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  1. MINES: 19,144,515,399 placed by JEEPERS0029 on 26/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1010.26x Profit 0.00100926
  2. HILO: 16,371,729,733 placed by JEEPERS0029 on 11/02/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 15.5787x Profit 0.00145787
  3. DIAMONDPOKER: 16,224,766,970 déposé par JEEPERS0029 le 09/02/2020 Parié 0,00000100 Multiplicateur 1 fois Profit 0.00000000 BLACKJACK: 16,243,662,191 placed by JEEPERS0029 on 09/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  4. Hello everyone!! honestly man I don't think there's a miracle recipe especially in hilo there's too much possibility, so a lot of luck for this plant!! otherwise about the three or four aces or king it already happened to me a long time ago but it was on stake V1 and with the hilobot!! and also sometimes in manual mode but never four in a row!! and the only little trick I know but it's really only me personally who does it is that for example I have a 10 or a queen that comes out and the next card is a 7 usually I play again at the top and it passes 4 times out of 5!! but that's nothing at all! nothing to become rich!!! loool Good luck and good continuation to everyone!! bye yolo!! 🍀
  5. ROUE: 15,794,234,180 déposé par JEEPERS0029 le 03/02/2020 Parié 0,00000100 Multiplicateur 39.599998474121094x Profit 0,00003860 ROUE: 15,794,235,278 déposé par JEEPERS0029 le 03/02/2020 Parié 0,00000100 Multiplicateur 39.599998474121094x Profit 0,00003860 HILO: 15,795,680,206 placed by JEEPERS0029 on 03/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 40.014400482177734x Profit 0.00003901
  6. hi everybody!!! yeah the wheel!!! ppppfff frankly I don't know what to think except that it's a very confusing game, I mean by that I mean that by playing in a personal way just for the winnings it succeeds one time out of six while when I had to make challenges with the X30 or X50 it always ended up paid and quite a lot more!!! so for me if you want to do well with the wheel make it play only at the top and that's it and have a lot of luck!! good luck to all!! bye 🍀
  7. hi everybody!!!! so I don't really believe in the lucky number because it would mean that these numbers come out very often!!! but on the other hand I have favorite numbers like everybody else of course!! it's the 0-13-21-36-33!! usually I play in my thirties or twenties I think it comes out more often but that's my personal opinion!!!! good luck to you all!! bye 🍀