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  1. xtinepink

    Do you eat and gamble ?

    I drink coffee or eating chips sometimes only. You know you have to concentrate on the game anyways haha
  2. xtinepink


    Lol I don’t even know what CS:Go is, the one that I know “CS” is counter strike. Lol. I already saw some people saying CS:Go in here but still didn’t manage to look what it is.
  3. Have you ever wonder what happened to those cryptos that celebrity had endorsed? I just bump into that while I was reading some news about crypto. Here’s the link into that: https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2018/7/22/17510130/cryptocurrencies-celebrities-scam-paris-hilton-steven-seagal-akon-mayweather although I am most familiar with what happened to the crypto that Floyd Mayweather had endorsed. I believe that some of the team in Centra where charge with fraud by Sec. And of course the rapper Akon who will have a new coin as well saying or describing it as a “real life Wakanda” what are your thoughts about this? where you ever bought any of the coin endorsed by those celebrities?
  4. xtinepink

    CFA Exam Will Now Include Crypto Topics

    Bitcoin and the blockchain technologies are booming that it will now on its way to the finance industry. The CFA Institute will now include cryptocurrencies and blockchain to its Level I and II curriculums next year. Those topics will be are part of a new section called Fintech in Investment Management. Stephen Horan, the managing director of curriculum and general education at CFA Institute, said blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not a passing fad. What are thoughts? Source: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-makes-major-headway-cfa-exam-will-now-include-crypto-topics/
  5. xtinepink

    Hashflare stops cloud mining services

    If you are an investor to that site, I believe they sent emails about it or you may personally ask the support or you can email them regarding your investment.
  6. xtinepink

    Hashflare stops cloud mining services

    Hashflare is already stopping it’s mining services on current SHA-256 contract. The company said in a statement that they are having difficulties in turning a profit amid market fluctuations. The company says the cancellations are in accordance with its terms of service, but many users are also reporting that the company has placed strict new controls on withdrawals. What are your thoughts? source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/cloud-mining-platform-hashflare-stops-services-disables-equipment-on-sha-256-contracts
  7. Hey everyone! There are many reasons why we like butcoins and other altcoins. The most important thing is that we get to earn from those. It’s been so many years already that the crypto market have been amazing every year. What more is that the regulations of these cryptos. From all of these, we just have to thank the people who brought us here, now let me ask you, who taught you about bitcoins and other cryptos? for me, It was from other groups in facebook that always mention about bitcoins. If it wasn’t for them, I prolly wasn’t earning some.
  8. It will always appear on recent discussions once there are new replies. So you will surely see this post over and over. On the orher hand, you can atleast do option on your notifications when you don’t want it on your notifications.
  9. xtinepink

    Gambling awareness (warning!!!)

    Oh I remember this news. The guy was into gambling and did that. This is just sad. Most people say that he lose a lot in gambling casinos.
  10. Hey stakers! Well there are many ups and downs in gambling. I saw from a post of wilbur about cheating on live casinos, I mean wow! That’s pretty much a big thing if ever you will experience that. Other are those scam gambling sites who operates and disappears. I am still lucky that I haven’t experience those scenarios. So today, I wanna hear your story about a bad gambling experience that you have online or real casinos.
  11. xtinepink

    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    I like the chat will have an avatar
  12. The giant eletronic company, Samsung, just announced of accepting cryptocurrency payments using CopPay in several Baltic States. There is a growing trend toward business digitalisation and allowing customers to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency, whether at global retailers or local restaurants,” CopPay said in light of the news. The Samsung Company isn’t new to cryptocurrency, in January of this year they already revealed that it was entering the crypto mining chips industry by making them. Samsung admitted that they are also see the potential in blockchain as they are already using the technology to manage its global supply. what are your thoughts? source: https://coinjournal.net/samsung-accepts-crypto-payments-in-three-baltic-states/
  13. xtinepink

    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    I am craving for the giveaways when stake was new. This giveaway was competing with other players. I hope we can have that during the Anniversary of Stake and the awarding rewards as well, same as last December. We thank you for the improvements of stake. Keep up the good work! Always move forward! ❤️ Take note: I am still waiting for the poker game (coming soon like wheel) please!
  14. Indeed many companies will soon be able to adopt the blockchain technology, some companies are just starting and others are still conducting some researches about cryptos.
  15. xtinepink

    Live Casino Cheating !

    wow! I even replay the vids because I totaly didn't saw that first. wtf lol