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  1. Well I want to play with eth but I can't until the new feature come or have to go to an exchange for the coin
  2. Ok this site has many coins but umm I want to try some other coins in case so now how will I do it ? Like if I have btc I want eth should I literally go to Binance or a crypto exchange to play with eth and then I have to exchange again ? I heard they are doing a new exchange feature but till then what to do ?
  3. Hello so this is my first news topic and everything goes fine so If I dont report the news well then sorry its my first time. The news : Its about Coinbase listing the Circle Stablecoin which is named as USDC C as being Center just as in Tether USDT T is for Tether. What is happening is Coinbase has made an announcement saying that they are going to list the coin in their exchange. Well the Coinbase exchange is called GDAX and that they will be allowing the exchange citizens to trade the USDC coin. I got this news from here : https://news.bitcoin.com/circle-usdc-stablecoin-added-to-coinbase/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications
  4. Here is my cat https://prnt.sc/l8o5r7 Couldnt upload so I uploaded in lightshot
  5. Well I never won on Plinko gotta try tye game first looks a lot of fun and addictive I guess.
  6. Oh but it is also a way of busting our balance easily I guess. But I think we can win faster too.
  7. Well I have only joined stake so I can't say which is better yet .
  8. Gamerboy

    Thank You

    Nice wow they are still nice people all around the online world still. Nice one guys.
  9. The search option is mainly for not creating multiple topics in a way.
  10. Well thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention
  11. Well that's a good idea so we can prevent from switching to desktop mode on phone
  12. Oh nice idea so that we can give a good message or tell them why we tipped them
  13. Well thanks I would like talking to you soon . Good offer you putting out there.