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  1. erisb83

    best 21

    wow good hands tho
  2. instead of betting 0.002btc i went with 0.02 and won lol i was so scared when i saw the balance that i bet i got an A and i hitted and got an J
  3. i hate bj and those 2x multipliers game tho lol
  4. lol all Q's never seen this before
  5. Try watching Blood and Bones its a great film for the one who didnt watched this movie
  6. i always got lose streaks tho lol
  7. Dont trust everyone i feel u i need friends too
  8. my stake username is Rudari70 please check and if its possible show me the proofs/conversation that i asked for loans in chat
  9. i wont accept that mute without doing nothing
  10. yesterday got muted i was sleeping while i got muted didnt know from which mod but thats unfair they say that i got muted for asking loans in chat but i didnt do that so my stake acc has a different nick from forum nick my stake nick is Rudari70.need answers from mods Thank u for ur understandig Have a Great Day
  11. bitcoin is going to get back again on 6000$