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  1. Where to see the result of Raffle event :D?
  2. I winned 1.5 mil sts with 9x at dice
  3. amazing news! Great to join and win
  4. sure is Stake with a lot of fun game than other site i'd played!
  5. Nice point, ty bro. Not sure seed can effect to result but I will try!
  6. nice BadG, I hope in future you will get a lot of btc than doge. Then how to change seed?
  7. Btc should be best coin, other coin for throw and gambling just for fun...
  8. Busted is my capital, so it is normal BadG
  9. fastman


    If btc you should never win with this rate!
  10. 0.2 eth and 0.02btc so far... But i hope can recover soon!
  11. Currenlty we're joining stake lottery but how about your thinking if we will have Stake Lottery every weeken?