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  1. meggiemegs

    [OPEN] Stake Five Free Lottery #3 - 11000+ DOGE PRIZE POOL

    Numbers : 2, 0, 15, 32, 24 username : meggiemegs
  2. meggiemegs

    A Share Of My Profits 2 [Giveaway]

    Thanks Darkblood, keep on winning and thanks for always sharing.
  3. meggiemegs

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Roll Your Dice | Dice Challenge!

    DICE: 2,341,581,337 placed by meggiemegs on 14/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 990x Profit 0.00098900
  4. I just always thought this was a gambling site not a chatroom, I will never understand why people chatting is rewarded when the main focus of the site is to gamble and win or lose. How would Stake make money if only everyone just chatted and no one bet, so why are chatters rewarded, even if you have to do a few 1 sat bets. Doesn't anyone at least think that dedicated gamblers keeping the site running should be at least the ones collecting. I am very appreciate of Stake and all they do and give but I just don't think they are intending to run a chatroom. I don't even care if I get rain much because I really haven't anyway since it got changed back to chatters. I don't even care about the useless chatter because the same people do it over and over and they won't stop. I just don't get why the people wagering are in the end paying people to chat.
  5. meggiemegs

    My 2nd 620x with alt

    Yes I know that I was only referring to your comment on how long it took mistake to get it. Sorry for your confusion .
  6. meggiemegs

    playing no bet

    That's how it always go, I rarely ever play with no bet even if it is just 1 sat because I know the time that I do is when that hit it going to come. lol Good luck in the future and make sure to bet for real
  7. meggiemegs

    Probability behind Plinko

    Thanks for the info guys this is actually pretty useful because I play 9 and 10 pins often, helps give insight as to how I should play for the odds.
  8. meggiemegs

    How do you like to bet roulette?

    I normally just play one number for the 36x or pick 3 or 4 and hope to get some numerous hits in a short time for some easy profit if I do get a few I try to pick some other numbers.
  9. meggiemegs

    My 2nd 620x with alt

    I was thinking the same thing 2 weeks is a long time to hunt, that is persistence. I am glad that you hit it after that long of a hunt grats hope you made some profit.
  10. meggiemegs

    hello everyone i want share how i play plinko :)

    High 9 pins is a great way to play Plinko I use this setting often, although it doesn't normally take to many rolls to hit 43x upping the bet a bit would help a ton with this strat.
  11. meggiemegs

    🏆 [0.1 BTC] Los Tres Reyes | Hilo challenge!

    HILO: 2,334,947,312 placed by meggiemegs on 13/01/2019 Wagered 0.00011000 Multiplier 167.30999755859375x Profit 0.01829410
  12. meggiemegs

    skywallkee's 15th stream live!

    Good luck today wish you well in the stream
  13. meggiemegs

    Appreciate the effort

    Thank you to all the staff of Stake, without staff we wouldn't have Stake and it def would not be what it is today without the support and staff so thank you
  14. meggiemegs

    What is your goal?

    I really don't ever set a real goal, I kinda go by ear day to day lol, but I would just like to get my profit in green so about 0.06 BTC
  15. meggiemegs


    Welcome to Stake hope you enjoy it as much as me and all the others do. Good luck to you and your adventure on Stake .