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  1. @Dan one day... I need to build a new gaming PC before I get back into it. My one back home pooped itself a few months back ?
  2. @Dan My old housemate and I got into Dayz when it was just out as the original mod years ago. We used to play for days camping out and messing with people. Its probably my all time favourite game to be honest. I haven't really played any of the newer spinoffs other than that H1Z1 that was on steam a while back.
  3. @skywallkee @meggiemegs Did either of you or anyone else around here ever play dayz as the original Arma 2 mod?
  4. @barbaris Cheers! Do they have a regular email send out of the 'hand picked stuff'?
  5. Howdy Im looking for efficient ways to keep up to date on cryptos and ico's. I get some pretty rad emails every morning from a bunch of different sources that keep me up to date on relevant business, news, and politics. I find them really great and was wondering whats around for this kinda stuff and what sources you guys use to keep up to date yourselves?
  6. Whats considered a "good thread"? i think all my threads are great
  7. Thanks @GodLoft! it would be pretty cool to keep track if we can. @dreramon I feel like i'm more of an honorary mod. Im just one of you guys in disguise
  8. I never seem to get forum satoshi's for my posts. So i thought maybe we could team up to find the sections that are giving out rewards... Anyone in?
  9. **Im claiming this business idea as my own. This post is my trademark I will be offering a service to send a friend a gift wallet containing starting funds with an info booklet on how to understand alts an all things crypto. @barbaris You're probably right unfortunately. Im kinda curious about the viability of the idea in general though actually.
  10. Fantastic! Im glad someone else here has had the pleasure One of my close friends is Mr Shelbey to a Tee haha. we all call him Shelbey now and his real names Thomas aswell
  11. @Snike I know the feeling! my mum thinks the cops are gonna come knocking when i tell her about my coins Im not telling dad 'cause hell lose it all haha
  12. I think we should all gift our older generation family/friends a fresh coin wallet, some initial coin to get them excited and an in-depth guide on what it is, how they can spend it and why they shouldn't. I think its a great way to introduce them into the crypto-world without having to explain it 18 million times. What do you think?
  13. Hey @Kargai From the small bits I know, i think it might just be possible to include level/achievements as variables for higher faucet (or whatever it will be) or maybe as bonuses for individual achievements to limit the abuse? This is all my personal assumptions though, so you never know Im sure @Dan and @Edward will let us know soon
  14. I cant wait for this wheel and for all you awesome stake guys and gals to enjoy what the devs have obviously been working so hard on! It's also awesome to see so much support and understanding for the boys doing the work and dealing with the bugs and headaches. So cheers to the Devs and good luck! We are all excited and waiting, and maybe a little impatient!