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  1. Probably because it was easier than before to take advantage of rains . It only needed chatting and the rains were raining. The other thing that may have led to your drying out is that before the owner Eddie ran a lot of rains throughout the day and everyone managed to catch a lot of them. Keep wager and be active in chat and rains come back to you.
  2. Yes, it is also a currency with great potential. It is one of the first currencies to go immediately after Bitcoin. The price has been frozen for 1-2 years, and suddenly, with Bitcoin boom, the price of that currency has also risen dramatically. For me, it is the best of both currencies because of the ease and use as well as the low transaction fees
  3. Personally I recommend Local bitcoin. Its easy to use site and its legal and fast paying. Some time ago there was a very nice site to buy crypto with paypal (www.wesellcrypto.com) but something happened to it and it did not start it anymore
  4. I have recently started using bot. But I'm still in training. So far, I've only staked on a manual mode. But it did not stop me from reaching big multipliers. I'll play for some time with the bot then I'll judge which game brings me a good profit
  5. in my life definitely takes up more space every year. At the beginning of the crypto era I used the coins only for betting. In my country, Bitcoin entered significantly late (end of 2017), before anyone had no confidence in virtual currencies. Especially because of the large number of internet frauds here. But this is a long story. You can currently pay with crypto currencies in quite a few places. We also have constantly growing ATMs for BTC. So, I can say that coins can very soon replace paper money
  6. I share your opinion. People who own internet casinos only promote how much they have earned their players. No casino would have advertised how much losses his players have suffered over a given period. The site has individual statistics that can be seen by everyone. (depends on whether the player has hidden it)
  7. I'm addicted to gambling. This is the only thing that gives me the pleasure of doing it and helping me get rid of all the everyday care. Dependence on gambling is a severe diagnosis as a whole. It is difficult to treat, but only when it is in the last degree. I do not think that to such an extent I can become addicted to ignoring everything about gambling and selling furniture and appliances from my home
  8. ivaylo2000

    Plinko 1000x

    After so much game on the site this bet and still unattainable to me. I regularly try to hit it but without result. I have reached the big winnings of most other games, but this one remains unconquered by me. I hope someday I can share with you that I finally managed to hit this so dreamy x1000
  9. In my country, Bitcoin equals 18 minimum paychecks. 1Bitcoin = 14500 BGN But this is not a problem for a person who wants to buy a crypto currency. There was option to buy crypto not only BTC for 2 BGN equivalent of $1.5 . It is not so profitable to shop with such amounts at the moment because it can not only cover the BTC transaction fee.
  10. To me it happened to me, and not once. Once, I played Keno, and gradually my balance grew and suddenly started the losing bets one after the other without stopping and all of my balance I accumulated for hours disappeared within 1-2 minutes. Then I was so upset that I closed my laptop on the back. But not only has Stake brought me to such anger. It happened to me at another slot machine casino to get into a state where my phone is flying and crashing into the wall
  11. With small balance i like HiLo To search big payouts. Other great game for small amounts is Dice. Chance to hit some big multiplayer with some small bet and come back in game is big. Any game with option to hit some big payouts is great for small amounts play.
  12. This is definitely a bad luck, but if this is your first bet on the day of this game. If it's just a losing bet after a winning series is normal. Playing low payout bets is high risk. Every player knows it. But if you start the day with a few lost bets, it's really bad luck
  13. every day we make assumptions about the price of Bitcoin. But the price of a product, whatever it is, is determined by the market economy rule. The cost of a product depends on how much the buyer is looking for and how many items are available on the market. For such a mega drastic rise in price, it is necessary to dig out all the available coins, then drastically increase the public interest in it, and finally to become quite valuable it takes some of the coins to be separated into a gloomy sector so that the demand becomes much larger than its supply.
  14. Its more safe because there was no internet connection and when you eject from usb chance to lost your money going down fast. But this cold wallets (usb flash) is easy to broke it. You would keep it from shakes and keep it dry (for dumb users) , because one time broken usb wallet can't fix ever.