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  1. I am not sure about my whole life but I have no plans as of now to ever quit. No one can see what is down the road or what will come. We all may find other places to gamble or anything I would hope Stake will never end tho but that is different I wish them to have success for many many years to come.
  2. Luck is always a factor to me but when playing smart and with enough balance anything can happen. You just have to know the odds and what to expect and have the time and patience or nothing will ever work out or come. Having the right balance can be a big game changer as well. But luck comes in handy when you can hit your target in a lot less rolls then you were expecting
  3. As far as I could see it could take thousands of rolls. I am currently over 55k rolls on plinko for a 1k times. So seeing how long it takes to get a 1k times to get that I would expect at the least to be over 10k rolls unless you get a lucky seed. I am sure it will happen eventually but it depends on how long your willing to roll for if you dont wanna wait that long I would suggest at least trying 5 or more lines to get a good payout.
  4. So far the highest amount of free spins I got at once was 60. The only thing I regret is not having a bigger bet but you would never see that coming anyways. I think I got close to a 400x off that win if I remember correctly
  5. When going for a high risk win on plinko I will always play automatic, there is no way I am gonna click bet over 5k times to get what I want when it could just bet for me. If I was doing less risk or some kind of strat on plinko I may do manual but plinko is one of those games that might take you multiple thousand rolls.
  6. I do not use it to much but it is def a must have feature when you are playing games like dice especially if you have a large balance. To many times I try to do a safe auto bet and with an increase on loss the bet tends to get to that uncomfortable spot and without that feature we could end up betting our whole balance within a few minutes or less.
  7. I mostly play dice, mines, plinko and slots. I used to play keno a ton but have not had much success with it anymore, so I try to stick with dice and slots. But I do switch it up and try other games when I am losing.
  8. I think the reason was because people were winning so much from the 5kx. I myself had hit it like 3 times in one day with low bets and made some decent profit. The odds to get it were the same as the 1k but an extra 4kx. I don't think this will ever come back but I wish it did because I really did like it. But don't count on it to ever come back
  9. From what I have seen there should be a bunch of different variances to bet on and all different odds, not just score or who wins. I think even without knowing anything about sports but just taking on some low risk odds anyone could bet since it could go either way even knowing about the teams/players. So I am looking forward to another way to bet on stake and hopefully make some lucky wins?
  10. I see it still as random there is no telling when it will hit and even with the statistics it is not always guaranteed to hit with in that amount. You could get a really bad seed and it take an absurd amount to hit, and that is gambling lol. I see statistics as more of a guide but you can still get screwed. as far as between dice and limbo I would probably go with dice, but I think it just comes to preference.
  11. I think 100 is plenty honestly, I am not even close to that marker but I don't really care either. If anything I could see maybe 200 would be a good number to max at but 500 Is totally unnecessary. Who needs 500 lol.
  12. The quickest I have ever got the 1k on plinko was about 2k rolls off a fresh seed. For me that is the best I ever got it normally can take anywhere from 4k to even 60k rolls. I think the highest I ever went was like 70k rolls lol. I am currently on 53k rolls right now for the 1kx, I hope it hits soon
  13. I usually play with the sound on to me it is the best way but some of the games are to loud so I either have to turn them down or turn it off when I am watching a show or movie. Other then that the sound is always on.
  14. Trustpilot name is nate smith and stake user is meggiemegs
  15. I dont think it will be this month it is possible for next month, maybe even in time for all the holidays. I am looking forward to another slot addition if those start to come out soon. I do remember seeing Eddie say there will be 12 new slot games.