, this right time to invest , if you are long term investor, wait will fall below 5k
  10. GodLoft

    Last letter game!!

  11. GodLoft

    Highest win on Chartbet?

    I saw 20kx in chartbet but 5 mil x is impossible in chartbet
  12. Maybe this time btc hit 10k