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  1. I play 22 gems and 3 bombs, but I have my 75% chance strategy.
  2. The healthier, the better I have diabetes, so I do not eat meat, the meat has too many carbs, I'm almost vegetarian x vegan. my sister and vegan, does not eat any kind of meat, but I see that she spends a lot on this type of food. My strength and legal opinion each with its way and way of life.
  3. Certainly there are always corrupt cops, who think of making money, I think this is absurd.
  4. The left never accepts democracy, and only goes when it is in their favor. He is the same as the president of Brazil, president temer. two idiots
  5. I discovered that my brother was using drugs, and I tried to help him, but I did not see him using it anymore, I hope he came out of it.
  6. lucas alfaia

    best 21

    I did not have much success. But you're very lucky, congratulations.
  7. Welcome, brother! bet a lot, be successful in your bets, good luck.
  8. wow, lucky guy that continues to succeed, in your actions, I hope to play like you
  9. lucas alfaia

    5 mines

    My father, the mines are cool, but sometimes they do not stop appearing, they have fun with our faces all the time!
  10. I believe in existence, I love God, my religion is Christian.
  11. my favorite exercises are, they run, they're swimming,
  12. I really like the stake, because it was the first one I started, I was a little time for the primedice, surely the stake is my favorite.
  13. ah I'm watching, Lucifer, it's too good, I'm waiting for The Wallking Dead.
  14. When I lose, I'll sculpt some songs to relax after I come back: D
  15. Surely love, money brings us happiness. yes more ends, love and all that we have more valuable, love has no value.