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  1. I guess everyone has played Stake on their phone. But not every phone you can enjoy the game. Some older phones and tablets can not even open the site. What phone model do you use to play? And if you can share what browser you use too, you can play games without lagging. I have been using Samsung S 7 Edge for a long time and I am pleased, but recently I decided to download Mozilla Firefox. This was definitely a big mistake. I had not played Stake with so many lag
  2. For me the best game is Keno, but I have suffered great losses lately. However, this does not stop me from playing and hope to regain a great balance again. Another game I definitely have more winnings is HiLo. But I can not explain why when I win some money, I stop playing it and I go to try again with Keno, which in the end leads me to bankruptcy
  3. Uh this is a pretty good profit made by just one bet. Congratulations and more and more profits to advance. For now, video poker still pulls me and does not give me big multipliers, but I know my day will come
  4. Before Stake i play more online casinos with slot games with my local money not crypto. After i signed up to Stake i play more with cryptos , but after start playing Stake i signed up to few more crypto casinos. If they add slot machines any thing from past not miss
  5. I think that after the age of 30, one has gained enough experience and knows how to get every pleasure from sex. However, there are some urban legends according to which the sexual appetite of both sexes increases about 50 years of age or the so-called middle age crisis. I still can not say for sure if it is true, but after reaching this point I will share with you
  6. Heya madcoin . Thank you for this bot. I think this donation option is great . Many peoples make very big payouts with your bot. Their big profits are due to your good work with you and I think everyone who won with a lot of help will be very grateful to you.
  7. Playing in a real casino is more enjoyable than a big profit, but it's hard to win as much profit as in online casinos because in real casinos there is not enough money to make big profits. Separately, online casinos for me are like online games for fun and I see my money as play points. That brings me bigger losses
  8. I personally prefer to have a dog. I have a Staffordshire Terrier who I love and dying for her. Many smart dogs are and are entirely devoted to their owner. I own it as it was just a piece of meat. The cats for me are not so devoted animals. They are animals that can not make you feel a lot of love for your pet
  9. This is the most disgusting thing on this site. I can not understand why when someone sees a relatively high stakes, some of the players start sending invitations for friendships. And accidentally, if you have allowed messages to be received from people who are not friends, they mess up messages. Which is very unpleasant and you lose your concentration as well as your money. Stop doing this. Many of High Bets players make a lot of rains after they hit some big wins
  10. I have tried to hit him for more than 3 hours of continuous bets without any success. I tried with small stakes of 5-50 satoshi. I do not know what balance I have to have to start a search with 10-20K bets. If I ever hit it with a small bet, I will be able to calculate how much my balance will have to make for a big bet
  11. Personally I recommend Local bitcoin. Its easy to use site and its legal and fast paying. Some time ago there was a very nice site to buy crypto with paypal (www.wesellcrypto.com) but something happened to it and it did not start it anymore
  12. in my life definitely takes up more space every year. At the beginning of the crypto era I used the coins only for betting. In my country, Bitcoin entered significantly late (end of 2017), before anyone had no confidence in virtual currencies. Especially because of the large number of internet frauds here. But this is a long story. You can currently pay with crypto currencies in quite a few places. We also have constantly growing ATMs for BTC. So, I can say that coins can very soon replace paper money
  13. ivaylo2000

    Plinko 1000x

    After so much game on the site this bet and still unattainable to me. I regularly try to hit it but without result. I have reached the big winnings of most other games, but this one remains unconquered by me. I hope someday I can share with you that I finally managed to hit this so dreamy x1000
  14. Its more safe because there was no internet connection and when you eject from usb chance to lost your money going down fast. But this cold wallets (usb flash) is easy to broke it. You would keep it from shakes and keep it dry (for dumb users) , because one time broken usb wallet can't fix ever.
  15. Litecoin is one of the oldest Cryptocurrencies out there, and is still somewhat popular, after all the years. But since its creation, Litecoin has always been compared to Bitcoin, and if it is better. Is Litecoin better that Bitcoin? Litecoin has faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin, while also having a more decentralized network. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is considered a better store of value, and oftentimes also a better investment. Bitcoin’s community is much more engaged, while Litecoin is increasingly being used on the dark web. Now I would like to turn it over to you: Which Cryptocurrency do you like more? Bitcoin or Litecoin? Let me know in the comments below.
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