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  1. Don't even need clues.xD They literally said it, but these clues also prooves that they are gonna add sportsbetiing soon. I heard within two months aswel.
  2. Well, forum would be pretty spammy if there wasn't a limit. So, valuable users might be rewarded with more limits on daily forum posts which is actually good for the community. Once someone is valuable enought, there is a VIP rank which let you post 40 times a day.
  3. There are not any specific requirements to hit a 1000x. You just need a bankroll and time. Once your bankroll lets you do more than 2000x rolls with a probability to bust aswel, then you might be lucky and get what you chase. It's all just about luck.
  4. I do like different games per challenge insted of one game while it prevents most alts from participating by the time it's kinda faster. Also it's more fun this way while users have many more possibilities to win. Thanks by the way for all these stuff.
  5. im still running this strat and its working for the most times for me so far. im dont think that im going to change my strat on roulette ever again
  6. thats sick! im pretty sure this never happend to me congratulations! blackjack hates me on stake i guess i didnt even got 2 in a row
  7. im still trying to get anything over 10k on limbo but i still didnt hit it. im hunting this for weeks now but some player here are getting these multiplierst so easy lets see how lon it takes me
  8. Hello! welcome, nice to see you on Forum!
  9. i dont think that there is any "safe strat" to make make profit only. you can try it with really low wager on autobets with a increase on lose, but i dont think that you will end up in profit at all. but goodluck, share ur expieriences
  10. That would be a great idea, but in the other hand, users would abuse it and they would spam way more. I guess, if there would be some spam restrictions it would be fine.
  11. The worst thing after busting is always a redeposit. That makes you bust even more due to losing rage. That's what I did multiple times in the past, got over it already.
  12. Tried it already.xD It lagged at 3 devices a bit but didn't stop, so I do run faster autos with two devices to avoid lag etc. Once I update my pc, I might run autobets faster due to a trick I'm using.lol
  13. Well, I might bet anywhere, gonna get an office job soon, I guess I'll be able to use Stake as much as I wan't without even getting noticed.xD
  14. Well, it's fine right now, I guess it happened due to the update.
  15. Doesn't matter what the strategy is, it will always be a lose, or most times. I guess playing like when there is no race is the best option, 1 hour which Eddie make races last is enough for a long run. I guess.