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  1. Great discord channel for some giveaways and Bitcoin/mining talk, if you are interested join, it will help me and hopefully you like the monthly #freehashfriday's Disclaimer! This is a referal link: https://discord.gg/Mu7HWSj Thanks ❤️
  2. AGreenleaf

    Discord Giveaways

  3. AGreenleaf

    [Giveaway] How much profit?

    I think DarkBlood069 will make: (1.65417050 BCH + 0.70000000 BCH profit)
  4. Once I lost over 0.14 Bitcoin to a 15 losses in a row of 50-50's. That's about a 0.00354300% chance! What is the most unlucky losing streak you ever got? (edit: not on stake.com btw)
  5. In which game and With which technique have you made your highest profit?
  6. Well im not too long here on the stake forum, but I already did hit max on a day (only 10 so, thats easy)
  7. AGreenleaf

    The biggest rain you've received?

    biggest I got was 0.0010 btc, sadly not 10x like you...
  8. because they know bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gonna win
  9. Weird, just click the link, scroll to the bottom, and press the circle button, anyways appreciate the effort!
  10. Didn't get an upvote, you sure you upvoted on steemit my latest post (also to lqid: not on the stake forum)
  11. Also post Steemit username here, so i can check and know who to send to. Please read:
  12. Hi stake community, I want to grow my steemit page. If you want to help me, I will send you a small 0.1 Steem 😱😱, I know, it's not much. (It is just for the people that do want to help me small or big reward.) The link to my post: https://steemit.com/crypto/@arantuil/bitozz-exchange-world-s-leading-future-and-options-trading-platform Upvote the post, and post a genuine (not bot type) comment. (oh and also please follow me, not required tho) And post "done" here on stake (not on steemit) along with your steemit username and I will send you the steem (in less than 24 hours) Every participant will get the 0.1 Steem, but only 5 people can participate, you can still upvote and comment on the post, but you won't get the 0.1 steem.
  13. Moved to general bitcoin and crypto discussion
  14. AGreenleaf

    Is it your Birthday?

    september 10th