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  1. Mateusz

    Go on after big losses or take break?

    In my opinion in this case of gambling it doesnt change your thing cuz your playstyle does not increase your chance of winning, if we were talking about some poker then taking a break is a decent option
  2. No crazy reactions for busting... my last time was only "xd" when I lost 0.49 ETH cuz I wanted to make it 0.5
  3. Mateusz

    In 1 hours three times 36000-x (Mines)

    Damn Faris nice, wishing u the same luck on 5mln payout xd
  4. Mateusz

    Can Bitcoin Be Worth $500,000 Per Coin?

    Yes, let's just wait till more and more companies start to accept it, some mega smart and easy to use wallet comes up and it will overcome visa I think, and when it does the price will be just going up and up
  5. Mateusz

    Chico's Stream <3 Come on guys!

    Have a nice stream and good luck bettting
  6. Mateusz

    Primedice have a better Dice rather than Stake?

    I prefer dice on PD too, got used to it and stake's dice feels so bad to me
  7. Mateusz

    Another Crypto becomes larger than Bitcoin ?

    Why would it happen? It's not possible in any way
  8. Mateusz

    How did you come to stake?

    Stake was announced od PD so I was really hyped about it that days, here since the start
  9. Mateusz

    Stake at work!

    Wow if u guys are that addicted I compassion to your wallets
  10. Mateusz

    new members?

    This "online" text is bullshit, it can count bots, people that were online last 24h or other shit, you will never see more than 20 people on chat, mostly its alt accounts i think
  11. Used to spend too much, now im only occasionaly there, so nope
  12. Mateusz

    Gambling or being tactical

    I gamble every single money I have into payout 5 million on mines, gotta hit in someday
  13. Mateusz

    I have reached 100 posts!

    100 posts is a 2-3 days work :DD so it's not so hard, but congrats anyway
  14. Nah it won't, ethereum will only grow if bitcoin will grow, no other option.