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  1. Hehe, that would be quiet hard but a profit of 1.0. Unfortunately, a guy with a zero wager bet got it once again, I guess he was kinda lucky but unlucky at the same times while he wasn't able to get a big profit out of it.
  2. Hey there! I can't actually remember, but my sessions mostly needs like 2-3 hours, can't stand more, most times I had a long session, there was always a profit while I was mostly hitting x404 by betting with 9 mines.
  3. That's a really decent hit! Plinko sometimes can do miracles, I mostly play with 10, 11 or 12 pings aswell. Even if there can be a massive loss streak, it's pretty easier to hit these pings than the highest ones.
  4. FotisNt

    3x green in a row!

    Lmfao! I'm sure even this way we would avoid being that risky on Stake, in this case there would be a huge loss.xD I guess that could easilly happen again so no need to be sad about it.:D
  5. I actually noticed that bet and I was kinda shocked! Some people literally did more than 50k rolls to hit a royal flush, you got it with an enormous profit! Hope you enjoyed your winnings!xD
  6. That would be a really nice addition, like a tab where we would pin our personal records. Hope our staff gonna like it too!
  7. Well, once you use this strategy in a long run, it might failed hard, I once got 11 losses in a row just by betting with 10 numbers, wasn't aimming high but a simple x13 or higher. I suggest you not running strategies with loss increment on keno.
  8. FotisNt

    HiloBot vs Manual

    Since developers updated Stake, I hate playing HiLo in Stake's platform, so I do use the bot even when I'm betting manually. It's also way easier and faster to play with the bot, high multipliers are scaling way too fast.
  9. My dice profits are negative since I was never able to make profits out of it, I really prefer limbo over dice when I'm about to chase any multiplier higher than x100. So what I do is to avoid dice once my balance is higher than 0.01 or something. Low bets made me red on dice.
  10. I did way too many rolls for that, both for weekly and daily challenges.xD I mean, it's not even giving a high multiplier hitting them, why would it be that hard to hit, I really don't want to see anymore of this challenge.lol
  11. Well, baccarat isn't really a game to do long runs, as I've seen in another places, most highrollers prefers to take high risks in this game, not to run many rolls and stuff, even martingale is a really bad strategy for baccarat, that challenge was pretty tuff, indeed.
  12. I can't actually save my profits, If I won't withdraw after winning big, I will definitely end up busted. Unfortunately, I'll always be annoyed once I have a losing streak which will make me bet in a dumb way.
  13. FotisNt


    Hey Omer! Welcome to Stake's forum! Have fun:D
  14. Well, since I heard something about Wednesday, I guess we'll be able to play slots in Friday, I also don't rush for it, I know that slots needs way too much work to be live. I've seen people creating slots and stuff and it's really tuff.
  15. Well, I'd rather take the risk and try to multiply my balance x10 simply because I do hate long runs and there is actually an equal risk to both options. Long runs might be really worthy once you chase a really high multiplier tho.