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  1. FotisNt

    Where is this 5000x?

    And so, the old plinko came back which is good for my balances while I won't lost another time and money there! Hope Stake2.0 will be luckier with that new plinko.
  2. FotisNt

    Last letter game!!

  3. FotisNt

    Now and then

    Since it depends to my payday, im betting High once or twice a week while most times i end up busted. - _-
  4. FotisNt

    Chasing x1m plus!

    Actually, my bankroll isnt that big so i guess ill need tons of luck.xD
  5. FotisNt

    What is your story?

    Due to this amazing forum and all those cool friends ive made so far! Also i kinda enjoy betting here more than other sites, even if i keep losing a losing, however my stats are not negative so i cant complain about that so i guess thats a reason im still here too.
  6. FotisNt

    Quickly use or let it build?

    And that can actually make you a decent salary, some people might say it can't but its pretty amazing how much profits you can make Just by being patient.
  7. FotisNt

    Where is this 5000x?

    I haven't hit it yet, already made about 50k rolls most times my base bet was 10, and yeah, I'll try to hit it til the end:D.
  8. FotisNt

    Fantasy Trader, do you miss it too?

    Well, since I wasn't there these days I guess not. However, was it a feature like a demo-platform to gamble on?
  9. I mostly deposit through bitcoins which easier to buy on localbitcoins, I guess. Also withdrawing with bitcoin on localbitcoins too.
  10. FotisNt

    Real Life Pictures

    2k19 relasionships
  11. FotisNt

    Fire to make them see.

    Indeed! Most times "rich beggars" are more likely to ignore you after tipping them unlike "poor beggars" who will keep contact so they might ask for more or tip you back.:D
  12. FotisNt

    CHINITO warning

    He might just has a similar name or something, we'll be aware if he asks anything tho. edit to not* btw
  13. FotisNt

    What is the worst game you have ever played?

    So far keno while I've lost around 0.05 there, not much but it was a pretty annoying way to bust. Also sports bets are included on the worst types of gambling I've ever play on.