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  1. Godfather I, II Q: What is one thing you refuse to share?
  2. Yes i hit zero number 6 times in a row. I was trying forum challenge.
  3. I m not sure but probably 5 scatters odds are 371293 bets In stake slots , 5 rows and 13 images This means that the chance of hitting the 1 scatter on one row is 1 in 13. If all of the reels are set up the same way, the chances of hitting the 5 scatters on all five row is 1 in 13^5, or 371293 So 5 scatters come in 371293 bets
  4. Thanks Madcoin, this HiLo Bot is good and fast, it's better than auto-betting, hope that I can win the Telegram Challenge with this HiLo Bot
  5. Eddie banned for Waste of so much water (rain)
  6. It's funny , he/she was asking for $10000 Its very annoying, when you playing a game and you receive beggar PM , You get distracted.I had very funny beggar's messages, but now all gone.
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