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  1. So sweet. I feel the same way. Hahaha 😂kisses 😘 ❤️
  2. Sure @Mirela 😝 *then delete it after lmao
  3. Lmao! Only if you post yours 😂
  4. I was scrolling and I can’t believe I didn’t post something in here 😂😂😂 or maybe I deleted it 🤪
  5. Rofl!!! now it’s your turn thugggyyyy:D
  6. Wow Faris! Finally you showed up hahaha
  7. We need to tag them. 😂 @Jelena @Bojana @Marija @Dusan No more excuses 🤣
  8. I miss you all too. Now who is going to stream on stake’s birthday? 😅🤣🤣
  9. Hey guys and girls! Someone just informed me today that this player saw me playing in another online casino with player name xtinepink. Just to clear things out, I am not active in other online gambling site. I think the only one I registered before was LG and I played once or twice probably last 2017 or 2018. Please be careful if that account asks for loan or something as I am not playing at any casino. Thanks
  10. Okay I miss this topic, though I still can’t see @hui @maverick528 and other new support in here btw happy 2nd Anniversary stake, just droppin by again 😀😅
  11. I enjoyed reading and looking at this thread, I hope you guys don't mind me joining as well @hui need to add you and Z on the meme peace out
  12. Roger Federer Serena Williams England France
  13. Close ko na po ito. Tapos na po ito at napamodmod na din ang premyo para sa patimpalak nato. Thanks!