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  1. KENO: 8,097,205,548 placed by Mateusz on 19/08/2019 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 400x Profit 1596.00000000
  2. Blackjack is also good in wagering, you bet on banker+player the same amount and if you bet for example 0.01 then if you win, you lose nothing, and if you lose you ar -25k satoshi so it's not such a big deal and you can wager a lot there.
  3. The chances all always the same, just set up enough diamonds with enough mines to get that 300x+ payout and select some random tiles and wait for luck, sooner or later you should hit that, good luck
  4. I mostly bust all the money I get from rainbot/rains from people, sometimes some win happens and I have some more balance to play and maybe even get to withdrawal point, but not likely. I tried saving the money few times but it didn't turn out very good. Also I use all my satoshis to hunt 5mil-x on mines xd
  5. Started in early 2017, also PD, had some wins but eventually busted more than actually win, never was mega lucky, mostly my biggest wins are some bets with 0.01-0.03 outcomes at max, like plinko 1000x with 3k satoshi, very lucky one. Still trying to hit 5mil-x so maybe someday I'll have something to show off
  6. Dice, and there are various reasons why you should do it here, first you can set up exact multipier you want, the house edge is normal 1%, you pretty much lose or win, not like plinko where you can win like 0.2x or something, basically dice is the best
  7. Bitcoin is going down? Oh I might buy some more then... People don't shit your pants, just follow the damn instructions and you'll be rich. 1. Buy when it's high. 2. Sell when it's low.
  8. All my money in vault, not for so long tho, but I think stakes vault is much better than online wallets for sure and exchanges of course, although I would recommend to move the big money to some samurai/mycellium or even electrum wallet if you don't have any hardwallets, because you never know what's going to happen.
  9. If you use lever then if you are good in predicting you can make some nice money out of it, and bitcoin likes to dumps and pumps alot so if you are just patient enought it might work for you, but most people say it's 1 way trip to lose all your money
  10. You guys only complain, but if u take a closer look the recent discussions here were made only to get some satoshis, all topics were the same, and in the same categories... So please, respect that they do not wanna give so much money away for just writting spam
  11. Alot chatters would S your D for a 10k satoshi tip, mostly the non-star ones. They do not know that they can spend the time they spend for begging, for something like posting on forum/trying to get some refs or something... But they just 'nice bro' 'good luck bro' 'i lost big today help me bro'... Pathetic
  12. Congrats @Zoltan a very fine bet, now it's time for 5mil-x with 20satoshi With that 0.8 you can hunt some decent payouts now
  13. Way too much lately, but there are good sides of this, I'm getting more rains than usual, so I can handle that, atleast I'm not bored cuz there are always some cents in crypto that I can bust and have some little fun