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  1. Godfather I, II Q: What is one thing you refuse to share?
  2. My crazy strategy is plinko martingale, yeah I know that's crazy , but I like it, High risk pin 16 some free rolls (10+ free rolls) And base bet 128 sats Stake username Godloft
  3. Congrats for your 100 post, it's wonderful idea to invest at stake because if your goal only 1% or max 5% of your deposit. You easily achieved your goal. Dice l, limbo and my favourite mines is good game,
  4. Client seed and server seed is very important, in my opinion if you lose too much or win too much , change your seed
  5. I saw only few times rain bot, rainbotnNG every 15 min with 5k sats. RainbotNG is good, because rainbot prize very low I am fan of rollhunt , so my suggestion is, rollhunt
  6. I really fan of forums, i read many blog and visit news site, but forums are awesome, because there we connect each other and tell our problems and get advice , share our experiences, and read other users experience. In stake forum, many good strategy here, and many big hit hall of fame, my fav mines hit, specially 5.5 mil hits. And here many giveaway.
  7. That's cool idea, In profile we can add our biggest achievement. Bet id and profit. And also stake level , like gold, silver, platinum .
  8. All-in is my favorite strategy, mostly it works, but sometimes one unlucky click and all money is gone, I try 1.10x in dice, limbo and mines, and sometimes wheel 1.20x Dice 1.10x dangerous, limbo 1.10x much better
  9. I only like bitcoin, and I prefer to withdraw a minimum of 0.01 BTC, if my balance is less than 0.01, I send my balance into the vault.
  10. Yes i hit zero number 6 times in a row. I was trying forum challenge.
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