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  1. i use ramdom choice and keep selected numbers to the end of Keno play
  2. Hald-life mean Half-life i think? I like strategy and action games. Where is a games like Star Craft and Heroes 3 Might and Magic? Resident Evil are great too.
  3. ivaylo2000

    Keno risk

    What does the level of risk affect? Are the numbers equal to high and medium risk? I'm interested in whether the multipliers are different, or the numbers too?
  4. I'm very nervous and I am no longer betting during or after the challenge. I do not know how it is with you, but do the spammers start to thanks and congrats the winners site crashes and becomes impossible to play. It is really right to do something about this big problem.
  5. I`m not sure. Maybe i will try and see how btc affect on my payments. Bitcoin is good curency with big price and easy way to buy and sell it, but there was many problems with BTC payments. First when it comes to fraud, it is difficult to find out who exactly did it and so the business suffers great losses.
  6. I do the challenges mostly when I think of them. In most cases this has happened in the last few hours.
  7. Super hit. The sweetest wins are when you win them randomly accidentaly
  8. Being a gambler is a way of life. Every gambler plays for the rest of his life, just over the years looking to risk as little as possible.
  9. ivaylo2000

    Holy Kaboom!

    This mulltiplayer was verry big. I think this guy try to hit it more than week. If he/she have big luck hit this in one day bets. I try with big payouts, but nothing on board.
  10. Its final lap. This was great giveaway. Good luck stakers
  11. There was same shortcut on Android phones.
  12. There was only one correct strategy in gambling ''bet as much as you can afford to lose'' . Stop play when you are in profit , this one are great too.
  13. Any donation for save life charity was the best donation. You are great company stake. You give part of your money to donations and giveaways. Thanks
  14. The Black markets uses all kind of money ( crypto and flat) for illeggal thinks. Bitcoin have ''anonymous money'' repotation and give many reasons to ban it . I love Bitcoins and use it every day
  15. By this logic every gambling site is scam. Players just need to be able to accept and lose. Scam is players with 10 diferent accounts who spamming chat and farm rains