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  1. JEEPERS0029

    Diamond Poker bad luck or bad chances of profit?

    Hi! you too, it's the same thing I never play it and for the challenge that I did at the moment I did it at the beginning it was just great I had a good gain/loss ratio I even took it upon myself to continue once the challenge that I had to finish! and it was the same thing I was doing well, I was earning well, even very well, and then all of a sudden I started to have 6 times equal it was at the beginning and then I started to lose significantly, like 12 losses in the ranks until I lost 0.1 litecoin 3 times in one day😀 and I said direct STOP! I more or less recovered my stake in the mines and I re-tested (I'm stubborn) and the same again a series of loss to go crazy but this time I was less brutal I stopped direct!! since it's dead I don't play it anymore at all I tell myself that it will necessarily be a waste of time and money, it's a shame I like to see potential in games even those I don't play but this...!! good luck to those who play it!πŸ€ Bye!!!
  2. Hi! thank you I didn't know this casino I think I'll try it, especially because there's texas holdem live it works! so I wanted to know what's in it for me by signing up with your affiliate link? if you can answer me that would be really nice of you! I thank you! Good luck and see you soon I hope! Bye!
  3. JEEPERS0029

    Sandwich mines technique.

    Hi!super technique with a nice pattern! I'll try just for fun! I prefer to put more bombs and less tiles; for example, I put 13 bombs and I place 5 tiles in line vertically or totally left or totally right whether it's simple or automatic but auto it's better anyway and when his falls on top I do x66.41, the bet is you who sees me I start at 1000 I do 20 laps then I go to 2000 and I do 20 laps again until I think it's too hot to continue then I switch to a simpler strategy in manual 8 bombs I look for minimum 2 tiles but in general I do at least 3,ca makes me x3.36 I bet quite low at the beginning and I double every time I lose and until that happened just once to have the red river and its put me in the galleyπŸ˜•! then caution! go good luck to all of you!πŸ€ Bye!!!πŸ‘
  4. JEEPERS0029

    Mines - 12 bombs

    Hi! Yeah, it's definitely a good technique with a good multiplier! Cool! try with 13 bombs, you just find 1 tile which is very feasible you do x2.06 and if you find the 4 tiles like what you do in your strategy you type x25.3πŸ€‘πŸ˜‹ and it's definitely feasible too, but don't bet too much at the beginning just in case...!? that's what I do and it pays me very well, but every time I find 4 I regret not having bet more, normal! good luck!πŸ€ bye!πŸ‘
  5. JEEPERS0029

    Is this the end?

    Hi! of course not it's the end of bitcoin or crypto on the whole! no I think it's a good move prepared by the buyer/seller to make a profit because it was stagnating so they make less profit! ideally they won't buy anything for 2 or 3 days maybe a little more and its down and after buying back the direct options and putting it back together! I didn't ask around! I made a topic about it earlier to see if anyone had any idea who it was! Have a good day, everyone! ByeπŸ‘
  6. JEEPERS0029

    why this big drop in crypto?

    Hi! You probably didn't miss the day of 14/11/18 and for the moment the day of 15/11 also saw a very big fall of almost all the cryptomonnaie, small and big, it's very impressive! It's been a while since I've seen a fall like that and still on all the crypto at the same time! so I'm glad there are market fluctuations and other influences like that but I have to admit I'm not at all reassured!! so I have two questions; -Do you know exactly what's going on to make this drop? -And if so, what do you think it's going to be like this in the past? Here I thank you and wish you all the best!πŸ€ Thank you, bye.
  7. JEEPERS0029

    Game Strategies ☺

    Hi!there are many strategies but there are not many 100% winning strategies and even with this one there is always a risk, if there wouldn't be all of them! I personally use mines a lot when I want my bankroll to go up well I put 13 bombs and I try to find at least 5 tiles to make x66.41 and even on my first try I found 8 tiles to make x2163.15 I don't bet big like that I can double or triple without crashing my bankroll😱! otherwise I'll do the dice, basically the same technique as Griffin! otherwise I do Diamonds poker but I bet 10,000 minimum and I double until I win and if I feel bad I change the seed and if it's still not good I stop and start again the same one by betting 20000, I'm not looking to catch up my loss too quickly it will come anyway! with that I managed to make great gains seriously! but it's still risky! Anyway, in order for you to find your trick (your machine has won) you have to try some strategy mixes until you find yours! Good luck!!!πŸ€ Bye!!!πŸ‘
  8. JEEPERS0029

    How much money did you bust in your gambling career?

    Hi! if I remember correctly I had to deposit 5x30 euro! so I deposited 150 euro I lost quite often but I withdrew sometimes so I can say that I lost 50% of my deposit, but I learned from my mistakes and I win more and more often, well it's not so much the fact of winning the trick it's rather the fact of winning regularly to make a profit what I do is that I did my bank like that when I lose my bankroll I put back some earnings obtained before on top and I start again by trying to do better! the thing I have is that I often get bored and the BAM ends so... you know what I mean! but here I plan next month or in January to make a good deposit like 800 euro so that I can play bigger to win bigger!!! being careful of course!XDπŸ˜…πŸ˜‹ Good luck to all!!!πŸ€ bye!πŸ‘
  9. JEEPERS0029

    Primedice vs. Stake

    Hi!!so there's no doubt about it! but I started on primedice! so let's say 70% stake, 30% primedice! friends stake still has a bigger potential, with more games and great challenge! and in addition if edward says there's only going to be good I'm really looking forward to seeing it! it's going to send severe!!!Iie!Iie!!!! Come on, guys, good luck and for the sake of it!😁 bye!πŸ€
  10. JEEPERS0029

    How about StakeLottery every weeken?

    Hi! Yeah, that would be great! more lottery more chance of winning, with everyone putting 10,000 satoshis to register and the common pot divided into three big prizes and 7 small winners! Yeah, I'm for it!!!πŸ‘ Good luck, bye!!!πŸ€
  11. JEEPERS0029

    finaly i win 1000x in plinko

    hahaha!!! excellent guy!! it's always nice when it ends up happeningπŸ˜ƒ!!!! and with a good stake it's totally cool!!! for the view that it starts again!!XD Good luck, byeπŸ€
  12. JEEPERS0029

    Do you trust the random tile picker?

    Hi! for the moment I rather agree with you, let a computer randomly choose my tiles it's a bit of suicide especially if we assume that the casino doesn't necessarily want you to win! but at the same time it's not in their interest either to do everything in their power to make you lose everything in terms of reputation it wouldn't do any good! so I'm assuming that it's the seeds that randomly choose the tiles as they choose which one will be the winner! after me I don't use it and I don't intend to do it especially I prefer to choose my scheme myself! but I'm going to test it to see what it's like? go good luck and bye!πŸ€
  13. JEEPERS0029

    we are not friends

    Hi! Yeah, it's the hazards of the coal, what! this game drives a shot crazy you think you've found a trick the next time it gets you high! I do the charbet that once in a while just to be crazy I put 100k bitcoincash three or four times and I see what it gives each time? if it's good, so much better if it's not good, too bad! I try to get the x2000 or something like that!! so it's almost impossible! Good luck!!!hi!!!!πŸ€πŸ‘
  14. JEEPERS0029

    Who knows?

    Hi, frankly I find that the Dinabot does not take too much commission compared to others! dinabot takes only 5%, all those I saw took a little less but had to go through several host which in the end cost me an average of 8% commission and in addition it took 24 hours at least to receive them even more! with dina its speed, 12 hours at the longest when it's primedice or other, and it's direct when it's a stake a stake conversion! I think it's totally reasonable! after I didn't check these days if there were any other platforms that opened, I'm happy with Dina! by the way, thanks to lupandina and RACK001 for their wonderful work! thank you!πŸ‘ good luck to all and hi!πŸ€
  15. JEEPERS0029

    First coin?

    Hi! I'd be the monero I'd convert later! the monero doesn't require much strength to be extracted so if I mount a powerful ring I would earn well it would be profitable without ruining me! Yeah, it's on it's the monero!!! Good luck and hi!!!πŸ€