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  1. Well, I dont complete both of them everytime. I mostly miss one of them or both of them while Im trying to complete them like two hours before the thread locks! Maybe I am dumb but I am just postponing it until the time is up!:D
  2. Well, I got like 5 aces once, wasnt a winning bet sadly, I was not greedy at all and I picked Hi on the 4th one, was really frustrating, since that, I avoid doing pus'y bets while I lost many funds this way..
  3. Well, I was inactive in the past month so Im not actually able to have that feature yet, however it seems lit! So I guess I'll start being active again and make tons of deposit to make it bigger and bigger!:D
  4. Well, Ive two, taekwondo ( as a sport) and tennis, barely plyaing tennis but I love it.
  5. FotisNt

    New mines strat

    Well, indeed, it might needs some work once you make a nice profit, or even restarting it with a lower balance might be a better idea! I also tried to change increments but didnt end up nice.xD
  6. I do play plinko when Ive a low balance actually. Built up many times a decent amount this way, I love plinko due to this! Already multiplied many rains by chasing 420x until withdrawal, its actaully awesome the way a high balance can scale on this game!
  7. Although I got my most high multipliers by betting manually, i kinda prefer afking for hours or even leaving home to stop thinking about it. My last high one while I was playing normally was a 4000x which I got in the 2nd roll.
  8. I love free spins so I would love to be able to play wheel this way! It's kinda not profitable nowadays while you might get a massive loss streak by chasing low multipliers such as 3x or 10x, happened to me and it was awful.
  9. Well, that might worked for you while you were lucky or something, it is a cool strategy anyways! I tried a similar one in the past, and I came up green too. I guess everyone has his own strategy which depends on his balance.
  10. Well, its a nice feature if you wanna chase a high multiplier with 4 or more digits! That worked for me aswel, I also tried to play manually chasing lower multipliers which means by playing normally but it didnt work for me, I mean its kinda boring using it for a long run.
  11. Sounds so bad! But it can happen to anyone, 1.10x isnt the best multiplier to bet on for me. I had a loss streak of 20 on keno while the minimum multiplier was 1.10x aswel. Its all about luck I guess?:D
  12. Seems like a nice suggestion, useful for challenges too!
  13. Definitely! Once you are out of luck, its all over. However, Ive seen people who are betting for days with the same way, then they changed one option or basebet and busted everything they made within some rolls. I guess sometimes you need to hold yourself and keep the same rythm or withdraw when its time to.
  14. There is no way you are gonna stay profited everytime. You got many posibilities to bust but to win either, what im saying is that any multiplier might make you bust once you're unlucky or something. I guess its kinda easier to make a 2percent per day instead of winning everytime.
  15. Well, I prefer rainning on less people, higher amounts, so they will enjoy a decent amount. I kinda dont like the small ones to many people while you might cause spam and thats annoying I guess.