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  1. Most users lag after those challenges even from pcs. Something has to be done about that spam because its way too laggy and annoying for everyone.
  2. Of course the higher multiplier means much more difficulty but keep in mind that other games are more likely to give a higher payout in less odds than keno. I've seen many users hitting 200 or 500 x in less than 50 rolls while ive wasted more than like 1000. Isn't it weird compared to other games?
  3. But what happens on a long losing streak with low payouts? It can be harmful to the whole balance, in my case, a strategy like that would be like 90%risky while my bets most times are exceeding the odds and ive to make like 1000+rolls for a single 100x or something around 100x.
  4. FotisNt. I found stake randomly one day while i was just surfing about btc stuff.
  5. Seems to be a good strategy but, no strategy is one hundred percent safe so it might have some risk. Anyways its actually good while the risk is low and you might come up with a +50% or even an 100%. I will definitely try this later, thanks for sharing.
  6. Well, I do something like that too but since I've got a big screen I just open 4 tabs and minimize them a bit so there will be a 4/4 in my screen and im decreasing each tab's zoom by -50. Worked for me so far while I've won around 2 that way, anyways it mostly depends on luck so you might hit it with one tab opened or miss it with 4 tabs which also happened to me before.
  7. Hey and happy easter to you aswel! Keno isn't a profitable game to me while in my total 50k-60k rolls the max multiplier I've achieved isn't more than 27x, pretty lame and weird. Your strategy seems to be cool by the way while you can control your profits but I tried everything and still nothing comes up, I guess I'll keep trying and calculating odds to see the result.
  8. I wanted to link my bet ID here but I lost that, anyways, its a 10000x which I did hit at the first roll and made 0.1 Eth, pretty cool that I didn't even try more than once and unpredictable. Also, I recently hit a 9000x on the telegram challenge which gave me 1ETH, same within 50 rolls and came up 3rd of 3 , I was pretty lucky there too.
  9. Nahhh, most withdrawals I made were builded up by hilo so I guess im lucky:D. By the way, daymn son you got unlucky there =( keep trying tho, its not that hard on auto. Really sorry if that was manual.xD
  10. I'm literally trying to hit a high one like this too but haven't even reach more than 50kx so far, Anyways that's a good one, about how much time did it took by the way?
  11. Well, since I don't like playing on x2 multipliers, I mostly pick TIE which gives 8x if im not wrong. Usually martingaling on this which is dumb but I doubled many times so.. Ok, I might autobet overnight at x2 with +101% on loss so there isn't any specificate order that I'm placing my bets.
  12. I had the same question, these guys did a great job actually, but I would like some colour adjust or something so it will be less annoying to our eyes. Anyways, I guess everyone would like to meet them in chat or forum.
  13. Happens to me aswel, I just refresh and it's fine.
  14. Nice one! The best part is that you made it without a bot, while you can hit like a 5000x within 10 mins with that hilobot, pretty insane. I suggest you trying it while u got nothing to lose! I dont know if its illegal so just saying.
  15. FotisNt

    Hidden tricks?

    As I know so far there are no tricks on stake's platform at least. It's like every rest game just more annoying. The only good stuff is the hilobot which can be really useful while ur able to autobet and hit whatever multiplier u want within 5 minutes. No idea if its illegal but it works good.