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  1. I think this is a cool idea to. But I think hi lo is to polished to add this, adding this would change the game and all the maths that come with it. And like someone else said would change the house edge. Stake has low house edge for most games. Which could detour people from playinghi lo as well as get new people to play. Maybe added as a new hi and lo style game would be cool.
  2. Grats it is always nice to get that 1k on plinko I have been hunting mine for a while now I am currently at 73k rolls and nothing a big let down so far for me, I hope it hits soon. Glad you were able to snag with a good bet amount.
  3. I agree it should only be VIP as well. I think I have only seen a familiar name a few times while watching even tho I don't make it every week. I think if anything it should be narrowed down to one or 2 non vip giveaways. If someone wanted to make 5 alt accounts and get to vip that could only benefit stake more unless they all each win a bunch in the process which is unlikely.
  4. I agree with this. Races are competition and strats to wager are awesome. But most people who have awesome strats to do during races probably wont share them because then everyone would just do the same thing and it would always go to who has the most or who was the fastest.
  5. Sorry to hear I am having a similar situation on plinko right now it broke my balance going for the 1k x. I am currently at 60k rolls and no 1k x. I even had a few chances to pull out as well after some good 130x. Now I don't want to stop going for it because I feel it can be any roll even tho i have done 60k already which to me is insane for a 1k x.
  6. Mines used to be my favorite game I had the most profit on it. Then I started playing other games just because they were more fun then waiting for a high multiplier to maybe hit. But in the end I think I used to profit way more when I played mostly mines maybe in 2020 I should try to bring my mines game back
  7. Thanks for the strat I am always looking for new starts to try out even if they are short time profitable. Every strat is going to bust at times even if you have a large balance those red streaks will. So even if this strats only works a few times then thanks in advance
  8. I don't really have a plan but the only thing I every try to do is the same thing even tho it never really works out because greed always comes. I always tell my self I will play safer and do smaller bets but once I start winning these big multipliers I get mad because I could of bet so much more it is like a cycle. Unless I got some good luck streak going and my greed actually works out I lose lol.
  9. Not a bad strat, I am always looking for ideas for wagering since they come so handy for races. As long as you can maintain your balance with the other game it works on almost any game does not have to just be limbo but like dice or even roulette.
  10. I have been chilling on Stake for a good amount of today just doing some bets and watching some shows. Sometimes you do not need to do to much or go out to have a good time. Hope everyone has had a good new years so far
  11. I really do not think it should have a limit I don't know what purpose that would serve. Maybe they just did not think many would reach that point or not. But Me on the other hand is not even close so it really does not bother me. But I could see how it would be negative for some people to try to weed thru their list just to add another person or not even be able to.
  12. I don't really set goals while gambling because if I do I feel I tend to try to hard and always get frustrated when things don't work out. I try to just go with what ever I am feeling at the time. Even if in my head I want to try to reach something it normally still does not work out so I try not to expect it lol.
  13. Yes rakeback has made quite an impact with my balance or 2nd chances. I wish we would have had it all along but I am glad we do now. With rakeback and reload we almost always have a chance to restore our balance everyday.
  14. Casino is more to me unless your making big bets, because with all the games and different multipliers you can chose and go for and win big with small bets and not to mention instant bets instead of waiting for a game to finish. Maybe if you are good with picking multi bets on sports but I am not .