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  1. Mateusz

    ''Minimum tip Dogecoin''

    150k doge for tip? I think u meant 150. I think when it comes to faucet farming, then it doesnt change a single thing, if its 50 doge, if id faucet farm then id just click my doge into a payout that would give me 50 and if I won id tip, and when it's 150 doge then Id just change the payout to a one that would give me 150, and just wait a little longer to hit it, so it's the same, and by online users I think alot people do such thing
  2. Mateusz

    new members?

    This "online" text is bullshit, it can count bots, people that were online last 24h or other shit, you will never see more than 20 people on chat, mostly its alt accounts i think
  3. Mateusz

    What is the most scary game?

    Mines, it's getting more scary with every next unlocked gem XD
  4. Used to spend too much, now im only occasionaly there, so nope
  5. Mateusz

    Gambling or being tactical

    I gamble every single money I have into payout 5 million on mines, gotta hit in someday
  6. Mateusz

    I have reached 100 posts!

    100 posts is a 2-3 days work :DD so it's not so hard, but congrats anyway
  7. Nah it won't, ethereum will only grow if bitcoin will grow, no other option.
  8. 'lol, they finally started to ban passive beggars'
  9. Mateusz


    That would be cool, hunting jackpots is awesome if it's good made and not so pointless as on Primedice
  10. Mateusz

    Fat Cat Bonus went live today!!

    Wow that looks promising, gonna take a closer look on this
  11. Mateusz

    Dogecoin gonna release soon

    doge is the 2nd best coin in the universe so i hope they will add it soon
  12. seems like shitcoin, it's all controlled by some people, thats why those coins will never be worth more than nothing
  13. still holding like 800 or something, dont know why, all alts are gone already
  14. Mateusz

    Mines Multiplier Calculator

    That sweet 5 million payout, gonna hit it someday ;D
  15. I'm still waiting for rock paper scissors multiplayer ;(