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  1. I never have done sports betting but looking forward to trying it out on Stake. I don't think they would have a min bet since no other games have a minimum and I know other sites have a minimum on certain currencies like XRP and such. I think it will be a great addition and from what Eddie showed it looked pretty awesome lets hope its here soon and does not get delayed.
  2. I did have luck doing this once before while going for a 20k x. I did not think it would hit but if I remember correct I hit it within 100 rolls. I just did not put a very big bet so it was not a super huge win but with anything on 20k x is a pretty decent win I suppose, just wish I had put more but I never wold have thought it would hit.
  3. I have run a 11x and 15% increase quite a few times and few times I have come out ahead with a low balance. I never have to much luck to hit a big multiplier unless I am rolling like 500 times or more but with a small balance that's hard to do or else your not gonna profit to much. I have sometimes ran limbo for a 1.3x and had some luck.
  4. I prefer to play with out the bot but it is a pretty cool tool to use especially if you want to hunt for something big or more rare or if you prefer to start with a certain card. But for random play I prefer to just play on Stake.
  5. I have been playing this recently as well and it is alright but a bit boring and the multipliers are not very exciting but it is fairly easy to make some profit on this game in the long run as long as you don't raise your bet to much because the red streaks will come. I normally don't bet on tie unless I have not seen one in a bit.
  6. I tend to play dice using 11x multiplier it is just what I always seem to go for. I do hunt for 100x 200x but every time I really go for it I never get it only with petty amounts. So I tend to stick to 11x because I know it is gonna hit. It can be a grind sometimes tho but usually works well
  7. I actually do like to afk for big multipliers especially for games like crash because I tend to not think it will actually go that high and see what I could cash out now then of course it goes higher I have had it happen more times then Id like to admit. As long as you don't care to lose your balance afk is your best bet.
  8. I do not have it but I have heard and seen now about it and I think is a good addition to stake that only some users get. It looks like yours expires in a couple days so better to enjoy it now. Maybe they will rotate players so every one can benefit if it really does expire.
  9. I have still been hunting this almost daily hoping to get one but still have not. I have got some great hits on video poker but I would really love to see that royal flush. The odds are def stacked against me tho . I will keep trying because I know eventually it probably will come, I have gotten so many mutlipliers I never thought I would get before so I know I can get a single royal flush just might take 600k rolls lol
  10. Grats On the 500x. I have been hunting for the 500x for a while and no luck. The fact the your bet is not super tiny and you were able to make some good profit with so little is awesome. Hope to hit it one day as well
  11. No way to every predict it just so random a pattern could hit a high multiplier after a few rolls or after 100 just like any other game if we could predict it we would all be rich as hell I agree that changing numbers is key unless your just hunting for a certain payout, then I would increase after so much btc lost to make up for what I have already lost if the big multiplier hit. Not increase on loss btw just increasing after I lose 50k or w.e.
  12. No I am just waiting for some announcement I am pretty positive that Stake will make a good deal of it as it deserves. Maybe even some vip will be able to try it out before it is fully released like they did with crash. I am waiting for slots for sure tho I am sure I will play it a lot
  13. Agreed that a very short time this can win some decent profit but in the end it never be your best option. I tend to use this strat with a higher multiplier and lower increase on loss tho still risky seems more beneficial.
  14. Stake has been on the right path for the most part on my end the only thing I would love to see if the addition of more games because variety is awesome and maybe faster dice because faster dice would be awesome as well .
  15. I always try everything new game, new seed, use alt, try a diff currency lol Sometimes nothing works tho then others it does.Its all just luck.