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  1. Mines are really a good game, but sometimes they eat so fast the deposit that you did not give you the chance to realize. But congratulations on the profits made and bring you many more.
  2. The bad news in this news is not what he paid for this dinner, but that he did not succeed. Sun has failed to go for health reasons and has canceled the event
  3. That's perfectly normal. However, it is the owner of a casino in which there is a regular 24/7 game. Let's just hope that the coin transfer does not accidentally close the site
  4. This story i told " Gambling Story " . Congratulations for this awesome bets and big prizes. God like braves - this is my comment for this adventure. I wish you more like that , but remember this Gamble is more addictive than drugs .
  5. For a while, I have been tormented by this question. I see more and more people chatting on the chat, and they make a lot of money without making a deposit, and I deposit every day and my profits count on my fingers. On top of that, the money being dealt to players for coupon challenges and others come from exactly those deposits that players make on a daily basis. I also think I should try to take advantage of doing some of the promotion on the back of a frequent depositor. Because it's hard for me to get so many spammers
  6. Coinbase has really good offers for free money, but something can not be understood with their support. I still send them proof to address, but they refuse them for countless reasons. Or it will not be translated into English or the document can not serve as proof. I hope we will soon reach understanding and be able to make their giveaways.
  7. I still do not try the game with the new bot, but I was quite pleased with the old one. I've been doing a good multiplier a few times on the x3000. I've been thinking of downloading the new bot for a while, but it's always the case that I do not. Maybe it's time to try it. I will share with you if I have good profits with his help
  8. And I was asking the same question. In my opinion, they use their balance from the forum for something like a savings account or a rescue account to help with any losses. In principle, it is better to transfer satoshi to the casino when there is a bigger amount but personally I can not scratch a big balance in the forum and transfer small amounts
  9. When I enter a series of losses on which site I try the effect is the same. Melt the balance from my wallets. But definitely bigger losses I suffer in Stake. This is due to most of my deposits there. Sometimes I get a certain amount of money on a betting site and transfer it directly to my Stake balance
  10. This is complete bullshit. My wife was playing while she was pregnant, and that did not harm our child in any way. She is not as big a gambler as I do, but she sometimes likes to retire by betting. And I think the nerves in women are sometimes smaller than those in men. Of all activities, damages can be found for pregnant women. So if you want to protect your baby from harm, stay in a sterile room and eat organic foods, but I do not think it will not be dangerous again. Personally, I think positive thinking is most useful for a pregnant woman. Do not you think con
  11. I guess everyone has played Stake on their phone. But not every phone you can enjoy the game. Some older phones and tablets can not even open the site. What phone model do you use to play? And if you can share what browser you use too, you can play games without lagging. I have been using Samsung S 7 Edge for a long time and I am pleased, but recently I decided to download Mozilla Firefox. This was definitely a big mistake. I had not played Stake with so many lag
  12. That should not bother you. I think that each of the participants in the race starts at 10000 position and while off the race those who are off-line and have not made a bet rank the ranking back and forth. Once a series of bets is made, the ranking begins to form only between the users participating in the race and everything comes to the spot
  13. And I have a few losses in a row. As estimated they are in the range of 600-700 dollars. Just when I decide to stop betting, Stake has given me a series of winning bets with which I have recovered my losses and even made a profit. But of course I, like every gambler, did not have enough of me and continued the game. Which turned out to be a bad option . I've lost everything and now I'm losing and I hope to get a chance to compensate for it again soon
  14. For me the best game is Keno, but I have suffered great losses lately. However, this does not stop me from playing and hope to regain a great balance again. Another game I definitely have more winnings is HiLo. But I can not explain why when I win some money, I stop playing it and I go to try again with Keno, which in the end leads me to bankruptcy
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