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  1. The only real way for real man to play mines is to hunt 5mln payout!
  2. Mateusz

    Calling out the fakes.

    Well after u play a while u notice that you shouldn't cry for loses, and post your winnings bets either:D
  3. Mateusz

    Finding bugs.. What would you do?

    Lol a nice question, and probably of the ones that you cannot be 100% sure what will you unless you will find yourself in that situation. But I think that I would make some money out of it, which would probably not hurt stake at all, and then after withdraw I'd report the bug (I would reward myself for finding it xd)
  4. Mateusz

    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #4

    Wow such a great lottery, thanks for being generous and adding 0.39! Sent already!
  5. Mateusz

    Should a Stable Coin be Added to Stake?

    Stable coin = fiat? It's cryptocurrency gambling site so you don't need $ to gamble, you pretty much know how much you're betting if u are atleast a bit aware of what the price of your coin is.
  6. Mateusz

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    Looks definetely better to me, feels also good to put the chips on the table. Nice work
  7. Mateusz

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Wow, that's awesome that people actually spend time on analysing something that depends on people. You cannot predict if some big fish will go into BTC and bump the price, and then the other fishs will follow him leading to an ATH. It's all random, ofcourse there are schemes that likes to comes from time to time but come on. "Number one rule of Wall Street. Nobody... and I don't care if you're Warren Buffet or if you're Jimmy Buffet. Nobody knows if a stock is gonna go up, down, sideways or in fucking circles. Least of all, stockbrokers, right?"
  8. Mateusz

    Different mode suggestion for mines

    Let's be serious Kris, that is a bullshit, gambling means probability, means you are playing mostlikely against the house and the house have always bigger % than you. Every kind of gambling is designed to make you lose money, so if in your version, being pro would mean that you can make more than 50% to double ur basic capital, then the game cannot be created, cuz in the long runs the house would only lose, it's like card counting in blackjack, u can use a trick to be overcome the house edge thats why its illegal in casinos. The main thing in gambling is that you CAN NOT be good at it. Everyone starts with the same chances.
  9. Mateusz

    Different mode suggestion for mines

    Nah, it won't work cuz gambling is all about probability, in this case you would be able to earn more if u were better than others which will definetely not work
  10. Can't wait for poker and PvP games. Damn you guys, great job
  11. Mateusz

    Doubling Blackjack

    Depends if u wanna try to make money faster or bust money faster. If u wanna have some fun and not play all of ur credits in a short amount of time then Id go for staying at the same amount
  12. Mateusz

    Which pet is better, Cats or Dogs?

    lol dogs for sure, pugs ❤️
  13. Mateusz

    Discord Giveaways

  14. Mateusz

    Go on after big losses or take break?

    In my opinion in this case of gambling it doesnt change your thing cuz your playstyle does not increase your chance of winning, if we were talking about some poker then taking a break is a decent option