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  1. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    please griffin read the first post see the details and then tell about rules thanks for your opinion.What you say is very general.I have photos.And see close the answer of this guy irawk its like attacking me not answering with facts.
  2. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    finally a bit a straight respond i was waiting did i mention anything bad how do you assume that?
  3. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    again you are wrong i have older acounts and i havea nd proof of my depo if you want??? BUT AGAIN YOU RE NOT ANSWERING STRAIGHT FORWARD SO you MAKE. IT LOOK LIKE YOU RE ATTACKING AND ITS PERSONAL.FROM YOU TO ME
  4. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    Agreee alll of you but this its not this acount has a username super4.So stop that straight answer please different acounts are being judged.If this isnt propaganda-like tell me.
  5. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    what you just posted proves you re not seeying well cause this acount you posted says arnadojokers but these photos say super4 and again that's not straight answer your answer is not straight forward and not explaining fromt the photos above.So go to your next sentence
  6. Here you see nothing said of or done of swearing,other languge ,insulting, Caps abuse,marketing other gambling sites And i got muted again.So many players abuse the chat with spam and a lot insult in a way very bright and nothing other market gambling sites other than primedice and stake ,i am a deposit player also with more than 150$+ And i want your opinion GUYS in these photos why i been muted?/?? (IF THEY DONT DELETE mY POST)
  7. arnadojokers

    Muted is become without reason!!!!!

    when you mute for no reason it is normal
  8. anyone vegeterian? I got muted for no reason people getting favored because they know each other or because they are old players
  9. arnadojokers

    DarkBlood069 - Giveaway 6

    i dont have 30 count post
  10. arnadojokers

    Your Ideal Giveaway & Why?

    1.Ithink pay to play is not good choice causee you. pay and play at the games also but if the giveaway is unusual attractive to the rules and the prizes. then yes. A game like rollhunt example of 99.94 with 30 sat minimum and after everyone that qualifies get into the giveaway at a loterry for one. winner or two with high prizes .However you can make better adjustments .it would be good enough 0.5$-1..5$ as an entry .the timelength is better of your deccision. I hope that helps you.(this is example you can make better calculations)
  11. super4 dge:0. i need baly
  12. arnadojokers

    Is it your Birthday?

    22 may
  13. arnadojokers

    3$ giveaway for a small survey

    do you know when it ends
  14. arnadojokers


    ITO of securcoin a coin made by coinpayments.Com search it up
  15. arnadojokers


    dice its the only rigged g game very unfair