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  1. Edaciousprofit

    What’s your maximum win streak?

    Mine was 8 green streaks on dice
  2. Edaciousprofit

    Stake Lottery Suggestions

    I suggest better make more winners like atleast 5 as lottery isn't so often ☺ more winner spots more chances to all, atleast a little more chance to win will be added 😅
  3. Edaciousprofit

    In 1 hours three times 36000-x (Mines)

    Wooow awsome bro! did you manual or auto?
  4. Edaciousprofit

    Stake Discord!

    Joined 😀
  5. Edaciousprofit

    Thoughts on Changing Sides with Dice

    Dice is Probability so I stick to the same side , I know it can come lot of reds and all reds too as I usually play X2
  6. Edaciousprofit

    🎨 Wheel Redesigned

    I like the colors it'sa nice combination
  7. Edaciousprofit

    Dice strategy to maximize wager amount?

    I do 1.01x
  8. Ever won crazy crazy amounts on stake? What was your luckiest win yet?
  9. Edaciousprofit

    Hi, i'm new here :)

    WElcome here bro I too recently joined here month ago
  10. Edaciousprofit

    Hello i am heretik

    Hello heretik, nice to meet you hope you have an amazing time out here!😊
  11. Edaciousprofit

    [Closed] Halloween Costume Contest

    😂username: Edaciousprofit
  12. Edaciousprofit

    Gary Halloween mask

    How can anyone be scared of this cute guy over there😂😂😂
  13. Edaciousprofit

    [Closed] Create Wallpaper for Stake and win BTC!

    Android (360x740)Pc (1920x1080) I Phone (414x736)
  14. Edaciousprofit

    [Closed] Dogecoin Pet Contest!