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  1. ❤️ meggiemegs ❤️ Good luck Eddie with your stream!!!!
  2. meggiemegs hey Eddie ❤️ ❤️
  3. ❤️ meggiemegs ❤️ Good Luck today Eddie
  4. meggiemegs ❤️ Good luck in your stream Eddie ❤️
  5. ❤️ meggiemegs ❤️ Welcome back Eddie
  6. So what are you trying to accomplish here besides getting free money from a promo that happened over a month ago. You tried to prove you deposit and are owed money from how many tickets you had, but you show no proof other then screenshots from a different gambling site which is frowned on here. Honestly only you look like a moron at this point nothing you say could ever bother me after how pathetic you look making this much noise for 13 dollars you will never get or were never owed, if you were gonna get it you would of by now because i am sure you have complained to stake staff and they p
  7. I can prove they are not stake screenshots and you know that aand the fact they they are from a different gambling site means you should not even be posting them here. It proves nothing that you deposited into stake and so means nothing in your argument that you are owed 13 dollars from a promo over a month ago get real dude. Find free money else where.
  8. Why are you posting screen shots of a completely different site, and acting like stake banned you because you were winning and withdrawing. I for sure know this is not stake screenshots and so does the stake team.
  9. PLINKO: 32,966,043,740 placed by meggiemegs on 23/12/2020 Wagered 0.07000000 Multiplier 260x Profit 18.13000000
  10. Eddie always says you can as long as you dont use it to abuse giveaways and rain and only for betting. (chatting in chat)
  11. DIAMONDS: 32,903,501,787 placed by meggiemegs on 22/12/2020 Wagered 0.01039500 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.03118500
  12. WHEEL: 32,846,960,283 placed by meggiemegs on 21/12/2020 Wagered 0.00004860 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.00009720 WHEEL: 32,846,960,761 placed by meggiemegs on 21/12/2020 Wagered 0.00004860 Multiplier 5x Profit 0.00019440
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