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  1. Love
    FotisNt got a reaction from Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  2. Love
    FotisNt reacted to Dansliplol in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    It will be interesting to see how Stake will update the features they offer to gamblers and punters.
    1)Adding stablecoins and letting Stakers to exchange the altcoins inside the website 
    2) Showing real and theoretical RTP, so users will have an idea how much the slot paid in last days / weeks. 
    3) For sports, adding more choices will give us better options to choose and we will not stuck between main 1x2 or under/ over on third world soccer matches. 
    4) Adding better layout for live soccer stats and alert function when goal or corner scored in chosen bet sounds cool. 
    5) Upgrading servers to better capacity, so as Stakers we will enjoy lag-free content. Letting users to Whitelist the two IP address is good idea to prevent abuse of both bonuses and to protect the servers from "bad boys". 
    6) For forum, offering small bonuses when the member's rank goes up or letting members to earn passive income with writing constructive posts. 
    7) If the user got muted on chat, he/she should be able to tip other Stakers. I don't understand the main reason why user can't  send tips after mute. The next version of this to suspend withdrawals until end of mute...
    😎 Let platinum and above users choose the time frame when they want to claim monthly. Monthly coupon shouldn't be on a random date, so let the higher ranks to make their choice if they don't want to deposit and play with house money. 
  3. Bitcoin
    FotisNt got a reaction from Dansliplol in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    Don't even know what to expect! Stake already has everything a gambler would want to see on a casino! Can't wait 🙀
  4. Love
    FotisNt reacted to ubbey04 in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    We all know Stake 4th year anniversary is fast approaching.. What are your expectations on its Birthday?

  5. Love
    FotisNt reacted to xtinepink in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    I played on Stake since day 1 and I can totally say 100% of big improvements they've made over the past years. When it started, I remember it didn't have this rain and tip function and when it finally did the minimum tip at that time was at 100k satoshis. Eddie was sending 500k sats tip during the first month when it started 😂
    My personal favorite game back then was chartbet which is now called crash. We only get to play Stake original games but through the years a lot of changes going on as they now have 3rd party slots and sportsbetting. For this 4th year, I am excited of what is coming and hopefully we will see another wow factor. 
    Well for the Stake birthday, we all know there are a lot of surprises not just a one day celebration but a 1 month full of surprises and giveaways. I would like to request for them to do a full vacation package 🤣🤣🤣 this pandemic didn't really give us the vacay, a gift from stake would be awesome, well oppps for those who doesn't want that maybe take the cash then. Ofc we all know Stake will offer huge surprises I can't wait for what would it be 🤑🥳🥳
    For the player experience I would like to see a smooth gameplay, the lag kills my game. Also hoping to see more on sportsbetting. Stake mentioned about Usdt coming and I know many players are excited for that.
    Overall the development  of Stake from day 1 up to now is really awesome. Let's see what else is yet to come. Bring it on!! 
    Happy 4th year birthday Stake ❣❣❣

  6. Love
    FotisNt reacted to Mikehoncho in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    For the birthday itself, I imagine stake will follow the same trend it has the last few years. Probably a full week of challenges with extra rewards for those who complete each days challenge. A contest or two involving your creativity in making something for stake. On the day of, more rains in the chat. 
    Going into the future, I hope to see some lag issues fixed. I'd also like to see the custom autobet settings released for the other originals. A new original would be nice. 
    Happy Birthday Stake.
    Here's to another four years of Stake.com.🍻
  7. Love
    FotisNt reacted to zeriko in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    I expect to see a brand new exclusive sponsorship with the great UFC fighter that goes by the name of Gary the Alien.
    Special moves include pounding his opponents into financial submission, knock out by bust and his famous "an error has occurred". Cant wait!
    PS. Id also like to see coin converting , usdt , less bots/alts and less skem.
  8. Haha
    FotisNt reacted to ShilohPhx in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    I expect to continue losing, as it is all I seem to do lately.   Oh yeah,  I expect there will be great bonuses to those who have reached the higher echelons of VIP levels in time.   
  9. Love
    FotisNt got a reaction from Mikehoncho in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    Don't even know what to expect! Stake already has everything a gambler would want to see on a casino! Can't wait 🙀
  10. Love
    FotisNt got a reaction from ubbey04 in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    Don't even know what to expect! Stake already has everything a gambler would want to see on a casino! Can't wait 🙀
  11. Lame
    FotisNt reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters 🗣   
    (weeks 03.05.2021. - 17.05.2021.)

    Hello, lovely chatters! 😊

    Congrats to the 15th round winners for the Friendliest Chatters. Winners can be seen below: 

    English: "Xrflive"&"windblade"
    Sports: "Victorcruz80"
    Russian: "Bulbes"
    Indonesian: "sanctusaura"
    Spanish: "adri3000"
    Germany: "boaler"
    Indian: "ewm011"
    Portuguese: "saik1"
    Filipino: "ekzxc"  
    French: "jauredane"

    Winners will be contacted via Support Live Chat!  
  12. Thanks
    FotisNt reacted to Bostonambros in Please Stake Marketing Team set monthly bonus on a fixed day   
    Why not just tell us when they are? Instead of a billion people asking
  13. Haha
    FotisNt reacted to Steve in Monthly bonus delayed? 😂   
    Eagerly waiting for my monthly bonus as well. Stake please..
  14. Payday
    FotisNt reacted to zuey in 🥇 [$6,000] ​​Control Your Decision 🧩   
    HILO: 46,836,226,167
    placed by zzueey on 12/06/2021
    0.22242000 Multiplier
    40.16856x Profit
  15. Love
    FotisNt reacted to Missedme in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   

    and her doggo, here to sTEAL ur hearts.

  16. Love
    FotisNt reacted to maverick528 in Let's Talk About ..... Addiction   
    The Simpsons.
    Buying tools.
  17. Love
    FotisNt reacted to ubbey04 in Let's Talk About ..... Addiction   
    Apart from gambling as we all are addicted to it .. do you have something you always craving for ? 
    As for me, everyone knows I love ice cream so much 😋. 

  18. Lame
    FotisNt reacted to Nevena in Stake Is Rigged   
    Hello there, guys!
    I will need to thank you for your honest opinion, but the only thing that is important here is, luck.
    We are sorry to hear that you have any doubts regarding our honesty and legitimacy, no one can interfere the outcome of anyone's bet.
    Those games are provided to us by a lot of different and trusted game providers.
    Those games are on dozens of other sites.
    You are more than welcome to play Stake original games and you will be able to verify those bets.
    Please, read more about the provably fair system and you'll see that the betting outcome is indeed random.
    Feel free to check this video:
    Let us know if you need more assistance on this one.
    Best of luck playing!
  19. Love
    FotisNt reacted to r0w3n4 in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    Meet my Chicko. adopted chick. XD 

  20. Love
    FotisNt reacted to FabriG02 in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    Greetings to all, I see very few images of birds, they are my weakness, I love their colors and the sounds they make, recently I decided to raise birds, even since they are born, here are the most recent images, tell me what they are, isn't it beautiful ? ?

  21. Bitcoin
    FotisNt got a reaction from FilipN in 🎰 [$1,500] Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 39 🏰   

  22. Love
    FotisNt got a reaction from psipsinis in 🎰 [$1,500] Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 39 🏰   

  23. Sad
    FotisNt reacted to Dexthesexx in Crash lagged and took my money   
    I was playing crash yesterday for 2 hours and when I increased my bet the game hanged. I wasn’t even able to hit cash out as it was stuck on the bet logo and multiplier was still at 1.00x. After waiting for 20 seconds or so I decided to refresh and realised that I’ve lost on that game and the next game has alr started for 5 seconds. 
    I know that it’s a multiplayer game and lags do exist and many experienced that as I’ve read the forum. However for my case if the cashout button didn’t even appear how would I stand a chance to win/ lose and lose my money for no reason.
    As gamblers we all want a good experience when gambling and understand that any amount of money we place we lose it on a proper bet and not due to such an issue.
    I hope admins will take more notice into this instead of telling me to play other non multiplier games instead or placing auto cash outs and any crash player would know that defeats the purpose of the game which is the excitement to ride the wave and cashout anytime you want.
    ive attached pictures below showing what has happened. 
    I would like to add that any player here would expect a fair fighting chance and nothing less however for my case here I had 0 chance. I have been wagering quite a lot on stake.com and would definitely not expect any less from them where I’ve sent a video proof to strengthen my argument.
  24. Bitcoin
    FotisNt got a reaction from FilipN in 🎰 [$1,500] Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 38 🔫   

  25. Thanks
    FotisNt reacted to Faris in 💎 Mines Rollhunt 💣   
    Hello guys  

    I use the forum for this Rollhunt because Stake chat is a bit laggy right now and I don't want to miss the winners.

    Rollhunt sponsored by @TakinPoops

    The first 10 people who posts a winning bet with at least 11k-x multiplier will win $25. No min bet, No ghost mode!  You need to post your bet in this thread, bets from the Stake chat are not accepted.

    12 mines / 10 gems or 11 mines / 11 gems or  16 mines / 7 gems or 21 mines / 4 gems
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