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  1. xtinepink

    Bitcoin.com sponsored MMA Fight, can Stake.com do this?

    I don’t know if stake participates on some events but I wish that they give out some free gary tshirts or souvenirs. Lol
  2. xtinepink

    China Has Found 421 Fake Cryptocurrencies

    Yeah those high promising gains are really a no-no. Its give too much profit than your investment in a couple of days or weeks. But still many people do engage on this. It will be pretty much useless to invest in coins/tokens that will never be seen on exchanges. Stay away from those projects, sometimes it’s just too good to be true.
  3. xtinepink

    Paano makaiwas sa scam?

    Paano nga ba umiwas sa scams? Maraming klaseng scams na nangyayari sa bansa. Karamihan ay yung pyramid schemes di ba? Ito yung need mo maginvite para kumita. Tas meron pa yung isa na token daw tas ang kalidad naman nito ay lagi daw pataas at hindi bumababa. Minsan kahit alam nadelikado na eh pinapasok o sinasalihan pa natin. Kaya kapag sobrang taas na ng balik nito dapat umiwas na tayo dahil baka masayang din ang mga pinaghirapan natin. Paano nga ba makaiwas sa scam?
  4. Great info here. Wow, some of the coins before are now away from there current level. So probably in the next coming years we can also see another positioning on crypto ranks.
  5. Hey everyone! Do you have some favorite exchange sites? I believe that normally people just asks other where is the best exchange (word of mouth) others do their own research like checking some record transactions, volume of an exchange etc. How about you? Why did you ended up choosing that exchange?
  6. As we see in the news that most countries are into regulations to cryptocurrencies. The Kazakhstan President calls for the United Nation to set up a common rules for the crypto regulations. Although there was also a report that the Kazakhstan’s National Bank wants the banning crypto use and mining. Source: https://www.ccn.com/kazakhstan-president-calls-for-global-rules-on-cryptocurrencies-under-un-oversight/
  7. Hey everyone! Have you seen your achievements lately on your games on stake? Well I just found out that my highest max win in plinko is only at .016btc and the lowest is diamond poker(which I rarely play) How about you? Have you check your achievements lately?
  8. I saw this one too. That there are already more volume in okex, actually more volume than binance too.
  9. Hey everyone. I don’t know if someone already tried frog. Yes frog, it taste like chicken! Nomnom! This is an Adobo recipe. (Frog Adobo) Did you saw the legs? 😂
  10. xtinepink

    When to sell a crypto?

    Comment from a trader. I will note that yeah, especially on taking out the investment. Thanks Kurian and wb!
  11. xtinepink

    Para sa mga gusto magdepo sa eth

    Cjellheck mo din yung changelly, nagbigay ako ng link sa tele group natin. Lol.
  12. xtinepink

    Wall Street Journal investigates hundreds of fraud ICO project

    I also doubt some ICOs who asks KYC. Although I might consider if I believe in a project. It’s indeed risky to put personal infos and being unsure if they will be successful in such projects. So atm I have few airdrop counts because of that. Lol
  13. xtinepink

    Do you have game schedules?

    Great. Hope you are having a good time here on forum. It depends on your level and there are certain topics or areas that can give you satoshis. Hood luck hunting on that. (Just remember not to spam) Enjoy! You might want to check the Pay Per Post topic.
  14. xtinepink

    Forum Eth React

    This is cute, it will be nice to add it but I guess it won’t be a priority as of the moment. I guess maybe they will add it in the future.
  15. xtinepink

    A coin Greater than Bitcoin | worth $59546.70

    Lol the price is high indeed but the real question is that do they have an active market to get a positive volume. I guess not.