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  1. arnadojokers

    Who Deserves Christmas Gift? [Giveaway Special]

    @gougou @Shinjo @FotisNt
  2. arnadojokers

    [Closed] Christmas Spirit Giveaway!

    @maverick528 should win 10$ because he is good mod. @gougou should win 20$ because she is a good player. @FotisNt should win 30$ because he been unlucky these days.
  3. arnadojokers

    Another one!

    hello how are you?
  4. arnadojokers

    Another one!

    hello have good christmas
  5. arnadojokers


    DOES anyone knows when it ends?
  6. arnadojokers


    IS it difficult to catch 3.3 mil multiplier?
  7. arnadojokers

    skywallkee's 11th stream live!

  8. arnadojokers

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

  9. arnadojokers

    🎄 [1.5 BTC] Advent Calendar Challenge!

    thankss stake
  10. arnadojokers

    [Closed] How low can Bitcoin go? Giveaway!

  11. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    please griffin read the first post see the details and then tell about rules thanks for your opinion.What you say is very general.I have photos.And see close the answer of this guy irawk its like attacking me not answering with facts.
  12. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    finally a bit a straight respond i was waiting did i mention anything bad how do you assume that?
  13. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    again you are wrong i have older acounts and i havea nd proof of my depo if you want??? BUT AGAIN YOU RE NOT ANSWERING STRAIGHT FORWARD SO you MAKE. IT LOOK LIKE YOU RE ATTACKING AND ITS PERSONAL.FROM YOU TO ME
  14. arnadojokers

    Moderators favour players:)

    Agreee alll of you but this its not this acount has a username super4.So stop that straight answer please different acounts are being judged.If this isnt propaganda-like tell me.