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  1. I contacted support and you may claim it directly to them as they will manually credit it for you.
  2. I assumed that the expiration date was wrong because this email was sent to me on November 22, 2018. As some people knows that most email bonuses will expire only for days/weeks or a month but not more than 1 year. But you can try contacting support if you want.
  3. Obviously the information given to you prolly wasn’t complete. The given crypto was in Ethereum not Doge. With that coupon image that you sent, obviously you cannot claim that because that was expired. The latest email coupon sent will expire on March 31, 2019.
  4. Hi Steve. I used the Stake signature but it seems that it’s not clickable? I used the correct format though.
  5. Minsan hindi ko din maintindihan kung bakit nakikipagsiksikan yung iba pagdating sa ulan. Maraming binibigay ang stake basta huwag lang sana itong abusohin para hindi maban ang acct.
  6. Oh wow I actually thought that no one achieved the royal flush. Hopefully I will get that osne soon with atleast 10k sats bets, cross fingers
  7. Thanks everyone for joining. Since only few people have join, I will be giving 10k sats for all and 50k to the first one. First: cottonbudd 50k sats 10k sats each for: ceastem Wilhelm29 jinz Koljascha luizoruivo Laura2000 Denjah Prizes sent ✅ Thanks everyone!
  8. Yes you can edit once you have a higher streak. Time is indicated too and it will be lock after 5hours and 30minutes. Yes
  9. Hey everyone! So I will be having a HiLo Giveaway; all you have to do is make the longest streak in HiLo than anyone can. Additional Requirements: 20 post count in forum No hidden bets (disable ghost mode) Minimum bet: 0.00000050 BTC 0.00001500 BCH 0.00001400 ETH 0.00003400 LTC 1.00000000 doge Post your bet id here and indicate how many cards, DO NOT count the starting card. Prize: 1st Place - 50k sats 2nd-6th Place - 10k sats each In case we have tie, whoever posted first shall be consider as the winner for that particular place.
  10. That depends on your level in the forum too.
  11. Faucet is made for testing out games, plus you can see that there many satoshis given such as discord, rainbot, forum rewards, tips by mods and support etc. Didn’t you noticed about the higher sats given by forum? From 1k sats per comment now upto 3k and 7.5k sats for each topic. Look on the brighter side if you are not satisfied by the 5sats on faucet.
  12. My highest so far is still at 9x lol 😂 maybe next time I can win the highest which is at 800x. Although I prolly need to play it more often to be able to have a chamce to get the highest multiplier for vp.
  13. Tama ang mga nabanggit ni ekzx pakiclear out na lang mga yan para maayos acct nyo kasi kung hindi ganon pa rin mangyayari sa accts nyo. Sasarado ko na tong topic dahil nasagot na rin ang mga katanungan. Salamat
  14. Great gw, Steve. 👍🏼 It was indeed fun