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  1. Very interesting, I will visit the site, I hope it is good.
  2. I also have some coins, I hope we have a lot of profits in 2018, good luck for all of us.
  3. Welcome, man! Stay with us.
  4. I'm afraid to invest in bitcoin, afraid to invest lots of money and suddenly fall. Good luck to you, I hope to be optimistic like you.
  5. You do not need to watch the whole video, but it's very interesting. bitcoin. The end of the money, how do we know?
  6. There are many new things about this. Some admire, others hate, but no one can deny the value of their work to Bitcoin. Roger Ver is a controversial figure capable of bringing in the best - or worst - of people. One of the main announcers of the First Crypto, even winning the nickname of Jesus ...
  7. I play 22 gems and 3 bombs, but I have my 75% chance strategy.
  8. I tried to enter the site, but I can not, it says here that the page was not found, the site is in trouble, or is under maintenance
  9. was investing in the currency> Monero, but I am thinking of investing in Zcash, I hope to succeed.
  10. I'll try to do this, you know how long it will be for free. Let's enjoy.
  11. Most loveable Stake member: @Snike Funniest Stake member: @skilful Favorite Stake forum poster: @Carollzinha Favorite Stake chat user: @Carollzinha Most intelligent Stake member: @Etude Most influential Stake member: @rack001 Best Stake moderator: @rack001 Funniest Stake support member: @Irena Favorite Stake support member: @Bojana Favorite Stake admin: @Edward
  12. I was having the same problem, similar to yours. my friend solved this, but I do not know how he did it.
  13. very interesting, I'll try.