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  1. I enjoyed reading and looking at this thread, I hope you guys don't mind me joining as well @hui need to add you and Z on the meme peace out
  2. Roger Federer Serena Williams England France
  3. Close ko na po ito. Tapos na po ito at napamodmod na din ang premyo para sa patimpalak nato. Thanks!
  4. Noice noice. Your nephew is soooooo cute
  5. Hahaha. It’s 2019 mkay. I think @Darko would agree 😂
  6. I hope there are new photos from support team because new members are in. lol
  7. Was this a swap face app or something? If correct what app? Was curious because I also saw it on social media lol
  8. Same entry pero nilagay ko lang sa youtube.
  9. Nga pala okay lang naman na hindi youtube naipost?? Hindi kasi maiupload sa youtube. Pa clarify naman @mokyo since madami entries ng wala sa youtube.
  10. Heya stakers! So this past days I saw someone in our local language made a singing contest exclusive for pinoy players and to my surprise that many people from there are good at singing. Maybe some players all over in here can share a bit of their talent in singing. I love singing usually I sing in karaoke 🎤 😆 just wanna share this one with you. Location by Khalid https://www.smule.com/p/2084303519_2961857892 Killing Me Softly by The Fugees https://www.smule.com/p/2084303519_2961655596
  11. Gagaling nyo naman! Pasali din 😂😂😂 bawal ang kontra ah Buwan 🌝 🌙 https://www.smule.com/p/2084303519_2961627064