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  1. ivaylo2000

    Favorite car

    It`s great car, but BMW is not among my favorites anymore. I like Audi A5 or A8 and my dream car was been Mercedes S500 Amg , but for now it`s only dream There was my car
  2. ivaylo2000

    Favorite car

    Who is your favorite car model? And why do you prefer him?
  3. ivaylo2000

    #30 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Good Luck Dima!!! Make a big wins.
  4. ivaylo2000

    #29 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Good luck and big wins.
  5. ivaylo2000

    Localbitcoin Exchange Exploited

    Bad news . I like this site It`s very easy to exchange crypto. I tranfer my balance from Localbitcoin wallet everytime and i have not feel any affect from this attack. I hope they fix this problem soon
  6. ivaylo2000

    I'm new here. Hello!

    Welcome @Chen . I wish you well play and big wins in casino
  7. ivaylo2000

    I fucking did it!

    Grats @neich . It`s very hard to hit that x5000 . Some of us keep trying
  8. ivaylo2000

    Chico's Stream <3 Come on guys!

    gl Chico ! I wish you big wins. Stake username: ivaylo2000
  9. ivaylo2000

    My biggest bet multiplier in keno

    Congrats @Laura2000 . It`s great win. I wish you same with BTC or more of course
  10. ivaylo2000

    Favorite movie of all time?

    My favorite was ''The Wolf of Wall Street ''. Great movie, great actiors and great real story . I also like onen serbian movie ''Rane'''. It`s old , but gold
  11. ivaylo2000


    This was great idea. Many peoples like slots. And where you see real casino without any slot machine
  12. Good Luck and big wins man
  13. ivaylo2000


    Heya Aye. Welcome to stake casino and forum. Wish you to make lot of money and never go back to work
  14. Maybe i must sell some weed I hate weed , but sometimes i have some and sell it to play