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  1. yeah correct me if I'm wrong but I guess the odds of hitting 5k x are 1/5000+house edge both on dice and limbo, you can check everything in bet verification, and u cannot cheat on math so just stop being dumb and ask dumb questions, if it would be less, casino would lose money, if higher, players would lose more than they should according to 1% house edge
  2. Always chatting, sharing my decent bets if I get some, however if I play on phone I don't use chat at all, it's I just not like the way that I have to play or chat. On PC when I like to do automated and then look at chat
  3. Blackjack is also good in wagering, you bet on banker+player the same amount and if you bet for example 0.01 then if you win, you lose nothing, and if you lose you ar -25k satoshi so it's not such a big deal and you can wager a lot there.
  4. You guys only complain, but if u take a closer look the recent discussions here were made only to get some satoshis, all topics were the same, and in the same categories... So please, respect that they do not wanna give so much money away for just writting spam
  5. Wtf is that, 18 attempts at hilo, never passed 3x. A great challenge but no1s gonna win this, did anyone calculated the odds of this?
  6. It think the chances for hitting 49.50x are 1/50. Can be wrong of course. Not really a wheel fan here, sniping high payouts always works better for me in other games like hilo, dice especially.
  7. Meh those wifes, always gets on good people's ambitious...
  8. Betting all in is always the best option if you think of making money and not having fun. Because the more you bet the more you will give to the casino by the house edge. So set the payout which will satisfy u and go all in.
  9. Hearthbreaking story dude, keep the profits up, nice.
  10. If u had 900k and then go back to 450k, you are not in profit, u had more. But picking target is the way, especially when u pick a target and go all in to get it then withdraw if win.
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